Why Is Domain Email Address Needed For A Business?

More than 70% of the population prefers emails for the communication process rather than any other mode. This is because potential vendors can easily be identified through emails. They can be verified by checking whether the email address matches the name of the domain, from which it was sent. 

According to several statistical data, it is proved that email marketing is known to be 40% more effective when compared to social media marketing platforms. So, as you read through you will understand the importance of owning an email domain address for your business. 

Domain Email Address – An Overview

A domain email address is very similar to a personally customized website URL. Domain email address is the primary contact through which all your clients can communicate to you or your business. 

Why Does Domain Email Address Matter?

Consider a scenario where you try to get in touch with your clients using two different mail addresses ( and Your client will definitely trust and respond to the mail which has the company’s domain name in the email address and ignores the mail which you sent through your g-mail address, taking it to be a spam message. 

This is because clients prefer domain email addresses as they are considered to be very reliable. Domain email address gives the clients more clarity and makes them feel assured that the mail is from a legitimate source. This is why a domain mail address is very crucial.

Can More Than One Email Aliases Be Created Under A Single Domain?

Yes! You definitely can. And there is no limit to how many you can create. You will be able to create not just for yourself, but for all your employees as well, under the same official domain. 

You can also categorize your mail address according to the function they are created for. For example, can be utilized only for clients having questions and to provide customer care, and can be used for sending emails regarding employee-related issues. 

Likewise, several other categories can be created and made use of by various departments of the company. You will also be provided with the ability to delete old or inactive mail addresses that are no longer in use or block the email address of previous employees. With this, you can easily and quickly create mail addresses for new joiners as well.

Benefits Of Using A Domain Email Address

There are numerous benefits you will receive while making use of the domain email address. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Showcase Professionalism

Domain email address is one of the most basic requirements of a business or an organization. Having a domain email address projects professionalism in the minds of the clients. Making use of free mail addresses like Google or Yahoo does not paint a good picture of your business in the eyes of the clients. They also give a good impression about the business and make the clients feel comfortable carrying out communications through this mode of a communication channel. 

2. Extremely Reliable

It is only through the domain name one finds the company’s website online. Likewise, it is only through a domain email address every client will be able to trust and identify a legitimate user of the company or an organization. This serves the clients or the users in the most dedicated manner. Once you make use of a domain mail address no one will consider your mail to be spam, malicious, or illegitimate nor will your emails get filtered out or blocked by the Internet service provider (ISP) or firewalls. Through this, the clients will get a sense of relief and reliability.

3. Builds Trust And Credibility

Sending emails to your clients through domain addresses will boost the trust of the users and the credibility of the business or organization. Mails from platforms like Google and Yahoo are mostly considered to be spam or adware, though they might be legitimate. But whereas, in the case of domain mail addresses your clients put their entire trust in your communication channel. Most organizations and enterprises often share their payment details only through trusted channels like these. It provides a sense of security and serenity. Overall, domain name addresses gain the trust of their clients or users.

4. Advertising Free Of Cost

Domain name mail address not only provides a sense of security but also pays a way for effective advertising. With the help of this, you can develop a popular brand identity that promotes your business. This will also encourage all potential clients to get in touch with your business in a very easy manner. So, make optimum use of this feature and benefit a lot from this.

5. Improves Security

Unlike a free domain, a custom domain will provide you with more control over the emails and the information it stores. All the security measures of a domain mail address are business-oriented and provide a better platform to carry out confidential conversations. You can easily receive ownership of your records and carry out analysis or investigation. There is less possibility for attackers to target company mail addresses as well, as they are not widely used. All your private conversations, data or information, documents, etc. can safely be stored.

6. Keeps Private Data Safe

When it comes to third-party mail services, your private information gets compromised after agreeing to their terms and conditions. Whereas, when you make use of a business mail ID, you can be sure that your information will never be compromised. You can have complete control over your mail and also maintain and monitor them in a secure and safe manner. 

7. Marketing Campaign

When you make use of a business mail address all your clients can quickly identify you as a legitimate user. Carrying out marketing campaigns from free platforms will mostly send those emails to the spam folder so in some cases block them. Whereas, when you use business emails you can do a better marketing campaign for free without any restrictions.

To Summarize

Setting up a domain email address is not only a basic requirement but is also considered a smart move. A custom mail address is very effective and preferred by all clients. Making use of a domain mail address gives your business a good impression in the eyes of the clients and makes them feel secure while communicating as well. You will gain the client’s or the user’s trust through this and also make your business showcase extreme professionalism. This is why having a domain email address is very beneficial to everyone who makes use of this mode of communication. 

Domains – Everything You Need To Know

Every online business possesses a domain name. You can not run a website or host it on a server with the help of a hosting service without an exclusive domain name. A domain may be defined as a unique format of text which is the address to a website that can be easily read by humans. Not everyone gets the domain name of their dreams. 

What Are Domains?

A domain name can be considered as a string of characters that can identify a website on the internet. Domain name functions are similar to the functions of an actual person’s name. Domain names are framed by the procedures and rules of the Domain Name System (DNS). If a name is registered in the Domain Name System (DNS) then it is a domain name. A domain name is case-sensitive and so the format should not be changed while surfing the internet for a particular website. 

Parts Of A Domain

A fully functioning domain consists of three parts. They are Top-level domain, Domain Name, and Subdomain (optional). These are three default parts of a domain. Subdirectories are formed with the website and they do not have to be mentioned in the default URL. 

  • Top-level domain A top-level domain is considered to be the highest level in the hierarchy of Domain Name System (DNS). For example;, here “.com” is considered to be the top-level domain
  • Domain Name This is the actual name of the business. For example,, here “mybusiness” is said to be the domain name.
  • Subdomain (optional) They are not present in the default URL link at times. For example,, where “blog” is known as the subdomain. 

These are the various parts of the domain and the functions which they perform. 

Domain Spoofing

The domain name of a site can be spoofed. This is done to carry out phishing attacks. Domain name spoofing is designed to trick users by luring them into websites that they did not intend on visiting. Some of the well-known spoofing attacks are “sting site”, “fake URL”, “URL hijacking”, etc. These are also called typosquatting. 

Typosquatting can be caused by five reasons. They are:

  1. Can be caused due to common misspellings.
  2. Typographical error.
  3. A singular domain name is typed in plural form.
  4. Different TLD (top-level domain). For example, using “.co” instead of “.com”
  5. Misusing ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain)

How To Form A Good Domain Name?

  • Good Domain should provide brand identity.
  • They must be very flexible.
  • They must be easy to remember and not complex.

Moving on to the interesting facts about the domain. These are short and can be easily remembered all throughout your life. 

Facts About Domain

Small facts lead to great knowing!

Once you start discovering the features of a domain in debt, you will be amazed to know about its facts. A fact is something that is proven to be true. Here are some of the known facts about the domain.

  • At times it is impossible for business owners to get domain names that they prefer.
  • Domains can be categorized based on the country-specific level domain. For example; ‘’ refers to the United Kingdom and ‘’ refers to the country India. 
  • “.org”, “.com” and “.co” are the most commonly used TLD (Top Level Domain).
  • Second top-level domains are cheaper than TLDs (Top Level Domains).
  • The domain name needs to be renewed in order to stay active.
  • You can buy other domains that have expired.
  • A domain name can not be longer than sixty-three characters.
  • Currently, there are no “A” .com domain names. All are taken!
  • The highest price a domain sold was 35 million dollars.
  • On average, domain names are eleven characters long.
  • Three-character domain names are all taken too.
  • Mike Mann bought 14.962 domains in a single day.

Interesting, isn’t it? Moving on to myths. Many people still believe in myths. Likewise, domain myths are also believed by many.

Myths About Domain

Do not get carried away by myths. They might sound like the truth, but they are not the truth. Myths can be considered gossip as well. Here are some of the myths about domains that should be ignored.

  • A business domain name should definitely start with ‘www.’ as a prefix and ‘.com’ should be used to end the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).  
  • Only fully qualified domain names (FQDN) can be hosted on servers.
  • Domain names are not case-sensitive.
  • Domain names should have keywords in them.
  • “.com” is not mandatory.
  • Investing in premium domains is the best option.
  • There can’t be a number in the domain name.

Hopefully, you must have got a better picture of the domain by now. Your knowledge of this topic would have definitely widened and you would know a lot about the domain.

To Summarize

A domain name becomes the identity of your company in the virtual world. Do not forget to renew your domain at the right time or your domain can be purchased by some other vendor. Find the most suitable and apt hosting service with the best subscription plan to host your website. This hosting service should fulfill all your requirements and be cost-efficient as well. Purchase the same domain so that you do not have to share your domain name with other organizations or companies. Be swift! Grab your domain before it runs out.

When I Need To Buy Several Extensions And Domain Names

Is Buying More Than One Domain A Necessity?  

1. Errors while searching for a domain

“Humans make mistakes”. Everyone tends to make mistakes or errors while making use of their phones or laptops to surf the internet. Be it clicking the wrong link or misspelling a URL. But what does this have to do with owning more than one domain? It is a fair question to answer, consider a scenario where you accidentally search for “” instead of “”. You will automatically get redirected to google’s actual website, this is because they own those typos and direct the traffic using the domain pages to the actual website. 

2. Other vendor domains with similar names

If there are other websites using the same or similar domain name the traffic will easily get distributed to various sites. In order to avoid such situations and lose visitors, it is better to purchase multiple domains with similar domains so that they can easily get redirected to the actual website.

3. Keep the traffic coming

No matter what the field is, new competitors, rise up to challenge you every single day. Competitors can easily steal your traffic. Purchasing domains that sound similar to your website can prevent traffic distribution and avoid losing visitors to the site. Remember to protect the traffic that your site receives. 

Why Are Multiple Extensions Needed For A Single Domain?

Though it is not advised to purchase many extensions, if you do so you can be sure that the name of your domain will never ever be used by other vendors, which might create confusion in the future. Here are some of the benefits you will receive when you make use of many extensions;

1. Increase sales

Make a short and sweet URL that can be easily remembered by everyone. Make use of effective tactics that will drive the users to visit your websites. These extensions will work towards bringing huge traffic to your site. Once the extensions bring in a lot of traffic, for an e-commerce website, their sales will go through the roof and get a lot of promotions and purchase calls, this means that extensions increase the sales of the website.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website that possesses many extensions will definitely receive higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking which will eventually lead to reaching great positions in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Moreover, the clicks on your website will increase, when you make use of several extensions. These various extensions can be viewed through separate links on the Search Engine Results Page. 

3. Establishing new campaigns

Promoting is easy if the name of the domain is easier. It is better if your newer extensions suit and blend into the already existing URL or domain to make it have better ratings. It is easy to expand or launch a new site that is blended with the previously existing website. These extensions do not need many promotions, as they can be easily navigated from the main website. 

Advantages Of Owning All The Extensions And Domain Names

Owning more than one domain has a huge advantage. It is good to purchase extensions that come along with your domain name. This will ensure that no one copies your domain name or divert the traffic intended for your website to other sites on the internet. But is it possible to purchase all those extensions? Definitely not, it is impossible to purchase all those extensions and domains. 

Why Is It Wrong To Purchase All The Extensions And Domains?

Here are some of the reasons why you should not purchase all the domains and extensions:

  • Unnecessary way to spend money

Domains and extensions are not quite cheap so if you want to purchase a lot of extensions or domain names you are sure to waste a lot of money. Especially when you own a startup or a small business, you will have a narrow budget and you hope to cut costs most of the time. In such a case it is best if you do not own a lot of extensions and domain names. Even if you still have enough money to buy all of them, it could still be of no use.

  • Caution regarding Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can easily find out if a site has been plagiarized. So, in order to avoid such situations, you must make sure that there is no content being copied from the main domain to other extensions or subdomains. It is always necessary to be cautious about this issue.

  • Confused user

If you have more than one domain or extension be sure to set up a 301 redirect. If your site is not set up with a 301 redirect, the user will not know where to go. This will ultimately lead to a loss of traffic to the website. Remember to redirect your visitor traffic from the extra sites, directly to your root domain or primary site.

How Many Domains Will Be Enough?

It is mandatory to have more than one domain. But deciding which ones to purchase can be tricky. But the answer to this simply depends on how much you are willing to spend. First of all just purchase the root domain with the “.com” extension. You can also buy “.org”, or “.net” extensions as these are known to be very secure and trusted. After this get a domain that suits your location. Then move on to common misspellings or typos that might occur while typing the name of your website. 

If you are open to spending more, then go with “.sales” or “.biz” or both. By doing this you can avoid major traffic loss. 

End Note

To summarize, it can be stated that having or owning more than one domain name or extension is not a necessity but if you do so, there is a huge advantage that comes along with it. One of the other major benefits of this is being able to avoid traffic loss. Nevertheless, having a few extensions can come in handy. Moreover, it is advised to buy all the domains or extensions from the same registrar. This is because if you do purchase it from a single registrar it will be easy for you to maintain and manage them and you will find it easy to renew.

Subdirectory And Subdomain – What Is It And What’s The Difference?

What Is A Subdomain?

The subdomain is known to be a part of the extra data that is added at the start of the website URL. This allows websites to categorize and organize content based on specific internet functions, they might perform.

With the help of a subdomain, you will be able to create a unique URL. The subdomain and domain are considered as two separate websites and will be tracked accordingly. Your subdomain will increase the popularity of the primary website URL and the subdomain site.

To understand this, consider this example,

In this example website URL, ‘maps’ is the subdomain. ‘Google’ is known as the main domain and the ‘.com’ is the top-level domain. A subdomain can be a set of random alphabets as well but make sure it is easy to write and remember. 

Wildcard Subdomain

The feature of a wildcard subdomain is that they let you identify all the subdomains, which are not present in a specific account folder. This means that, when you add various subdomains to the browser, it will display the same uploaded content in the folder present in the wildcard domain.

Uses Of Subdomain

One of the major reasons developers make use of a subdomain is to test updated plugins and features before officially establishing them in the main domain. E-commerce sites make use of subdomains to handle transaction processes as a single domain can not maintain all the processes of an e-commerce website. Subdomains are also used when the actual domain establishes a mobile version website and domains in various languages.

  • Create a single website in different languages. For example, (, where ‘en’ denotes English.
  • A Mobile version of the website can be created. For example, (, where m denotes mobile version.
  • Can be used to create your own network. For example, if you log in to the website, where you create your own blog (, here ‘your blog’ is the subdomain.

What Is Meant By Subdirectory?

The subdirectory is said to be a type of subdomain, these subdirectories make use of folders to manage and organize the website’s content. The subdirectory is said to function like a small folder. 

In every URL, this subdirectory appears right after the domain name or the root directory. For example, consider the URL:, here the word ‘product’ after the backslash (/), is the subdirectory. Another example of a subdirectory is,, this is also an example of a complex subdirectory.

There is no limit to the number of sub-folders you can create inside a folder. However, having hundreds of sub-folders might be difficult for the SEO to handle. The more subfolders, the more it will be difficult to maintain and manage the website.  

These complex URLs with numerous layers of folders will confuse the users and be hard for them to remember. Also, with so many folders, the user will not be able to crawl through all the subfolders to find the content they are looking for. So eventually your website popularity will decrease and users will not prefer your site. Whereas, if your URL is simple and short, will become very popular among users as they can be easily remembered. 

Both the subdomain and the subdirectory have their own perks. You should know where you should use these. Subdomain usually focuses on providing a better structure to the website and making it more user-friendly. But remember no matter what you use, the ultimate goal must be to get better SEO rankings. 

Difference Between Subdirectory And Subdomain

Subdomains are separated from the actual root domain. They are created for various types of content that are different from the main domain. Whereas, a subdirectory is built within the root domain. They are found at the internal level of the domain.

A root domain can have both subdomains and subdirectories in its URL. Subdomains will have fewer folders in them when compared to subdirectories. This is because subdomains need various folders to store different contents of the domain. These are some of the common differences between subdirectories and subdomains. 

Advantages Of Subdomains

In order to organize a website, developers make use of subdomains and make it easy to navigate between the domain and the subdomain. Navigating from a subdomain to a domain or vice versa can increase the SEO performance of a URL. Here are some ways to make subdomains useful in SEO:

1. Easy To Navigate

The subdomain can also be known as the expansion of the actual main site. Subdomains are used when detailed information regarding a topic needs to be published but do not want that information to be present in the root domain. Keeping a site organized and easily accessible to the users will enable the website to get a better keyword ranking.

2. Keywords

In order to obtain a better SEO, you need to make sure that your website has the right keywords. Making use of effective keywords will increase site traffic and improve the SEO ranking of your website. The presence of keywords on your website will impact your website in a positive way.

3. Target International Market

It is a known fact that subdomains are used to create contents that are specialized and which do not have to be stored in the root domain. These specialized contents can be unique because of the language they are published in. If your business or enterprise targets international customers based on their demographic languages, you can be sure to get better SEO performance.

4. Subdomains For Mobile Versions

Nowadays, Google focuses on prioritizing sites that are mobile friendly rather than sites that are desktop friendly. As most people prefer asking the internet through their mobile phones. Having a subdomain that supports users using mobiles will also pave a way for increasing site traffic and improving SEO performance. 

These are some of the ways through which subdomains can be used to get a better SEO ranking and make sure that the site performs in a better manner. Make sure that the subdomain is not named in an irrelevant manner or by using words that are hard to remember. 

To Summarize

Subdomains are a part of a root domain. They are created to add a unique extension to the actual websites. They are used to organize a website in an effective manner. They are at times used to create private sites that can not be accessed by the entire public as well. 

Major Difference Between Website Builder And Web Hosting Services

Before going into a website host you should first know what a website actually is. A website can be known as a collection of files like audio, videos, images, and various other digital material that will be compiled and formatted together and hosted on a server, making it possible for internet users to access these sites. 

Web Hosting 

A hosting service provides the buyers with a space on which the website can be hosted along with all its files. In simpler terms, once you pay for the hosting service you will be allotted the space where you can carry out your website hosting. But this alone is not the work of a web hosting service. 

A web hosting provider should also manage and maintain the space occupied by the website and the server it is hosted on. So, you don’t just pay to purchase a space but also for the provider to maintain and manage them. These providers also make sure that the server equipment is always stored under optimal conditions, so that the user will not face any issues. There are several ways through which you can host your website without the help of a hosting provider but those methods come with great disadvantages. The common disadvantage is that the site will crash often. So, in order to provide your users with a seamless and stress-free experience, make sure to use a hosting provider.

Website Builder 

Website builders are equipment that is typically used for the construction of websites without the need for any manual codes. Website builders can be categorized into two:

  • Online Proprietary tool

These tools are mostly made use by hosting companies. 

  • Application software

This software runs on a personal device. With the help of this software, you will be able to edit already existing pages or create new pages and then publish them on the hosting server.

Website builders are only applicable for developing small sites. The most beneficial feature of website builders is that any individual with zero programming or coding skills, or no knowledge of technology can also easily make use of technology to develop a website.

Reasons Why Many Prefer Website Builders

1. Website builders are very economical.

2. They possess an interface that is user-friendly.

3. Has various different templates and excellent style formats.

4. Website builders provide more control to the user.

5. They are very flexible and extremely reliable. 

6. Has several easy-to-use options.

We are in an era where we do not have to download or install any software or application on our laptops or computers to develop a site. Everything you will need is already available on the internet. Make use of all these tools present online to build an effective website. Always make sure to select a website builder that provides you with the freedom of choosing an exclusive domain name rather than asking you to use their URL extension. Carefully go through the terms and conditions to know more about the control which you will have over your content. 

It is necessary to focus not only on the support team, and integration of the application, and e-commerce but also look into their templates and plugins. Look for customizable website builders, as they will provide you with the liberty to add and edit extensions and plugins. 

Be sure to invest in the software that offers excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features and has the ability to facilitate good SEO practices.

Major Difference Between Website Builder And Web Hosting:

Web builders and web hosting never go hand in hand. They are two different services. Here are several differences between web hosting services and website builders.

1. Which Is Mandatory?

Web hosting is a mandatory act whereas a website builder is not. Though it is possible to run a website without the help of a hosting service, it comes with a lot of disadvantages. There are numerous free sites that run using WordPress. The sites will be visible to all the users over the internet but cause a lot of unnecessary issues.

First of all, if you do not make use of hosting services, your website will crash very often for unexpected reasons. If this happens you will be forced to spend a lot of time trying to fix these issues. And second, you can get access to only limited templates or themes. Moreover, there will not be any customer support team to guide you when you face issues. So, go with a web builder, if you are looking for an economical and easy way to develop a site, it is best to opt for a web hosting service. 

2. Functions Offered

Web hosting provides better load speed, a safe space to host a website, consistency, and other general functions. There are various subscription plans from which you can select the most suitable and apt plan, which fulfills all your requirements. 

Website builders possess all the features that are required in order to build a site like themes and templates. Though it might be limited it is enough to build a simple website.

3. Ability To Control

With the features that are provided by the site builders, anyone can build a unique site and give their visitors a personalized experience. Website builders let you take control over the visual features of a site including formats, design, color to be displayed, images, video, etc. 

You will have access to customize everything right from the page number to the structure of the website. It can be concluded that site builders provide more flexibility when it comes to controlling the appearance of the site.

4. Web Designing

Web designers make a fortune. In the year 2021 Web Designing was known to be one of the highest-paid professions. So, hiring a professional website designer can be quite expensive. Website builders are perfect for individuals with very little experience and who possess basic skill sets. With the help of this, anyone can build and design a website in a fraction of a second, as website builders make it very easy. 

You can add numerous templates according to your needs and wishes. So, you can also consider a website builder as your go-to if you are looking for a fast, simple, cost-efficient way to build a website on your own.

Final Note

These are the major differences between web hosting and website builders. Now you will understand what web hosting service and website builder actually is. You would have also understood the major difference between them. Just think it through once again and make use of these technologies in an effective manner.

Free SSL Or Paid One – What Suits Your Business?

An original SSL certificate can be obtained only from the certificate authority (CA). This certificate is mostly used to offer security for all the communications that are carried out through the internet. Most people find it hard to choose between a free and a paid SSL certificate. But you can not blame them as the process is not actually simple. There are various aspects that should be taken into consideration before selecting one. All the aspects should be analyzed carefully before picking one.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The secure sockets layer certificate is known as a certificate in digital form that is used to authenticate the identity of the website and enables a secured connection that is encrypted. This is a security protocol that forms an encrypted connection that lies between the web browser and the web server. SSL certificates are also used to verify the owner of a particular website. This prevents attackers from creating fake versions of the website. 

Features To Consider Before Choosing An SSL Certificate

As you read through, you will come to know about the five major features which you should look into before choosing between a free and paid SSL certificate for your business. You will come to know about what additional features will be provided by free and paid certificates.

  • Types Of SSL Certificates 

There are two types of SSL certificates. Free and paid. A free SSL certificate offers basic features, like domain validation. But reputed companies that are trustworthy do not offer free SSL certificates. Though a free SSL certificate offers domain validation, Paid SSL certificates offer a warranty along with it.

Websites with high traffic and increased popularity should make use of paid SSL certificates. Also, websites that have increased online presence and do large digital activities should be preferred, to make use of paid SSL certificates. This is one of the basic features you should consider before choosing between paid or free SSL certificate for your business.

  • Degree Of Validation

Free SSL certificates can be obtained without any authentication procedure, getting an online free SSL certificate can be done in a few simple steps. This results in putting the reputation of your business in jeopardy. 

Whereas, a paid SSL certificate can not be obtained with a few simple steps. In order to obtain a paid SSL certificate, several verification processes should be undertaken by the certificate authority (CA), only if the documents produced for verification are proved to be authentic, you will be able to receive the SSL certificate. The validation process takes place online mode and is conducted in a very secure environment.

  • Level Of Trust

Free SSL certificates are not trusted by many, as they are not considered to be reliable as they are not received by the certificate authority. Moreover, they do not have any guarantee and so do not provide a warranty either. In short, no one will prefer a certificate that was obtained without any authentication process.

But paid SSL certificates are not like that. They are issued directly by the certificate authority (CA). The certificate authority provides a warranty to the certificates for a specific period of time. They provide a customized URL for a specific company based on the company’s name. They also improve the popularity of the site by providing them with seals. You can not expect these features in a free SSL certificate.

  • Duration Of Validity

Free SSL certificate often expires within 30-90 days from the date of issuing. The user will have to renew the certificate very often. But when you purchase a paid SSL certificate, it is known to be valid for years. Mostly for a year or two, and with a warranty it can be replaced and repaired as well. 

  • Warranty

A warranty is a guaranteed statement that will be issued by the authorizing party of any company or enterprise. This can also be viewed as a promise that the party providing the warranty would exchange or fix the item they gave you within a set time frame.

When you obtain an SSL certificate for free, you will not receive any warranty. Without a warranty, if something goes wrong you can not make it right. This is considered to be a huge drawback while making use of a free certificate. Paid SSL certificate on the other hand has huge advantages as it has a provided warranty along with the original certificate. So, when it comes to warranty, paid SSL certificates are the go-to.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is a must-have. When you find yourself lost or with a lot of questions regarding the purchased product, the support team is where you reach out. These teams will be available to provide service whenever you want. They are present twenty-four seven. 

It is an obvious fact that, that there will be no assistance provided for an SSL certificate that was obtained free of cost. Whereas, when you purchase paid certificates, you will be offered excellent customer support. The technical support team will be present to guide you through the way and they will be technically strong to clarify your doubts regarding the product. 


As you read through all these, it is clearly known that paid SSL certificates are far better than free SSL certificates. Paid certificates have a warranty and support team that will be of great use to its clients. The seal that will be provided will also increase its popularity among users. So, it is safe to say that “Go with the paid SSL Certificate”. They are reliable and known to be trustworthy. You will never be able to get a warranty for a free certificate and you can not replace these certificates in case something goes wrong. 

It is better to not make use of these, as they are not trusted by the users. If you have high hopes and plans for your website’s future, purchase a paid SSL certificate from the certificate authority after legally completing all the verification processes. 

Things To Asked From Your Website Host Regarding My Backup

Backup is said to be a process where a business or company’s data or information is stored and easily accessible in case of emergencies or loss of data due.  These backups prove to be helpful after the data is lost or damaged. With the help of backup, you can start the restoration process and reconstruct partially deleted data sets. In simple words, backup is used to restore data after a disaster. There are three types of backup: 

  1. Full backup

This is one of the most commonly used backup types. During this process, every bit of data will be backed up in a different location. The advantage of full backup is that you can retrieve any data, whenever you need it. The disadvantage is that this process will take a lot of time and more storage space will be needed to store all the data. Full backups are scheduled to happen daily and at times they might happen even more frequently.  

  1. Incremental backup

During the process of incremental backup, only the changes made after the last backup is copied. For example, time stamps of modified files will get updated. The backups will keep track of the changes that are made and can later be viewed during any investigation or suspicion of foul play. As they copy only a small amount of data, they do not take much time and require less storage space. 

  1. Differential backup

This type of backup is very similar to incremental backup with a slightly different function. 

These were the major types of backups used by most enterprises.

Ask These Questions To Your Website Host Regarding Backup

1. How often will the backup process occur?

As a user, you should know how often the backup process occurs and at what time intervals occur. Several websites keep on changing, these changes might involve updates like adding extra products to an e-commerce website and so on. Websites that change often need to be backed up more frequently, to safeguard all the data without missing out on any crucial information. Through this, newly added data can be preserved, changes that were made to already existing content can be saved and data regarding the sales can be stored for later analysis. 

2. How long will these backups be stored?

Is all the backed-up data or information stored in multiple backup locations or is the old data overwritten by new data files? Make sure to backup your data until you don’t need them anymore.  

3. What gets backed up?

Default backup settings may not save everything you want, so be sure to customize and upgrade the backup facility. Back up all the critical data of important assets. Save the data according to your needs so that it will be less time-consuming and will not require much space to get stored. 

4. What are my storage restrictions?

The types of backup you carry out determine the storage space required. For example, full backups will need huge space to store all the data, whereas a differential backup will need only less storage space. Make sure you know about the restrictions and limitations of the backup plan settings. Also, ensure that the storage plan for backup is budget friendly and affordable for your enterprise.

5. Can backups be scheduled?

Yes, backups can be scheduled according to the preference of the user. The duration in which data backs up varies from company to company. Scheduling the backups is a great idea. This method is beneficial if the backup process can not run in the background. It’s a huge advantage to have a backing-up process customized to run whenever you prefer.

6. How to restore data from backups?

Some might find restoring data from backups quite challenging as they won’t be doing that often. This might be a difficult process as the data must be restored carefully without contaminating its integrity. So make sure there is a support team to guide you whenever you need assistance restoring data. 

7. Can users access backup files?

If you can not access your backups then what is the use of having them? All users can access the backup data of their enterprise or organization. Backed-up data can be downloaded from the server or cloud. You will get the backed up data in form of zip files and you will be asked to extract these zip files to access the backed up data. You can also contact the customer support team if you need any assistance or if you face any difficulties while accessing those backup data. 

8. How good is customer service?

Once you get into it, you can be sure to face a lot of challenging situations regarding your data being backed up. You can sort out most of these problems on your own but there might be tricky situations as well. In such cases, you will need customer service to help you sort out the problem. So, make sure the company provides you with an excellent support team who will be ready to help you out and will be available 27×7 to assist you.

To Summarize

Remember to keep these points in your mind while thinking about backups. Make sure to ask your site host about all the above-mentioned questions. The more questions you ask the more clarity you will get with respect to these backups that you will need for your website. Once all your doubts are cleared and you know your way around backups, you will be able to make strong, steady, and right decisions that you think are best. 

A Detailed Manual To Various Email Hosting Services

Choosing the most suitable email hosting service can be overwhelming, especially because of the various hosting service options out there. Every hosting service will provide its user with various plans and packages which have unique features. You can choose the service which suits your needs the most and will be of great use to you, your enterprise, or your organization. 

Email Hosting Service – An Overview

Email hosting is known to be an internet or web hosting service, which will allow its clients to rent servers to carry out functions. These services let their users create, manage and maintain the sites that are hosted in them. The company that provides the clients with a hosting service is called the web host. The web host will also provide its users with a control panel through which they can manage and maintain the sites on the server. 

With the help of the email hosting service, you can access and manage all incoming and outgoing emails from a remote location. This is a great feature as you can access company emails even when you are far away from the company’s premises. Most of the third-party hosting services are paid like Gmail (Google) or Yahoo. These email hosting servers are not only applicable for enterprises or organizations with huge traffic, but they are also suitable for medium-sized enterprises or organizations which are working on extending. Having an email hosting service and a custom email address will make the company gain more popularity as well. 

Advantages of Email hosting services

There are various and numerous advantages to making use of hosting services. They enable their clients to have an effective communication medium and an easily manageable environment to work on. Here are some of the most common benefits you will receive while making use of the email hosting service.  

1. Budget-friendly

Email hosting services are said to be cost-efficient as the users do not have to spend money on backups, the latest software updates, security features, and maintenance costs. Various functionalities are offered by the hosting service from which you can choose the plan that lies well within your budget. 

2. Very flexible

These email hosting services possess the ability to scale up and down on resources. This can be done without having to make any changes to either the software or the hardware. It means that the hosting service lets you focus only on growing your business and does not let you get distracted with anything else.

3. Enough storage capacity

Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about running out of storage space. The hosting service makes use of the server disk space and not the hard drive of the user. You, the user, need not worry about the storage space.

4. Smooth communication continuity

You can continue your communication without any limitations regardless of your location. As email hosting service is known to be very reliable, you can be sure to carry out communication without any hindrance of any sort. 

Various Email hosting servers

Listed below are the different hosting server options along with their functionalities”

  1. IMAP email server

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server will allow the user to store the email messages on the servers and let them access these messages from the user’s device. These servers allow users to access them from multiple devices. IMAP servers can be quite challenging to manage and maintain. While setting up an IMAP server you will be given clear instructions on how it should be done.

  1. POP3 email server

POP3 is considered to be one of the most frequently used email servers. POP3 server lets its users store the messages locally on the computer and allows them to download the client programs as well. This is the go-to if you want to get access to the notes when you are offline. On the other hand, POP3 is not easy to manage if they are flooded with messages. 

Apart from that, this server offers a very quick and flexible way to access email. The server will store the files locally on the user’s computer, so they can be accessed without the need for any email interface. The main drawback is that you will not be able to view the attachment unless it gets downloaded from the server. 

  1. Cloud email hosting

A cloud hosting service allows its users to store their emails in the cloud server. The user will be able to access the email stored in the server over the internet. This type of hosting is best suited for large business enterprises or organizations which will have huge traffic. Make sure to go through all the features that will be offered through this hosting service and ensure all your requirements are satisfied before purchasing this server.

  1. ISP hosting

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) server is easy to use if you are technically strong and know your way around these servers. Whereas it can be quite challenging if you are not familiar with the server. These servers are often used by large-scale industries. These have many beneficial features and quite a few drawbacks as well.

Make sure that the server you are looking into is budget-friendly and has enough storage capacity. These two are the basic factors you should consider before purchasing the email hosting server. Check if the server is capable of managing huge traffic and will be able to perform filtering of spam content. If the server company has excellent customer support to guide you, it is a huge benefit as well.


Finding the right server that fulfills all your requirements and is most suited for your company or organization is not easy. Though it might take time, in the end, all of it will be worth it. As you will be able to establish a safe, flexible, and user-friendly work environment. Remember, do not rush into purchasing the server. Take your time and think twice before moving forward.

These Tips Will Help You While Naming Your Business or Blog

“Naming something is never an easy job, it requires a lot of thinking”. Almost everyone must have struggled with the process of naming something at some point in time. Likewise, when it comes to naming a business or blog, you are supposed to be very careful as that name must stand out and be unique too. Naming a business or blog can be very time consuming and can cause frustration as well. To attract consumers and gain popularity, coming up with an amazing brand name is a necessity. 

Studies show that almost 77 percent of the entire population carries out a purchase based on the brand name. Now you know why having an excellent brand name is crucial. The brand name gives clients a picture of what they can expect inside that particular business or blog.

Mentioned below are some of the major key points to remember and consider while naming your business or blog:

Tip 1 – What Should The Name Convey?

Make sure that the brand name suits the product or the service provided. If the brand name is relevant to the company’s products or services they perform, they tend to attract more clients and customers. For instance, through the name “Paw Sitter” it is easily understood what type of service they carry out and to whom they perform the service. In this case, the is a business where your furry pets will be pampered and taken care of when you are away. Having names that are suitable to their business or blog gives them a huge advantage to gain popularity. Take enough time and do not run into picking one. 

Tip 2 – Keep It Precise, Simple With Fewer Syllables

Companies with single-word brand names are admired for their simplicity and remembered by all. Also, make sure that your name does not have a complex spelling, always make it easy for your soon-to-be clients. If your brand name is a mouthful, it is going to be hard for others to use it. 

If the customers find the name a little difficult to spell or pronounce, likely, they won’t promote either your business or blogs much. Remember to make sure that the name rolls right out of their tongue!

Tip 3 – Know The Meaning!

If you are going to make use of a word from a different language, make sure to do a little background check to see if that word might mean something offensive or vulgar, in other countries. You can invent new words for your business or blog name but it will make customers take a longer time to get used to those words. They will most likely require a large marketing and promoting campaign in order to bear great results. And never use an offensive word or a word that has a negative meaning as the brand name, if you do so you can be sure that it will be hated by the clients and it will not become popular. 

Tip 4 – Showcase Creativity

Take enough time to think it through. Spend quality time coming up with an innovative name. Be creative in deciding the name. Do not use common words as they don’t attract many customers. Avoid making use of plain blunt words. 

Tip 5 – Be Open To Reviews

Ask around your close friends and family members about the names you have selected. Do they like it? Do they not? Can they pronounce it correctly? Are they able to write the right spelling? Get answers to all these questions. 

Also, make sure that no other business or blog has the same name that you have chosen. You can do a quick google search to find out if there is any other business or blog out there with a similar or the same name. Selecting the most suitable name for your business or blog is your responsibility.

Tip 6 – Flexible Brand Name

In case you own a candle store and you name your business “JaneDoe’s Candle house”. When you want to expand your business and sell perfumes and other gift products, your business would have to change its name for the clients to know that you are not just all about candles. It is a difficult process to change the brand name. 

It is even more difficult, if the previous name was a popular and reputed one, changing the name becomes a huge drawback. So to avoid such scenarios it is better to keep a name that is flexible and applies to all the transitions that you might make in the future.

Tip 7 – Wordplays Should Be Avoided

Wordplays are often known to be entertaining, funny, and may sound playful. The words are easy to memorize. But it is advised to not use such words as they may not seem professional. Using wordplay as a brand name is not preferred as it might impact your business or blog in a negative manner.

Tip 8 – Name Along With A Tagline

The tagline is often referred to as a short phrase or a catchy motto. The tagline can be added along with the brand name. It will help the customers, to paint a clear picture of what your business or blog does and what you will offer. Incorporating a tagline in the business or blog website along with visiting cards, etc will increase the popularity as well.

Few examples of successful taglines:

  • L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”
  • McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It”
  • Burger King – “Have It Your Way”
  • Apple – “Think Different”

All these taglines are short and straightforward. They give a nice ring to the brand name too. 

Tip 9 – Make Sure No One Else Is Using Your Name

You can not use an already existing name for your own business or blog. Every brand name is supposed to be unique and plagiarism free. Using someone else’s brand name is illegal and they can press charges against you, so never do that. 

Tip 10 – Keep An Eye On “Faux pas”

A faux pas can be defined as a social blunder like an embarrassing situation similar to many brand names out there that have a funny meaning. Make sure that name you have selected does not have any hilarious meaning to it. 

Bonus Points 

Here are some additional tips you should think of while naming a business or a blog. 

  • Make sure that the brand name suits the functionality of the business or the blog. Keeping irrelevant names will not make the company stand out. 
  • Have a lot of group discussion while coming up with the name. 
  • Though names can be changed later, it is better if you just stick to that one unique name. “Do not fall for a trendy name”. Remember trends change and the name of your business does not. 
  • Keep it brief! so that it’s easy to understand and hard to forget. 
  • Do not use blunt words as it won’t attract clients. 

These tips will help in selecting the best brand name that suits your business or blog, which will eventually make them popular and widespread across countries. 

“Brand names become your legacy, so choose wisely!”. 

The Top Web Hosting Trends For 2022

A hosting service through which websites get hosted is called a web hosting service. This web hosting service provides all the features that will be needed to develop and maintain a website. They also make it possible to access it from anywhere around the world. Web hosts are companies that provide hosting services. Hosting services can be classified into two types namely Smaller hosting services and Larger hosting services. 

Smaller Hosting Services

There might be advertisements associated with a free hosting service rather than a paid hosting server. Smaller hosting services support file hosting functionalities where you can upload and download files using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and personal blogs. These are often not expensive and require a minimum processing rate.

Larger Hosting Services

Large-scale organizations and companies with large traffic make use of larger hosting services. As they possess a lot of data, they have built-in databases that are used to support their platforms. They allow the user to install applications and manage the contents of a website. They make use of the Secure Sockets layer (SSL) to make sure that the data being transmitted is even more secure.

Best Hosting Trends For 2022

This is the era where technology continuously changes and keeps evolving faster than ever. The year 2022 is going to change drastically in the web hosting field. Web hosting combined with some of the greatest innovative ideas is going to pay the way for a greater 2022. 

1. Increasing demand for cloud hosting

In the year 2022, Cloud Hosting services will continue to bloom. Cloud Hosting technology will become very popular among tech people. There are various services and functionalities that are offered by the cloud hosting service. These will be very beneficial to all its clients. Some of the major features of cloud hosting are:

  • They are easily used and have a user-friendly interface.
  • They provide flexibility to all their clients and users. 
  • Cloud hosting service also offers scalability.

The cost of renting a cloud hosting server has been comparatively reduced and is now affordable by most companies including start-up organizations. As the cloud hosting stream has become so popular that it has a great ability to change the future that lies ahead. 

2. The role of Artificial Intelligence will make a huge impact

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will collaborate with web hosting in 2022 to make a great difference. This is defined to be the field of study in intelligent agents. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known to be the intelligence that is portrayed in machines. Artificial Intelligence can be used in various fields to carry out different functions. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Some of the common tasks they perform are as follows:

  • Customer support.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Maintaining and managing a website.

Some of the well-known applications of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Search engines – example: Google.
  • Recommendation system – example: Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, etc.
  • Automated cars – for example, Tesla.
  • Speech Recognition system – example: Alexa, Siri, etc.
  • Games – example: chess.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology and can perform tasks in a better way than humans in less time. They require less money and time to complete tasks.

3. Managed hosting will take over the internet

Managed hosting service is predicted to become popular by the end of the year 2022. Many clients and users nowadays prefer using a managed hosting server rather than a shared hosting server. As most of the clients are no longer newbies and they know their way around hosting services and hosting companies, they prefer not to choose shared hosting services. Business owners feel that managed servers are much safer when it comes to storing the client’s data. Several benefits of Managed hostings are mentioned below:

  • More secure.
  • All the data or the information gets backed up frequently.
  • Clients possess the ability to monitor the server.
  • Twenty-four, seven customer support team availability.
  • Managed hosting service is affordable and cost-efficient.
  • Organizations do not require extra staffing to maintain servers.

These are some of the reasons why managed hosting services might take over by 2022.

4. Increase in Green hosting

 Green hosting is a new server plan which has the ability to remain useful for a long time before it gets decommissioned. Many companies and organizations are coming to know more about this technology and its numerous useful benefits. Green hosting makes sure all its users stay committed to reducing their carbon footprint all over the internet. There are several badges that the clients can display on their site that show the green credentials. Green hosting is not one environment friendly but they are also said to be budget-friendly. 

5. Security – The top priority

During this digital age, there is a huge necessity to keep your personal details or private information safe, away from the reach of hackers and other people with malicious intent. Web hosts nowadays make it their top priority to keep the information and all the data stored in them safe and secure and provide relief to their clients and users. 

Web hosting makes use of Firewalls to prevent malicious and unnecessary traffic from outside and they are used to filter malicious content. They also make use of malware protection software to prevent the malware from infecting the files and stored data. Web hosting in the year 2022 will focus on providing the safest environment for all its users to work on, with their confidential data. 

To Summarize

These are known to be some of the fantastic and outstanding trends that are going to change in the year 2022. All these trends are going to make a huge impact in the field of web hosting by providing their best to their clients and users. These trends are going to revolutionize the year 2022 for sure without a doubt.