How To Pick The Perfect Location For Your Dedicated Server

Hosting is the process of putting all your files (images, videos, text, codes, etc) in a dedicated server. So that when a request comes for the file the host will show all of them in an arranged manner which makes a complete website. There are many ways of hosting a website, for example, VPS(Virtual Private Server), Cloud  Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Shared Hosting.  Amongst these, hosting on a Dedicated Server is considered the best.

 What exactly is Dedicated Hosting?

As the name already suggests, Dedicated Hosting is having a server at a data center, reserved for your website and no other website having access to it. There are many benefits of dedicated hosting like root access, stable and powerful CPU, lots of memory, Operating System and additional IPs.

Why exactly do you need dedicated Servers?

When it comes to hosting it costs a lot and you need to decide as per your operation whether you want multiple servers at different locations or only one at a single location.  Which suits best your requirements?

Suppose you have an e-commerce website with heavy traffic it would be better to have two servers at different locations which will result in better functionality even if one server is not responding properly. One more factor you can consider is having one different dedicated server for your mobile app that will result in faster browsing in the app even if your main site server is down or facing heavy traffic on it. 

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How does Server Location affect Your Website performance?

As the world has grown in a space where everyone wants everything on there fingertips that too, at very high speed without waiting even for a minute. So, the speed of your website really matters a lot for a smooth user experience.

So if your data center is too far from the user’s location it will take quite long to transfer the file from the host to the user system which will directly affect the loading speed of the site and will result in bad user experience

In simple words the speed is inversely proportional to distance i.e., the more is the distance the less is the speed.

How to select the Ideal Server Location for your website?

Nowadays most of the reputed web hosts provide multiple options for selecting data centers at different locations around the globe. So, some prime criteria for selecting the location of the server are:

Target audience: Look for the option available nearest to the targeted audience i.e., if most of your visitors are from India look for a data center in India for best performance.

Options available with the host: Look for all the data center options available with your host. For these details, you can contact the help center of your host.

Data center’s performance: For checking the performance of the data center, many websites are present to check and compare their performance and select the best plan which suits your need. And most importantly, the maximum of the hosts don’t charge extra amount for selecting the data centers.

One of the best host providers is Super Byte Hosting having data-centers in more than 30 places like the US, UK, Singapore, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Netherland, Europe and many more. 

Effects of speed on the website.

Google uses an algorithm for ranking the website and this algorithm considers many factors for ranking, in which page loading speed is also included.

As the page loading speed is included in the algorithm which may impact your Google ranking. As per a study made on the page loading speed. It says that your Google rank is the prime criterion to decide your position on the search page so directly or indirectly it will hamper the number of visitors.

Apart from that users don’t like waiting for the pages to load and slow loading will affect your visitors’ experience and may even result is users quitting from your website. So, for smooth user experience and maintaining your SEO your loading speed must be good.

Decreasing the distance between the server and the user.

As mentioned above, speed is inversely proportional to the distance. This means if we reduce the distance between the server and user the speed would increase automatically. In order to do so, we use CDN which stands for Content Delivery Network.

CDN works by minimizing the distance between the visitors and your website server by storing the cached version of its content in multiple geographical web hosting locations also known as PoP (i.e., Point of Presence). Each PoP contains many servers whose work is to store and deliver content within its proximity.

In short, we can say, that when a visitor from Germany tries to visit your website whose server is located in India, it is done through PoP present near to his location in Germany. The same data is stored in the server of PoP. So, in case the next user requests for the same website it can even reduce the loading time by providing the stored result from their local server.


Choosing the best host is not enough as even they can underperform if the distance of the user is far from the server. It will definitely take more time for the website to load even when the user has a speedy internet connection.

For the best performance of your website, you need to choose a server that is near to the visitor’s location. And in order to have a server nearby the user location, you need to choose a host that is having a data center there. So in short, if you want to have the best website performance you need to choose a host that satisfies all your needs from the speed to the pricing.

Apart from this, nowadays visitors are not limited by the borders of countries or separated by oceans. This means that if you want your site to be global, you can further use CDN for increasing your reach without compromising with the security or the speed of your website.

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Why Linux Reseller Hosting Is More Popular Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is becoming very popular today. A lot of reseller hosting services are coming up to aid businesses. The reason behind this immense popularity is the high demand for creating websites. Additionally, reseller hosting is very simple and has low initial prices too. It is one of the best ways to boost income and to support their brand. There are two main categories in reseller hosting which is either through Linux or Windows. Before we about them, let us understand the definition of reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is a process when a large company rents its hard drive space and bandwidth to smaller companies. These large companies are also called hosting suppliers. Further, the small and medium-sized businesses rent this space to other third-party organizations. This is just like a chain system that assists in hosting for others. One can either choose Windows reseller hosting or Linux reseller hosting. Some organizations like Super Byte Hosting offer packages for both the reseller hosting services. But usually, Linux reseller hosting has a greater demand than Windows reseller hosting. Read further to know more about this.

Features of Linux Reseller Hosting


There are plenty of features in Linux reseller hosting that makes it more popular than Windows reseller hosting. But you can experience all these benefits only when you choose the right reseller hosting package. Super Byte Hosting has great packages for Linux reseller hosting. It is available for both small businesses and large companies. The packages from Super Byte Hosting include standard, premium and unlimited. This is not too expensive also, it is a great choice for entrepreneurs to start businesses. Later they can start selling Linux reseller hosting and grow their business further. Here are some of the exclusive features in Linux reseller hosting. 

  • It is a secure platform that is trusted by millions
  • It is cheap and one can rent hosting services according to their needs
  • It follows an easy-to-use control panel that can manage multiple client accounts too
  • The bandwidth allocation in Linux is selected based on the requirements. This enables quick loading of the website

These are features that the Windows reseller hosting does not have. The low-cost is one of the major reasons that entrepreneurs are preferring Linux reseller hosting.

Additionally, Super Byte Hosting gives you features like a constant backup. This is totally safe and there are no worries about data loss. We use a dedicated server to backup hosting accounts. This helps in finding individual files and rollback options too. We also maintain a 24/7 network monitoring and suspend all the malicious files instantly. Hosting accounts from our company uses the latest versions of cPanel and WHM to manage all the daily tasks.

We also protect business websites from unwanted visitors using a firewall. We make sure to engage the websites with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL only. When you select your Linux reseller hosting package, we immediately activate the web hosting and domain names without any delay. With our hosting accounts, you can use more than 280+ install scripts. This will include Drupal, WordPress, Magneto and more.

Advantages of Linux Reseller Hosting

Apart from the aforementioned, you can get the following benefits.

1. Wide range of programming languages

Linux reseller hosting gives you access to a lot of programming languages. This gives entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to choose from many languages. So it becomes a way for them to start a business with any programming skill they have. It ranges from even the most basic language like CGI basic script to the advanced languages like Ruby, PHP. For Windows reseller hosting, the languages are restricted to Microsoft’s ASP. NET.

2. Better security options and performance

For all businesses, security is without a doubt, an essential part. Getting unauthorized access to your data and information is something that is unexpected. So to prevent such issues choosing a Linux reseller hosting. The security is exceptional in this reseller hosting service. Along with the security, you will also experience a good performance from Linux. The Windows reseller hosting also gives security and performance but Linux is better in these ways.

3. Better operational advantages

Windows is definitely a great choice as its systems and applications are easy to use. Windows reseller hosting is more interactive with the user. Linux reseller hosting is designed for technical and professional businesses. But you get many benefits in Linux that are excellent. When you use Super Byte Hosting you get to experience many more benefits. Linux reseller hosting has a very stable environment. We help you to protect and build your brand with additional security options. This is possible with a highly secure network infrastructure that we have developed. We give services that are available with a 30-day money back guarantee. We make easy installations for reseller hosting that will not need any reboot.

4. Access to the host

Both Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting have good FTP access. But Linux gives you a number of advanced options to find access to the host. This includes SSH, VNC, Telnet and more. This is absent in Windows, so Linux reseller hosting is good for getting access to the host. This is much helpful for starting new businesses.

5. Cost-effective solution

Linux reseller hosting consumes fewer server resources than Windows reseller hosting. Although the server resources are consumed, the consumption resources are not really high. Instead, you can use Linux reseller hosting which has high scales of traffic. All of the reasonable demands are also satisfied in this reseller hosting package.

Moreover, Super Byte Hosting gives you reseller hosting services that are in affordable rates. Our aim is to give you a cost-effective solution bundled with several unique features. You can experience the best reseller hosting for as low as $10 per month. You can also get other reseller hosting packages for $15 or $20 per month also. We got good experience in giving both Linux Reseller and Windows Reseller hosting services to all businesses.

How to Start World’s Best Reseller Hosting Business

Today everyone is looking to start a website or to begin blogging. This is done for various purposes. It might be to expand their business or simply to pen done their thoughts. This is becoming so common that starting a reseller hosting business is an absolutely great idea. You can provide great hosting services for all businesses who wish to shoot their website somewhere. Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting are two different reseller services available. If you are a business looking for a great reseller hosting package then this article will help you out. This will also help you emerge as one of the best reseller hosting businesses.

Here is a clear guide on how to start the world’s best reseller hosting business.

Step 1: Finding Your Potential Market

Potential Market

Reseller hosting business is a potential industry with a lot of opportunities. So naturally, there is also a lot of competition in this field. The first step you can take to face this is researching and finding a potential target market. Decide whether you want to provide hosting services for bloggers or business owners. This will help you track down your requirements. You can give attention to the marketing efforts in particular areas alone.

Social media is the best tool to increase the demand for your hosting. If your potential target market is businesses then you can get connected on LinkedIn and Twitter. But the bloggers are more active on Snapchat and Instagram. So research everything about your market.

Step 2: Understanding your competition


The next thing you must aim at is the competition that is prevailing in your locality. You can search for other businesses that provide reseller hosting services. Some ways to tackle this competition is by introducing some new features. You can add discounts, reduce prices and also give 24-hour customer support on the phone. You can observe the competitors and find plenty of other ways to make your business unique.

Another mistake that businesses do is to start with global marketing straight away. It is a good thought but you will need a streamlined process in your locality first. When you are clear about your marketing strategy and when you are ready to deal with several types of equipment to fade high demand, you can proceed globally. Otherwise, things can turn upside down making you unable to manage such demands.

Step 3: Building a Brand

Building a Brand

As a reseller hosting service, you need to develop a good website and social media influence. You need to develop a website that people will want to engage with. This is the place where you can attract potential customers to use your service. Super Byte Hosting, for example, gives you Windows reseller plans. We also provide potential Linux reseller hosting. Indeed, offer additional features like billing tools, SSD and more. This helps you build your brand and increase your bandwidth with each day.

Super Byte Hosting gives the best plans for small businesses to increase profit and reduce overhead costs. We assure to give a highly secure network to help you build and protect your brand. We offer different plans for Linux reseller hosting like Standard, Premium and Unlimited. We try to give excellent features to websites at reasonable prices. When you engage with us you can benefit from constant backup, seamless network monitoring, instant set-up, and many more benefits.

Step 4: Finding Your First clients

First clients

When you start a new business it is difficult to earn more customers. But you will be aware of your potential target people. So you can make this process simpler than before. Generally, Windows reseller plans are remote so you can spread your business locally. All you need to do is approach bloggers and businesses in your locality. Introduce them to paid hosting and how it can benefit them in the coming years. Focus on easy customization, better loading speed and more security as the benefits. These are the features that any person looks for while creating a website.

The main aim here is not to increase your sales but to engage your clients with you. You must be precise and clear on why your hosting services are the best. Try to build a relationship with the client. When you are establishing yourself you can slowly shift the business to a global level. This means you must have good competition within your locality. Secondly, try changing your marketing strategy to meet the requirements of the international market.

Step 5: Choose the best reseller hosting package

Linux Reseller Hosting

The last step is selecting the best reseller hosting package. Super Byte Hosting is giving you some of the best plans at reasonable rates. We have got both Windows and Linux reseller hosting services ranging from $ 10 to $ 20. You need to select one wisely that suits the number of existing clients. We believe that businesses put in a lot of money in hosting that they are not able to improve further. That is why Super Byte Hosting gives you excellent plans for all sizes. We will help you upgrade slowly as your brand gets a boost. Upgrading is possible so make sure you make the best out of selecting one reseller hosting package. While choosing your package make sure you are clear about the bandwidth and the disk space. These are the two important aspects while choosing a reseller hosting package.

Windows Reseller Hosting

Regardless of whether you are a small business trying to start a reseller hosting business, or are planning to grow internationally, Super Byte Hosting can help you out. We have packages that suit all your business needs to grow further in this field. Our aim is to make a striking difference by offering several kinds of web hosting services for all businesses. We carefully analyze your requirements to help you choose the best plan. We also have a number of additional features to aid in the process of building a successful reseller hosting business. Moreover, we give you a 30 days money back guarantee for all our reseller hosting services.

The 11 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

The Internet is a fascinating place to get along with. People spend lot of their time surfing through the internet, coming across tons and tons of stuff which go unnoticed most of the time. While there are the few sites, which manage to make a place in the eyes of the viewers. This actually remains a challenge because of the excessive amount of websites, which engage in various yet similar kinds of trading and services. To eliminate all such possible competitors and catch the attention in a glimpse, there are some golden rules which need to be followed and our company Super Byte Hosting will smoothly let you through all of the rules and let you create good website writing which would do the most of elimination. Happy viewing peeps!

1. Know your audience

It is extremely important for the writer to primarily know who the content is to be written for. The target must start from the primary audience, who are the existing clients and then the secondary clients, i.e. a vast channel that somewhere ends with the need of obtaining your services. Then further make your content interesting which would be capable of holding on to the reading of the viewers. Know the exact channels where your audience is and include all such techniques which would help you reach maximum viewership.

2. Follow the inverted pyramid model

Your content will be judged based on the first few lines of the page. This is where your target of retaining your viewers must lay and stands capable. This is why; the inverted pyramid model is to be implied. The most important and key features of your content goes on the top, followed by simultaneously less important, ending up with least important. You can opt for our company, Super Byte Hosting’s help in creating a model for your content.

3 Write short, simple sentences

People’s attention has fallen in a great extent and they now unknowingly call for sentences of 35 words or fewer. It is also determined that a normal adult has a readability capacity to that of a 7th to a 9th grader and hence good content demand accessibility and ease of reading. Contact Super Byte Hosting to know your content’s readability score via various tools.

4. Stick to active voice

Motive must be to create content which is soothing to the viewers or in other words reader friendly. This friendly impact imposes upon the content when it is written in active voice. You have to create a great impact on the readers, which is not effective enough when written with the use of passive verbs. Speaking directly to the audience is a lot more engaging and has an effect on the viewers.

5. Show, don’t tell

Illustrate your products in details, rather than imposing yet high-level statements, featuring how good your product is. A detailed yet natural description is what the audience is in need of. This is because it takes them into the depth of the product they are buying. Also, going specific and descriptive helps to increase your website’s SEO and would easily help you reach the target audience, but providing you with a higher rank.

6. Nix the jargon

You would want your content to be understandable, that is when the content will hit in every kind of community including technical and non-technical. The terms used mustn’t be technical or the insider language which would be understandable by only the experts. Describe the abbreviations for the first and also provide hyperlinks which would guide the reads to pages having more relevant information. Using a much more accessible language would reach all your future customers and not just technical aware experts until that is what you want.

7. Mix up your word choice

We all have those few words we keep using more than often. This is not the way you would want your online content to be. The answer is to keep experimenting with a lot of relevant words which would keep the reader interested in the content. Also, you need to let go of any negative vibes taking over your content. Positivity is what your content must depict. Lastly, the keywords you use in the content must be constant, because this would confuse the readers.

8. Make text scan-able

Human eyes work as a scanner when it comes to the searcher for specific information online, they don’t tend to read all the information at the first glance and will search for the terms relevant to the information they are in search of. Hence, the catch here is to ignore writing long paragraphs and rather use bulleted or number list to influence the reading in a better way to stick onto your page.

9. Incorporate multimedia

Illustration of social media concept

With all the graphical representation becoming the centre of attraction and mainstream, words are becoming laid back. That is when a picture or a video speaks for your words. Research as well shows that information presented in visual form reaches more audience, as compared to a normal way. Hence, it is suggested that you use some form of visual data in order to excite the audience. At least one picture would do well.

10. Layer website content

One page containing all the data is not sufficient. Keeping your audience interested is. Perfectly layering your website by hyperlinking all the words would have the chances of staying unknown to a lot of people. Hyperlink few of the words which would take the viewers to a different yet a lot more informative page and would keep them keen and excited to read more of your content.

11. Leave them wanting more

This, in other words, can be referred to as the call to action feature of your page. This part of the page should be strong and must provide a short follow up. This includes indicating the person on what else can be done with the use of a few verbs such as download, share, join, learn more, watch or contact.

If you successfully created your content and check any aspect or wish to create such engaging content feel free to get in touch with Super Byte Hosting.

How To Upload And Manage Files On Your Web Server

One of the most efficient ways to upload and manage files on the web server is using FTP client. The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. It is built on client-server model architecture which uses separate control and data connections between client and server. The FTP or file transfer protocol works in the same way as HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) which also transfers web pages from server to user’s browser and SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) for transferring electronic mail to the computer.

The FTP Software

We can transfer FTP between two computers using software called FTP software. Here the user’s computer is the local host which is connected to the internet. The other machine which is called the remote host is running FTP software which is also connected to the internet.

The local host machine is connected to the IP address of the remote host. Here the user would give username or password. The FTP software may have a GUI; the full form of it is GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE, which allows the user to drag and drop files between remote and local host. Otherwise, a series of FTP commands are used to login to the remote host which transfers the files between the two machines. The main work of FTP is used to download a file from the server and also upload a file to the server.

About FileZilla


There are many FTP clients available in the market. One of the most popular options for Mac, Windows, and Linux is FileZilla. In FileZilla, you need an FTP hostname, FTP username, and FTP password.

  • In FileZilla, after connecting to it, they will show you 2 panes.
  • There is a list of directories with files in it on the left side. You have to select the folder which you are interested in to show the contents of the folder below.
  • Whereas, on the right, you have a web hosting account, which by default is connected to the root of the website.
  • A folder contains the website by the name www. We have to select that folder to see its contents.

How to upload a file using Notepad++?

Another way to edit the file and upload it on the server is by using Notepad ++, which is a program that allows you to edit your site and upload and create files on the server.

To connect to Notepad++ through FTP we have to do the following steps:-

  • At first, you have to open notepad+ +.
  • Then you will go to the option Plugins followed by NPP FTP which will show NppFTP Window.
  • You have to select the “gear” option in the configuration window.
  • After this, you have to click on the button – Add New which prompts the configuration screen of NotePad ++  and FTP.
  • After that, you have to enter your user name and click ok.
  • Here we have to put the FTP detailed information which is located in the Connection tab.
  • Then go to the Transfers tab to configure the below values.
  • Active for Connection Type  
  • ASCII for Transfer Mode
  • These settings are important. It makes sure that the permission remains similar even after any change is made to it.
  • To finish you have to click on the close button and save the configuration.

After the profile has been created, you have to connect to it. For that, you have to press the disconnect button. After a few minutes, you will see your website’s content.

For uploading files, you have to –

Connect the server with Notepad ++. On the right side of Notepad ++, you have to choose the folder you want to upload the file to. After right-clicking on that folder, you have to select “Upload other files here”.

After this, you have to browse the server for the files you want to upload, for selecting and opening the file. Now the files will be seen in the folder section of the server. Also in notepad++, the user can download and then modify various files at once.

How to upload files using file manager?

If you don’t want to use either Notepad ++ or FileZilla, you can simply use File Manager. It is good to use as when you are away from the computer, you can still access the browser. The file manager can be accessed from any location.

To upload files to the server using file manager the following steps has to be taken:

  • You can log in to CPanel and here under files option, you have to select file manager.
  • Select Web Root and show hidden files and then click go.
  • Click to open the folder to which you want to upload the files.
  • Click Upload option from the toolbar and select browse or choose files.
  • Select the file on your computer that you wish to upload.
  • Once the files have been selected, it automatically gets uploaded.
  • Additional files may be selected by the user once the upload is in progress.

The above methods are some of the ways you can use to upload and manage files in the web server. The files mentioned can be any type of files such as images, videos, music files, documents, books, pdf etc. The images can also be of any type such as JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. The music files can have any extensions such as MP3, WAV etc. FileZilla does not have any limitation on the amount or size of the file you want to upload to its server. However, your internet speed will determine whether it can upload large files or not.

However, opening large files can be a hindrance in Notepad++, so for that other editors can be used such as EditPad Lite or EM Editor which can manage large files. Super Byte Hosting is the leading Domain and Hosting selling company in India. It is one of the best web hosting, reseller hosting and domain provider in India. For good and affordable rates use Super Bytes Hosting. Their performance is top-notch and is good value for money.

What Is A Dedicated Server (And Do You Even Need One?)

This really puzzles a lot of people who want to start a website or actually own a website. Having a dedicated server or not is the biggest decision to make. If you are here to know the same, then read on. Before we know how beneficial a dedicated server can be for you, let’s focus on what is a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is a type of website hosting that is done to give your website a full server. You need to purchase or rent this dedicated server to host your website on it. This is a lot more expensive than shared hosting but can give you exclusive benefits for attracting more traffic. It also gives you more security requirements. It is usually the next step for people using a shared, VPS or cloud hosting. This can cost you $100 a month or sometimes can cost more too.

Advantages of having a dedicated server

A dedicated server is a lot more advantages than any other hosting service in several ways. It should also be noted that a computer reserved for a specific purpose is termed as a dedicated server. It is like a node connected in a network within a company for one purpose. This is done to provide ease in the working of this network. We are discussing a dedicated server for a website that is hosted by a web host like Super Byte Hosting.

The most important advantages of having a dedicated server for a website are mentioned here.

  • Getting a unique IP address

A dedicated server is designed to give your website complete security. If you have shared hosting, there are high chances of your website getting linked with any other unauthorized websites. This will have a big impact on your SEO rankings and will also put down your brand. So a dedicated server keeps your website safe as there is a unique IP address. This will prevent your website from getting tracked down due to shared IP addresses.

  • No sharing of resources

This is also one of the biggest advantages in choosing a dedicated server hosting. Everything in your server including the RAM, operating system and CPU all belongs to your website alone. You can select a plan with the required speed and then integrate your data/resources with it. So your server works really fast and without interruption. In other modes of hosting, your data might vanish if something happens to the network. So a dedicated server is chosen over the others to give you full data security.

  • Easy maintenance

When you choose a managed dedicated server, then it is very simple to maintain the entire server. All you need to is manage the data and resources of your website. This is also the best way to keep it secure. In unmanaged dedicated servers, you take all the responsibilities which can turn out to be fatal. A managed server gives you a number of services and helps to manage the entire process of maintaining your website. In other modes you share the server with the provider, so if that is attacked you automatically lose all data. A dedicated server is only for your website and only some services are managed by the provider. This is again a potential feature of dedicated servers.

Do you need a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is very expensive when compared to the rest of the hosting services available. Thus, using it or opting for any other hosting service totally depends upon what you need. You should make a clear decision while choosing your hosting server. Super Byte Hosting offers you plenty of options to choose from and we also make sure to give the best service all the time. Let us now discuss the requirement of a dedicated server based on the purpose.

  • If your business involves a lot of services then dedicated server is the best option. Shared hosting does not give a lot of bandwidth needed for so many resources. The cloud and VPS hostings come with limitations too. Dedicated hosting servers are available in several plans with great speed and processing power.
  • If your purpose is to get a unique IP address, then cloud and VPS are cheap and best. Getting a dedicated server just for an IP address may be too costly. You can always ask web development experts before purchasing a dedicated server. Check that you are fully sure about your purpose before buying this from a web host.
  • A dedicated server is only for your website. So it stores data only about your website which hackers are not interested in. They look for shared hosting servers for more information. Thus, security is guaranteed but on your own terms. You must take some measures to ensure their safety. This can be difficult sometimes, then you can use a managed dedicated server.
  • Now dedicated server is of two types, they are managed and unmanaged. The managed server as we saw, takes care of security and server set-up. You need to pay extra to your web host so that they manage the server. The unmanaged server is difficult to manage as you need to set-up, ensure security and also monitor it 24/7. This is a daunting task, so a managed dedicated server is used. This is also one of the biggest advantages of a dedicated server.

Wrapping up

All the benefits and needs of a dedicated server are briefed above. Now where to get or buy a dedicated server for your website? Super Byte Hosting offers a wide range of hosting servers for every website at reasonable prices. You can get your website hosted on a dedicated server in just a few simple steps. We aim to give the best services for every website that needs hosting to multiple website traffic. We also have a number of other hosting services. It is your choice to select what kind of hosting best suits your necessity. Super Byte Hosting is your one-stop destination for all your web development and hosting needs.