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General Question

There are many tools that you can use to build your website. Use WordPress, Wix, or any other builder but if you want to include web apps, do make sure that you are using Softaculous with it. It helps in the automation of web applications. You can automate the installation process.

Yes, you can host multiple domains and websites with our web hosting services. Though, you will need to buy the premium or advance plan for that. You cannot host more than one website with the standard hosting plan. With premium and advanced options, you can host 3 and 5 websites respectively.

To transfer your domain, you need to initiate a change in registrant of it with the new current registrar. You can contact our support team if you are facing problems and want to understand how to go through the process. The team will assist you with all the things that you need.

For MSSQL Database, you can choose Windows Hosting with Plesk Panel. This is the one that can give you the best features. All other doubts can be solved by interacting with the support team. We provide you proper assistance from helping you in selecting the best hosting plan to implement it.

You need to find a domain registrar to change the nameservers for your domain. We provide the services for the same. We can provide you with a new DNS, and then if anything is needed, we are always at your service. Our dedicated team will solve every issue in the least possible time.

You can generate your CSR code Using cPanel or Plesk Panel. We have a team that can help you with this and gets you with the code in the least possible time. The services that you get are fast and there are no chances of errors because of our expertise in this matter.

When you choose dedicated server hosting, the server that you are allotted is only yours. There is no one with whom you have to share the server. This makes it exclusive for you, and you can do a lot with a dedicated server that you can’t with a shared server.

When you choose a dedicated server, you can use it as per your choice, and there is flexibility. You get your unique IP address that is not shared with anyone else. Also, you don’t have to pay any overhead costs on the purchase of the server. The security and performance of a dedicated server are also better.

If you have a website that gets high traffic, or you expect your website to blow up shortly, then you should go with a dedicated server. But, if you are starting with your website and expect gradual growth, then a VPS server is better both for performance and budget.

Buying a VPS can be beneficial for your web-based business. VPS reduces the cost that you have to pay for hosting and increases the efficiency of the backend of your domain. It is better when you use the resources that your domain requires. Using more than that might reduce your profits.

Choosing a location is purely based on the preference of the user. Before choosing a location for VPS hosting, it is important to research the content of which geographical location you want to see. After that, other factors can be checked such as performance of data centers, reliability, and speed.

The main difference between Linux and Windows VPS is that they are hosted on different physical servers. Linux VPS is hosted over Linux operating system devices, and Windows VPS over Windows Operating devices. You need to choose one of them according to your requirements.

VPS hosting is used to host a domain so that it can function at its best. VPS or virtual private servers are hosted over a physical server machine and that is why they cost less than the physical dedicated servers. They are used by eCommerce websites, CMS websites, and others for their web hosting needs.

We provide different plans for your VPS hosting. You can easily upgrade to the next plan and get more benefits with your hosting when you choose a VPS. Dedicated servers are also expensive, and they can disturb your budget. To get the most out of your budget, you can use Virtual Private Servers.

cPanel is a web control panel that is used by web admins/website owners to manage different aspects of their website. The job of a web admin can become tough if they work without the cPanel. It is used to manage WordPress and other CMS (Content Management Systems).

It can sometimes be difficult when you want to migrate to some other hosting account. With our hosting services, you will also get the assistance of our team. They will help you with the migration process and support you till your website is again fully functional on our web servers.

If you are working on a .NET Project, then you should prefer windows hosting. This will give your project the server that it needs, we have different plans, and you can choose among them according to your requirement. You can chat with our support team to clear more doubts that you have.

To set up free email forwarding, you need to use some tools. We suggest that you do it by using the cPanel or Plesk Panel feature. These two are extensively used in the market, and we even provide you guidance to get you through all the issues you face in the process.

You can upgrade your hosting or any other plans at any moment. You can do that without having to put in any extra effort. Just the way you purchased your base plan, you can buy the upgraded version. You can get help from the support staff if you face any problems.

We provide you with services that help you gain benefits. Here when you spend, you are told how you can get your investment back, and that too with your website. Our team of experts guides you through every step and makes sure that your website is properly hosted and is working properly.

Having a dedicated server is always better as you are the sole owner of that space. When you share it with someone they also have equal rights over it and can suggest something that needs to be done in it. Space has to be shared, and you don’t even get all the features. That is why dedicated servers are essential to growing better.

Yes, you can upgrade from a shared server to a dedicated server whenever you need it. This can be done easily but, if you still face some problems then you may contact the support team. They will help you till your shared server is upgraded into a dedicated server and you understand everything about it.

VPS is an intelligent solution for those who want to save money and enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting. Anyone can use VPS.
Any domain that gets low or medium traffic can use a VPS, and that too with dedicated properties. If a brand uses a physical-dedicated server, it might cost them a lot more.

VPS hosting servers generally use SSH or Secure Shell. It is a method used for connecting computers remotely and logging in to their servers. With proper procedures, one can easily keep themselves safe as much as dedicated hosting. It can be done by disabling superuser logins to the servers and allowing normal users to log in.

Linux VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server that runs on a Linux operating system. It is hosted on a physical server. Through Linux, the computer can run more than one virtual server. It has all the characteristics of a regular server, and in addition to it, it is supported by a highly secure operating system.

When a VPS is hosted over a Windows-based physical server, it can be called a Windows VPS. Hosting your website over Windows VPS can be a great option, and it is convenient as well. The website will have good server hosting, and you can also have control over its settings.

In India, when you host your domain on a Virtual Private Server, you can save cost, you can get better performance and security. You also get more reliability than the shared servers. Also, you can scale up to a better hosting plan or a different type of server whenever your domain needs it.

A fair usage policy is established to promote the fair distribution of network resources. Although specific bandwidth usage limits may not be defined, the policy remains in effect to prevent excessive utilization that could have adverse effects on other users. Overly excessive usage will lead to bandwidth throttling.

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