Best e-Commerce Security Tips From Super Byte Hosting Experts

There has been more news about security threats online now than ever before. Hackers and scammers have been able to find numerous ways to cheat people and businesses to get their way around the rules online. As a business owner in such a time, your top priority is safeguarding your online store from the countless security attacks that occur every day. Always be on the lookout for these assaults, and make sure your website is set up so that nothing can compromise your security.

E-commerce websites are particularly popular with hackers! Online retailers are the most common victims when it comes to being intruded on and hacked. This is because they have personal information of the clients passing through them. This is particularly true at times of certain seasons such as the holiday shopping season. Reviewing your e-commerce security is time-sensitive right now. Unfortunately, if a hacker manages to obtain credit card data from your online store, it won’t be them who loses out. Customers that are upset will post negative reviews about the business online when they are dissatisfied or inconvenienced. 

These have been some of the best security tips for e-commerce sites, specially provided by the experts at SuperByteHosting. 

  1. Keep your passwords updated frequently and make them strong

The human element is frequently cited as the one component which singlehandedly creates the most problem in cyber security. Passwords that aren’t really strong tendency to be the weak spot that hackers often take advantage of. Since everyone is free to create their own passwords, hackers grasp at any opportunity that a user’s password can offer.

Hostile actors out there take advantage of a weak password to access a website. 

In fact,  this is one of the many tactics that they use for this purpose. Therefore, the second piece of advice offered for e-commerce security has to do with administrative users. They must ensure that they set up strong passwords for accounts and additionally, they must update them frequently as well. All users who have administrative access to your online store MUST create secure passwords and change them frequently. 

  1. Keep your software updated

It is important to emphasize this first e-commerce security measure. It is possible for unscrupulous actors to find security flaws in old and wary plugins and themes and then somehow get a hold of them to mess around with your website. Once inside, hackers may design your site to send holiday shoppers to a fraudulent website where they might be prompted to download malware, for example. 

These upgrades frequently include a security update of some kind. Similar to the way that updates on your computer work, there are also locations present on the software of any website where you can check for updates. There’s no point in delaying the update of your own website when you wouldn’t delay updating your computer, phone, or phone app. Just with other software, website software is constantly being updated and enhanced. Sometimes, these modifications are made only to improve usability. These updates frequently also include a security upgrade of some kind. 

  1. Payment Gateway Security

Keeping credit card numbers in your database leads to a huge risk despite the convenience that it provides in making payments. Your brand’s reputation as well as the security of the personal information of your clients are compromised, which is exactly the kind of open invitation that hackers are looking for.

If you experience a security breach and credit card data is stolen, your only option is to shut down your company because the severe penalties will drive you into bankruptcy. Never store credit card information on your servers and ensure high levels of security at the payment gateways.

3) Pick A Reliable Hosting Website 

There are numerous hosting companies. Pick the provider with advanced features including backup and automatic update. Additionally, if you’re utilizing a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal, check that the servers adhere to PCI Compliance standards. 

The firewall, which is a piece of software created to safeguard your website by screening requests to your web server, is one of the most crucial. Certain requests are then blocked before they could even reach the server. This is done on the basis of a number of variables.

  1. Use SSL certificates.

There is a virtual certificate the name of which is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This enables the creation of a secure connection between a server and its users. Any website that collects private user data, such as credit card numbers, must comply with this. An SSL certificate is one of the facilities provided by the web hosting company being used by the firm.

With the use of SSL plugins, each request is forwarded to HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). It is the online protocol for safe online communication and one of the simplest ways to protect your e-commerce business from fraud. Due to certification, HTTPS websites are recognized as being genuine and safe as they open up with the icon of a green lock in the address bar of the internet browser. 

  1. Make a recurring backup

A backup is similar to an insurance policy for your website. Although you hope you never need to use them, you will be happy about the fact that you have them in the first place if the need ever arises. In case things go wrong and you do not possess a safe backup, some of the things you can lose are sales, order data, and consumer trust in the case that your online store shifts to offline mode.

How long of a time would be required to rebuild your website from scratch? Do you realize that this may be your worst nightmare? By selecting hosts that offer help securing backup, such situations can just be prevented in the first place. So, get the best eCommerce hosting for your online store and easily backup your website.


Wherever there is money, thieves will follow. You should be well-versed in the most recent e-commerce security protocols if you’re an online business owner. Precaution is always preferable to cure, as you are aware. An online store is no different in that way. You must make sure that your e-commerce security is a top priority.

Why Is A In Domain Name Necessary For Your Business?

As the internet continues to spread its presence across countries, every nation is trying to make its presence felt on the internet. India is doing so by promoting its hottest and fastest-selling domain ending, .in! The evidently Indian domain, .in has reported millions of users around the world, and it is essential that Indian website owners and developers recognize its substance. 

Website is the first impression of your brand’s digital space on the visitor, and thus, it is important that this impression is a good impression. Choosing a .in domain over .net or .com shows that you are proud of being an Indian. In today’s article, we’re going to be discussing the advantages of using a .in domain, and 7 ways to choose the correct domain name. 

Advantages Of Using A .in Domain

1. Shows Pride Toward India

The best way to show the world that you’re from India is your .in domain. It produces a subtle Indian identity for the organization. This domain ending shows your organization’s geographical location to the audience. A .in domain instills confidence in local visitors to turn into customers. Especially if your organization is about promoting patriotism, a .in domain only will make your message to the world stronger. It shouts Vocal for Local!

2. Better SEO

Search engines like Google have advanced algorithms to predict which website caters to which region or area. That is why a .in domain ranks higher in search engine results since its SEO ranking is higher. For example, when an Indian user searches for, say, website builders, Google ranks Indian Website Builder websites bearing a .in domain ending higher in the search results. This domain end enables you to reach your local visitors a bit more efficiently. 

3. Better Chances Of Getting Desired Domain Name

While .com is a globally used domain, and thus, the most competitive, .in is India-based, and less competitive. This increases the chances of you being able to get the domain name of your choice. A short and simple domain ending enables users to easily remember your website URL. 

7 Ways To Choose The Correct Domain Name

1. Research Well

When choosing a domain name for your website, be sure to do thorough research as nobody wants to fall into legal conflicts regarding their website. One cannot use trademarked and registered names as part of their domain. A basic Google search can give you a basic idea of which name is registered and which is not, but to be sure. It is better if the domain name is the same as your social media handle username.

2. Create A Brand

You need to use memorable, standing-out words in your domain name to make it easy to remember for visitors. Play with words, create new ones – But do not use weird words in your domain name as it is bound to confuse visitors. Check a thesaurus to find interesting synonyms, and use them in your domain name!

3. Keep It Simple 

Make it easy to spell, basically. A domain name that is easy to spell and pronounce is more likely to be remembered by people. If you think eccentric word combinations are cool, you’re mistaken. Unnatural spelling combinations only make it harder for the audience to remember your domain name. For example, sounds better than and is likely to get more traffic. 

One must also avoid domain names with repeated alphabets, like FizzZone, which will most probably get misspelled, and you will lose one potential customer. 

4. Keep It Short And Sweet

The shorter your domain name is, the more chances there are of people remembering, typing, and calling out your domain name. Longer domains are most usually associated with spam websites, such as In this place, would have sounded more trustworthy (and sensible!)

Keep a thesaurus handy; use it to find synonyms and related words. You might also consider shortening or abbreviating your domain name. The best examples of this are CNN, BBC, and FedEx.

5. Do Not Use Numbers And Hyphens

It has been noticed that one doesn’t pay too much attention while typing URLs. Using hyphens and numbers in a domain name is not wise, as the spelling turns unclear and pronunciation might get misunderstood. 

To the creator, a domain name like might seem simple, but the audience might understand it is To avoid such confusion, stick to only letters in your domain name.

6. Use Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and they define what sect of the market you cater to. Which domain name makes more sense – or 

However, keywords need to be selected carefully, as too many keywords can make the domain name look too stuffed. They might make the domain sound generic

7. Live In Today, Think Of Tomorrow

As already mentioned earlier, a domain name is the identity of the brand on the internet. One must think long-term while picking a domain name. For example, you shouldn’t choose if you’re into coding right now. In the future, if you want to expand your horizon and also include web and app development, shifting from to, will cost you your branding and search ranking. You’ll have to start from scratch, which will cost you a lot of time and money.

To Sum It All Up

  • If you or your organization is based in India, a .in domain is a way to go, because
    • Shows pride towards India
    • Better SEO
    • Better chances of getting desired domain name
  • To choose the best domain name for your business,
    • Research well
    • Create a brand
    • Keep it simple
    • Keep it short and sweet
    • Do NOT use numbers and hyphens
    • Use keywords
    • Live in today, think of tomorrow


Q1. Why should I get a .in domain?

You should get a .in domain name to show your pride towards India to the whole world. It promotes local identity and gets you more local traffic. It also increases your search engine ranking.

Q2. Where can I get a .in domain?

You can get a .in domain on,, and at the lowest prices!

Q3. Are .in domains costlier than .com domains?

Not at all! The prices of .in domains are on par with the prices of .com and .net domains. In fact, .in domains can even be found at prices lower than .com domains due to less competition and less demand.

What Is New In WordPress 6.0 – ‘Arturo’ 

The latest WordPress update, WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’ has been in the spotlight for nearly a couple of weeks now, gaining unimaginable hype and popularity. All major WordPress updates are named after a jazz artist, and WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’ has been named after popular Grammy-winning jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill. 

This update is meant to aid an artist to unleash her creative spirit and help in an innate site-building experience. Over 500 WordPress community members from across 58 countries helped build this version of WordPress.

It is unlikely that the platform that hosts more than 42% of the world’s websites is going to slow down anytime soon. An official announcement from WordPress explains, “The latest version of the software takes full site editing one step further and looks to consolidate the ‘no code’ experience for site-building, expanding upon the existing customization tools, bringing new blocks, and focusing on the writing and design workflows.”

An example of this is the new style switcher for block themes, one of the most anticipated features for the flexibility and creative opportunities it introduces without having to switch themes.

“With thoughtful updates to the writing experience, building better block functionality, and adding a new intuitive style switcher, I’m really proud of the work that’s been done in this release to make a great site editing experience,” says WordPress’ Executive Director, Josepha Haden Chomphosy.

WordPress 6.0 – What’s New?

WordPress 6.0 is the second update released by the company in 2022. More than 1000 changes and bug fixes are a part of this update. The new version is available to download from the official WordPress website in the release archive section. Step-by-step guidelines on update installation are available on the WordPress website under the “Updating WordPress” tab. Let us now find out what is new in this new WordPress 6.0 update!

1. Improved Performance

Improved post-loading speed, page speed, reducing query execution time, caching, and navigation are among the many changes that have come in with this new WordPress update. Since this update is mainly focused on improving WordPress website performance, it has come with several enhancements that help in the process. 

2. Enhanced Accessibility

WordPress believes in making the platform accessible to everyone, and thus, fosters an inclusive community. Accessibility is an important part of WordPress’s mission. Around 50 WordPress updates in the latest variant focus only on the platform’s accessibility, and that shows how dedicated WordPress is to accessibility.

3. Superior Writing Experience

Be it editing, deleting, or adding new shiny content to your website, WordPress has got you covered! It has writing enhancements for every purpose, which helps one streamline his creative process with:

  • More appealing social icons and tag clouds with updated controls and settings.
  • Type two open brackets ‘[[‘ to open recent posts and pages.
  • Text selection across multiple blocks to ease the copy-paste process.
  • Customized buttons retain their style personalizations.
  • Do not lose existing style changes when transforming blocks. 

4. Style Switching

Change the look and feel of your entire website within a single theme! A few clicks of your mouse and keyword will allow you to change both settings and style options. Minute options like the default color palette and the font-weight can also be changed easily. 

5. 5 Brand-New Templates

The WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’ has five new template options, mainly for block themes namely, date, author, tag, category, and taxonomy. This is a blessing for content creators who have gained flexibility from this change. All templates are customizable, and that allows website customization. 

6. Integrated Patterns

Patterns are found in places like the quick inserter, or while creating a new header/footer. You can use ‘theme.json’ to register patterns. In this, specific patterns are prioritized, which is very helpful to the users.

7. More Design Tools

WordPress is known for releasing potent and inherent design tools, and this one is no different. Have a look at its latest design tools and features – 

  • Adding and removing space between images and text, and creating new looks – Everything is just a piece of cake with the gap support functionality present in the Gallery block. 
  • Group block permits the controlling of margins, gaps, and typography, all at once.
  • New border controls allow border-color customization.
  • All options are shown at a glance in the new color panel, thus saving space.
  • A new color transparency level feature has been added, thus producing more creative options for artistic people.
  • Easily switch between row, group, and stack variations to place groups of blocks with more layout flexibility. 

8. Easy List View

The brand-new keyboard shortcuts released in WordPress 6.0 enable users to do the following with just a keyboard click – 

1. Select numerous blocks from the list view

2. Bulk-modify blocks

3. Use drag-and-drop on blocks in the list

4. Open and close the list view with no difficulty

5. Expand to the current selection whenever a block is selected

9. Block Locking Controls

WordPress 6.0 allows users to lock and unlock blocks. Users have the option of disabling the option for moving or removing a block. This relieves creators of the constant need to worry about not accidentally breaking any website element while working on other elements of their webpage. Also, it simplifies the project and its handover and allows clients to explore their creativity without damaging any element of the page. 

What Should You Consider Before Upgrading To WordPress 6.0?

  • Always have a backup of your site ready before upgrading it to WordPress 6.0 ‘Arturo’.
  • Ensure that there are no broken elements on your page.
  • Briefly go through instruction articles and videos to ensure you don’t have any surprises during the upgrade.
  • If you are not clear on the upgrade and its features, join an interactive learning session to clear your doubts.
  • If you are a developer, explore the field guide prior to the upgrade.
  • Refer to WordPress 6.0 release notes for extensive data.


It is suggested that website administrators, especially online store owners, upgrade to the new version of WordPress to take full advantage of the manifold stability, performance, and usability enhancement as soon as possible. Content creators using WordPress will be euphoric about the new hamper of features accessible to them to improve their designing and writing experience. 

How To Quickly Gain Clients For A Newly Established Small Business

Are you planning to start a new business anytime soon? Or have you started one already? Well, either way, you would know how difficult it is to accumulate new customers in this market. In an economy that is extremely competitive, it proves to be much harder for new businesses to find a firm ground to stand on. In recent times, this competition has grown tenfold. The thing that troubles a lot of new owners of firms and businesses is finding a foolproof way to attract new clients for themselves. Getting new clients is unquestionably a mystery. Most business owners don’t start their companies because they enjoy selling; the real reason behind that is their love for their work. Unfortunately, if you’re not successful at drawing in more and more new customers, your business unfortunately isn’t meant to last. 

You have a tight operating budget, so you need to make the most of every penny that you spend promoting your company. Understanding the dos and don’ts in such stressful circumstances is a key duty that can be quite challenging. There is a list of things and bringing some of them into action might do the deal for you. Experienced business owners have approved of some of these ways as well. This article lists a few of these tactics down below. 

1) Make Use Of Social Media

There are many appealing ways to communicate with customers on social media. A company can publish images or videos of its goods and interact with customers through messages and comments. 

Social media is a platform where clients may learn more about the company or its sector. Increased interaction with clients is bound to lead to a proportionate growth in both brand loyalty as well as improvement of customer service. 

2) Create A Blog

Blogs offer information on a website or product page that aids a buyer in making a purchase decision or learning more about a service. Depending on the objectives of the strategy, blogs may be updated daily or weekly, and postings should ideally add value and increase authority. 

Some businesses may host guest bloggers who validate value or inform customers. Sharing blog entries on social media or other websites widens the audience and increases the pool of possible customers.

3) To The Fullest Extent Possible, Use Seo 

In order to discover information about a particular topic or maybe the solution to a query, keywords or particular terms are put into use, to look things up on search engines. It is the purpose of a web browser to provide many results for a user’s query when they have looked up particular expressions or terms through websites on the internet. It not only helps in improving the ranking of the business in regards to the results put out by search engines, but effective SEO is also a potent method of identifying and targeting specific demographic groups of people. Even if keywords and phrases are useful, businesses must also produce interesting content that is useful.

4) Create Or Update Your Google My Business Profile.

Another simple way to pull in new clients happens to be through Google My Business profile. You can set up your profile on it and that would do it for you. Google Maps would already display your company’s address. Claim it so potential clients and customers may locate your company easily.

Ensure that your GMB profile contains important details like the following: business hours; a phone number; an email address; parking availability; product images; and services like delivery. The GMB profile also has a reviewing function.

Additionally, your company might fare well for itself if it happens to garner more and more positive reviews. It costs nothing to create a Google My Business profile. To your listing, you may also add information about products and services.

5) Publish Guest Posts

The target audience of the firm can be fulfilled by posting as a guest on well-known, pertinent blogs with a large following. Guest writing also strengthens your reputation as a knowledgeable authority. Your trust grows as more people discover you on reputable websites. Regular guest blogging increases your authority in the field. You have additional options to publish information on other websites thanks to it.

Even though you won’t get paid for writing guest posts, many blogs will let you incorporate a few links to your website in the articles you create. Don’t just put up guest posts but also find ways for yourself to be mentioned on business websites that are reliable and harbor a good reputation. Every feature raises your credibility and opens up fresh leads for you.

6) Engage In Discussions And Q&A Forums Online

Prospective clients are attracted to relevant Q&A communities and forums. These websites receive a lot of visitors looking for solutions to their problems and assistance. Keep an eye out for inquiries pertaining to your company and then respond.

You should be aware of whether or not you contribute any input to these pages which are bound to affect the degree of your success in the long run. Your firm inevitably will bring in more new customers if they feel like their problems can be solved by the firm. Some of the many well-known discussion forums you can start engaging in are StartupNation, Reddit, and Quora. 

7) Customers Should Be Urged To Post Reviews

The success or failure of your firm is majorly dependent upon reviews that you get out from your customer. They have an impact on how others choose to purchase your goods and services. Reviews can therefore help your business thrive. Customers that are pleased are eager to tell others about it. But also pay heed to the negative reviews.

Reply to these queries at the most immediate time possible and look after redressing their issues. It demonstrates your concern for the client experience, which fosters loyalty and increases trust. Your clients can post reviews on your official pages on Facebook as well as Google My Business. 

ConclusionThese were some of the ways through which new customers can be attracted. Buying a domain name and server is crucial for any of these tactics. For this function, you can look up SuperByteHosting. SuperByteHosting is a major web hosting company originating from India, which provides you with these services at the most affordable prices.

How To Create A Free Personal Website

Creating a personal website of your own can do magic for your venture and personal brand identity. In fact, having a personal website can allow you a platform to showcase your creativity, beyond your CV/Resume. It’s an added personal touch that really allows you to break the standard norms and get you out there in your niche market. It gives people access to contact you and avail your services in a better way. 

All in all, the internet is not a luxurious commodity anymore. It belongs to the people and as people of the internet, everyone must know how to utilize it at best. Hence, creating a personal website helps us to create an online identity that is unique and accommodative to changing requirements. 

We talk of websites and their importance, but where do you get started? To make your own personal website, you need to follow certain factors that end up determining the quality, look, and usability of your personal website. Let us look at these steps in detail:

1. Pick A Suitable Domain Name

When it comes to an online presence, you can easily make blogs on websites like WordPress and Tumblr. However, the usual go-to preference is having a self-hosted website, which frees you from the hassle of dealing with a subdomain. You can have a domain name of your own. It helps to achieve a more personalized look. 

Before you decide on your preferred mode of hosting, you should first make a clear-cut decision about what you want your domain name to be. A good-looking, concise domain name sets you apart from a crowd of people and helps in setting up a more professional theme. So, when you decide on a domain name, make sure it’s direct and minimalistic. The most preferable of all domain names is usually your name and .com at the end. 

2. Criteria For Choosing Any Web Hosting Services

It is important to keep in mind that certain ground rules and factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a Web Hosting service. You may already be asking yourself how to pick the best website hosting service if you need to build a website for your e-commerce or simply want to launch your personal projects. We have you covered. 

It’s important to weigh out the similarities and differences between various services to choose which one best accommodates your needs while simultaneously taking your goals into account. Hence, you must follow through with certain factors. 

  • Uptime

You must ensure that the website hosting company you choose provides the highest level of availability. It can be frustrating when you try opening a link and it doesn’t open. Hence, Uptime is an essential criterion. This is usually measured in percentage. Therefore, the better the service availability, the higher the percentage. 

  • Loading Speed / Quick Responsiveness

Google will give faster-loading pages more priority. Hence, if the loading speed is not efficient or up to the mark, your personal website doesn’t have much of a point in existence. The audience is growing weary and tired easily. Search Engine Optimization shows that loading speed affects the traffic a website receives. Therefore, ensure that the website hosting service you choose has a fast, efficient loading time.

  • Traffic Limit 

Certain website hosting services may have a cap set to the traffic they can hold. This tends to be a monthly traffic limit. Keep this in mind and research thoroughly before you opt for any web hosting service. 

  • Security

It’s not an easy task to put your website in the hands of someone else to host. Therefore, you must make sure that the service you choose can properly safeguard its clients by providing a system of information dismissal and backups.

  • Upgradation

Today’s hosting plans come in various forms. but if you’re a beginner, the likelihood is that you’ll usually wind up with a shared hosting plan. If so, make sure that you pick a service provider who will allow you to upgrade your server in the future.

It will be far more beneficial to utilize a hosting company that allows you to increase your package as opposed to switching hosts and moving your complete website, again and again. 


Most hosting companies will offer a file manager, although they tend to be pretty basic. This will allow you to be able to manage and move large numbers of files on the server safely, especially if you have access to FTP/SFTP. 

  • Content Management System

You must look for a service that offers either a simple installation of an open-source CMS like WordPress or its own user-friendly, accessible CMS. This is of much importance, especially if you want to produce material frequently. 

There may be other factors, such as additional benefits, a free trial run, and providing back-ups. If you stick to these factors, you may find yourself a mode of hosting that’s inclined to your needs and requirements.  

3. Mode Of Hosting 

Once you’ve decided on your domain name and acknowledged the necessary factors to look out for before choosing a web host, it is finally time to get your domain name and your preferred hosting service. This is perhaps the only step in this process that can cost you the most minimal charges, especially with the numerous options of plans that hosting services provide nowadays. 

Keeping in mind your budget limitations and needs, you should choose the hosting service. One such service that works amicably well on a professional level is SuperByteHosting! Fast and Unlimited Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Reseller Hosting, and custom hosting services are all provided by this India-based company.

While there are many good hosting services that you may avail of, this specific service is affordable and trusted, providing you with the security you need for your personal website. In fact, SuperByteHosting offers ample choices of hosting services, such as:

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Hence, we can see that SuperByteHosting is quite versatile in its approach and open price comparisons, it is also quite cheap. Their Varnish Cache-powered web application accelerator guarantees your personal website’s top speed at all times. 

SuperByteHosting also allows you to pick a domain name in order to create your online identity — for quite cheap, with minimum rates of Rs. 700 per year! A good hosting service will ensure to provide you with an SSL Certificate add-on. 

4. Further Customization 

Once you have your website hosted, you may wish to customize it according to the aesthetic your identity pertains to. You can choose themes, customize your menu, and improve your site with plugins and other widgets. It is completely up to you.


The aforementioned steps will help you set up your own personal website in no time! It is still important to note that despite these factors, you yourself are the master of your choices and the decisions you make. Web Hosting Services have ample varieties of packages to choose from, and you may opt for any of them as per choice, need, demand and budget. 

It’s the age of digitalization and the internet belongs to everybody. Hence, to build your image and identity, a personal website is of much help, and hopefully, by using these steps, you can proceed forward with your personal website dreams.  

Annual Website Review: The 10 Steps To Follow

So, you want to follow through with an Annual Website Review to monitor your business, start-up, and website operations. Where should you start? It is an integral part of any company, irrespective of whether it’s an established business or a new venture altogether. Website reviews help a lot. It is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy. Businesses ought to change as trends and themes in customer behavior and market behavior change. Therefore, a website review is essentially a procedure for evaluating the performance of your website in relation to various criteria, which are prone to change. As your firm grows and consumer preferences shift and transform, your website should as well. 

Performance evaluations help to promote and impact internal communication and professional development. To stand apart from the rest of the crowd, especially your competitors, to stay ahead of the game, and to continue to be innovative, it is important to conduct such reviews. There are certain steps to follow when you opt for an Annual Website Review. This article will guide you through these steps and provide help on an informational basis. 

Step 1: The Audience

The target audience must be considered while evaluating any website. The right audience matters the most, and to pertain to the right audience, you must identify your audience and what exactly appeals to them. Factors to keep in mind are how to address the audience, what issues pertaining to them, and how exactly are you planning to assist them. 

Upon research and acknowledgment, examine the website from the perspective of the target audience. Technical pizzazz and glamour may be eye-catchy, however, your website requires ease of navigation, making it easier for your audience to go through your website.

Step 2: Precaution And Improvement In Security 

Any website is prone to get compromised. Hence, security is an important measure. You may consider including Software Plugins as one of the solutions when you complete your website review. Numerous websites are compromised every day as a result of obsolete and archaic software. Sites are often scanned by potential hackers and bots for future, potential website attacks. 

Adding HTTPS and an SSL Certificate also proves to be of great benefit. Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, exchanges visitors’ personal data between your database and the website. Information is encrypted with SSL to prevent third parties from penetrating your website and reading vital information.  

Step 3: Thorough Content Analysis

A thorough examination of the website material and content must be conducted. At times, specific topics or sections of content require updating. Examining content areas consisting of contact details, personnel information, a list of employees, the goods and services you provide, and any news or related events helps the audience viewing the website easier access to what you’re willing to offer. 

It must be made sure that there are no broken links, lackadaisical, backdated information, or errors of any kind that are up on your website. Is the content still presented in the most effective manner for your audience’s perusal? Is your branding up to date? Have your website graphics undergone any changes recently? On a side note, you should also review your web statistics, analytics, and SEO. 

Step 4: Website Redecoration 

A redesign, redecoration, or a new fresh look for your website every few years is a reasonable expectation for the majority. Visitors are able to discern an obsolete design style and some may base their selection or purchase decisions on that fact alone. 

Hence, despite perfect and well-formulated content, if your website design is outdated and not up to the trends and styles of the status quo, it’ll fail to appease your audience. Consider your competitors and the look and feel of their websites, and learn what exactly is it that needs to change on your website. A new look may prompt more traffic to your website. 

Step 5: Reconsider Hosting Choices

The hosting service that you opt for may continually, on a periodic basis update their service and add features that best suit your needs. However, if your current hosting service is up for renewal, you may wish to pursue other hosting services that are specifically accommodative of your website needs. For changing domain names or servers best suited for you, you may choose to upgrade to any latest hosting services. One of them is Super Byte Hosting

Step 6: Expirations And Renewals 

You must make sure that you renew each of your domain names on the schedule. The domain name for your website is your most valuable asset, and letting it expire could be disastrous. 

In fact, spending a little more time contacting tech support to sync up renewal dates proves to be beneficial.  

Step 7: Keep Up With Competition 

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer — this goes for any company, service, or new startup. Inspection of the websites of your rivals to see if they address any subjects that would be equally important to your visitors is part of formulating a quality website review. It helps much more than you think. Keeping up with competition allows you to better yourself and perhaps, even, learn more. 

What are the updates that your competitors have made on their websites that may also work for you? What can you learn from it, and what can you implement from it? It’s not that you are required to make additions, but it is better to be aware of the market than to lag behind. 

Step 8: Device Cross-Testing And Compatibility 

When browsers are updated, problems may tend to occur on websites even when your website is equipped with expert programming and design. 

Therefore, testing should be done on all popular browsers and devices. This must be done frequently and once again, on a periodic basis. Websites are prone to crash and not work at regular intervals, hence, a check-up and cross-testing allow for safety and precaution. 

Step 9: Service Under One Supplier 

For practical reasons, keeping domain registration, hosting, SSL, web security, and email with just one vendor and one account is recommended. 

If you have resources that are spread across several service providers, you should focus on the evaluation of the situation and look for possible consolidation opportunities. If any service requires updating or renewal, look into it and address it, as quickly as possible. 

Step 10: Checking Back-Ups 

Backups are very crucial for any website. Hence, you must make sure that both the website itself and the data attached with it are fully backed up. This ensures an extra layer of security, in case of any compromises. Make sure these backups are operational and that you are able to easily retrieve them. 

You can backup your website by downloading a copy and burning it to a CD or DVD. If you wish to frequently update and add additional data to your website, plan monthly or quarterly backups for easier updating.  


There are other steps that you can take into consideration when it comes to the actuation of an Annual Website Review. The aforementioned steps can be modified and adapted according to your website and company needs. A basic outline should be marked upon, before actually going forward with a website review. Know your analytics and your statistics and move forward with an attitude that will prove beneficial for your business venture. It is important to note that any review requires one adjustment at a time. Hence, maintain a well-balanced pace and work on one improvement at a time.

Why Would You Want To Get A .in Domain For Your Online Platform?

Owning a domain name for any organization automatically establishes them as a worldwide player with genuine authority. On the internet, the domain name is what characterizes your company, occupation, or personality. Nevertheless, picking the right domain name for the company might influence its growth. 

Choosing a .in domain for the professional website isn’t the only way to discreetly display your locality; nonetheless, it can open up a lot more doors for businesses. Continue reading to learn about all of the benefits of having a .in domain name and why you should choose it. But first, what is a domain name, exactly?

What Is a Domain Name? 

The Internet’s foundation relies heavily on domain names. These give any web server accessible 

on the Network a human-readable domain. An IP address, whether IPv6 or IPv4 address, is used for connecting to a device that is Internet-connected. Computer systems can readily handle such URLs, but individuals face a challenging time resolving who operates the website or what resources the website is providing. IP addresses are hard to memorize and keep on changing. To alleviate these kinds of problems, we employ domain names that are human-readable addresses.

What Are All The Rewards Of Getting A .in Domain For Your Company?

1. To improve your local business’s reputation

Indians will invest their money in the Indian store and purchase more out of it. If you’re a small or medium-sized firm in India, use the .in domain tag to let people know you’re based there. It would be a reflection of your and your team having workplace ethics. It also inculcates trust in local tourists and customers, who will wish to shop from you more frequently.

This could boost your brand’s worth in India and boost client loyalty since they’d understand you share their culture. It will be difficult for any other foreign billionaire to capture your market as you increase brand awareness amid your web audiences in India.

2. To increase the recall value of your company’s name

Let’s pretend we’re in a straightforward circumstance. also has a lot more to offer than 

That’s because the former sounds shorter and thus more streamlined than the latter, and the .in domain provides us the impression that this would be an Indian business. You achieve a competitive edge in the Indian market by acquiring a .in domain name. Website visitors are likely to recognize it. This encourages people to come back to your site and buy the product. The Indian market is one of the largest in the world; the amount of traffic and revenue it may bring to your company is astounding.

3. To quickly obtain the domain name of your choice

We’re all looking for the greatest possible short name for our domain. Without a doubt, this enhances our company’s brand value in the eyes of our visitors and future customers. If the domain name you desire is already taken, you can choose a .in domain name instead. This domain name isn’t as popular as extension. You may quickly choose a precise and compact name for your business and register it under the .in TLD.

4. Improve Your Rankings

If you are an Indian consumer looking for an antique website, you will most certainly see Indian websites on the first page of the search engine. This is because a website with a .in domain name is automatically assumed to be an Indian website. This makes it simpler for you to reach out to Indian consumers without exerting too much effort. 

Locals like to buy from local businesses. As a result, a .in domain name can help you drive more traffic, reach, and visibility among Indian web audiences, and hence create more money than other domain names.

How Do You Pick The Right Domain Name?

A website name that is easily searchable and related to your business is required for an online business to work successfully. Here are a few pointers to assist you to choose a long-term domain name.

1. Simple To Recall 

The domain name you choose for your company should be simple to pronounce and spell, with no unusual characters., for example, is an extremely perplexing domain name. The consumer will be unsure whether to write 5 or five and will likely overlook the hyphen in the middle. Consider the domains and, which are both tough to remember and spell.

Use keywords that are relevant. Customers are unaware of your website’s existence. A starving client will type the word “food” into their search engines. To be able to come up first, your domain name must contain relevant keywords. Keywords play a critical part in ensuring that your site appears on the first page of SERPs. Relevant words and phrases also play a significant role in persuading clients to pick you.

2. Your Company’s Domain Name Is Unchangeable

For years, you don’t think about altering or moving your domain name. As time passes, your company’s domain name takes on a personality of its own. Take the website as an example. If you’re only interested in bikes today, don’t name it so specialized. If you start selling cycles, automobiles, or other things someday, it will be extremely tough to promote. Keep the name generic or come up with ideas for enterprises you can start ahead of time.

You can alter your domain name at any point, but doing so will result in a significant loss for your brand and business. You’d lose your entire brand value as well as your search engine rating. Every time you change your domain name, you’ll have to start over with branding and ranking.

3. Research and are the two websites. If someone wanted to schedule a blood test or other pathology testing, I’m sure they’d go to the latter. One of the most important variables in determining how much traffic your site generates is the relevance of the site name. Consider brainstorming and researching your competition to determine the most appropriate domain name for you.

Make sure to do your homework to avoid any mistake with a name that sounds similar to or matches one of the big trademark companies. There are a variety of web tools and websites that can help you see if the domain name you’re considering is already taken. It’s best if you avoid using any trademarked words or names that have already been registered.

4. Maintain Accuracy 

A domain name with a lot of words in it always sounds suspect. It’s preferable if you can keep your domain name to only 6-15 characters. This makes it easier to recall, spell, and remember the name. It also gives the domain name a trustworthy, non-spammy appearance.

The Way Forward

Choosing a domain name for a company can be difficult, especially for those who are unfamiliar with marketing and the internet. And, with all of the above factors to consider at the same time, the work gets extremely perplexing. After all, the .in domain enables Indian businesses to enter the digital market with ease and with less rivalry. It gives visitors and customers in the area a sense of security and trust. 

However, in order to compete with the competition, the domain name must be on par with the .in domain. There is no better approach to increase your income and gain a competitive edge in the market than to use the advantages of the .in domain and a well-chosen domain name.

FaaS v/s Serverless

This is a time when trends are changing. Enterprises have changed the way they used to approach a lot of things. There are no print or TV advertisements now, everything is digital so they are now moving to digital marketing. Having an application made for themselves is sometimes too costly and may not work in their favor. This is the reason why they are shifting towards the cloud. Cloud is not the actual cloud which creates thunder and produces rains, but the ones where we can work, where we can host various services. There are two services which are the main focus of this article, they are Serverless and FaaS i.e., Function as a Service. This article will show how they are similar and what are the differences between them and which one of them is better.


FaaS Function as a Service

FaaS can be extended as Function-as-a-service. It falls into the category of cloud computing services which are disrupting the process of building applications and systems. In FaaS, the server-side logic remains the responsibility of the app developer as it is happening in conventional architectures. But on the other hand, the server-side logic runs in compute containers which are stateless. These containers can be triggered by one event which often lasts only for one innovation.

These kinds of events are fully handled and monitored by third-party vendors. There are many FaaS options used all over the world including AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions. The list extends to many open source options too such as Oracle and IBM. Similar to other services, FaaS is a third party platform. The user only has to pay for it when they use it. It is highly cost-efficient to use. This platform enables the developers to focus on the design, management as well as running of application functionalities.

  • Advantages:
    • The developers and the enterprises don’t have to write an entire application code if they want to complete a small task.
    • This is very cheap. In FaaS the code is in small pieces and they run only when they are triggered. The users only have to pay when they use it. There is no continuous or fixed cost.
    • In respect to demand, the developers can increase the speed and easily build and copy a function rather than copying the whole application.
    • It is also easy to scale a function rather than scaling an entire application when the demand increases. Hence, we can say that FaaS is also highly scalable.
  • Disadvantages:          
    • The functions can complete only one task and they are very small.
    • There are so many functions sometimes and managing all of them becomes a tricky task.


This is quite tricky to explain. There is much meaning of the word itself even if it is not properly explained. Some people might think that it is something which runs without any server. If we look at it practically, it is impossible. It is really necessary to understand what it is and why it is used? As far as this article is considered, it is told that it is a cloud computing service. That is not so much information, to be honest. Serverless in its best sense can be understood as something which is not in sight. Still, there is not much specification about it which relates it to cloud computing. Let us understand this in detail.

If we take traditional computers, they work on a server, this central server is responsible for the management of activities like flows, controls, and the security of the device. Now, talking about the new modern age serverless version of these. There is no central authority which helps the machine in balancing different branches of a device. The serverless model makes the device or the network more efficient as in it all the parts of the device or the server are self-aware and they do their own task as individuals. These applications are more flexible and can adapt to a change in a better way with respect to other types of applications. This is one of the important reasons why most of the modern-day businesses choose them.

There are two ways in which the applications are divided into. Serverless is one of them and SaaS is another. Serverless also intersects with SaaS at some points but both of them have a lot of distinct features. That should be clear till now because they are explained above. The first type has applications which make use of third-party applications and services hosted on the cloud. These are used to manage the logic and state at the server-side. The application of this type mostly uses a big ecosystem of databases and authentication functions that are based on the cloud. They are also known as Backend as a Service or BaaS.

Let us know about some advantages and disadvantages of serverless technology:

  • Advantages:
    • Users don’t need to configure the server at the time when they deploy the application.
    • These are most of the time very easy to use and provide better performance than other apps. These are also easy to scale.
    • They offer more flexibility than other types of applications.
    • It is cheaper than the traditional server-based method of hosting. The reason behind this is the flexibility of the platform.
  • Disadvantages:
    • One big loss is that the users might lose control to some extent. It is said that this type of computing is the loss of server control. If the user decides to choose this option then they have to give up the option of controlling the server. Otherwise, if they wish to control the server, they will have to allow some specifications in the server to be changed.
    • There are some cases when this type of server hosting is more expensive than traditional ones. The number of calls being made is also very much. There are some situations in which the API has to be used extensively and in those situations, the price is more.

Which Is The Better One?

Back to the main question from where it all started. After reading the whole article till now, we don’t think there is a need to choose between the two. Both of them might intersect with one another at some points but it is better to use them as per the need of the organization. This is not something that can be used anywhere. Even though both are cloud computing services there are some very different jobs which they can do and that should become the base while deciding. There are enterprises that need services that can help them build and replicate functions or maybe they will need some hosting server like serverless.

The decision that is made, it depends on the enterprise entirely. There is no other factor that can change it. The decision should be taken according to the need of the enterprise, there might be situations where an enterprise would need both. That is also correct in a way, they are both useful and when they are brought together, they can do wonders. Finally, just understand what they are in detail, know what are the demands of the enterprise and choose accordingly. Both of them are useful and both of them are best in their own way.

COVID-19 Prevention Measures

The world is going through the worst phase. No one ever thought that they would have to stay locked inside their homes. There is a war going outside and the only way to win this is, not to get involved in this and stay away. This is something that most people are not actually getting, they are not realizing the risk. They go out and they don’t only put their lives at risk but also become dangerous for everyone they meet after that.

The Current Global Situation

The governments of the countries are trying their level best to control the spread of this virus. Even after so many efforts, the virus is still spreading like wildfire. Italy, Spain and the USA are facing the worst in the world and everyone is praying that they don’t get where they are. The main reason why these countries are facing such bad conditions is their negligence towards the virus. Italy took it very lightly and at this point has the most number of dead people all over the world. There are many countries who locked their countries down totally after seeing the effect of the virus on the countries that took it lightly. India took the decision very soon and is still facing a few challenging conditions. India is still in better condition than other countries in the world and is following the total lockdown phase during this pandemic. By following some proper precautions and safety measures, we can save ourselves and our family from this deadly virus.

Important prevention measures to take during COVID-19

Prevention measures than can be taken to stop coronavirus and prevent it from spreading are as follows:

1. Cleaning hands at regular intervals

Cleaning hands at regular intervals

This is very important. The main reason how anyone can get this infection is through their hands and if they touch their face. We touch many things with our hands and no one knows what is clean and what carries the virus. It is important to wash hands at regular intervals with soap for at least 20 seconds. 20 seconds is the time which takes to completely disinfect the hands. If people are at a place where they don’t have soap and water then they can also use hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers are not needed when you are inside the home, they are only when you are out. By the way, it would be better if you can avoid going out in the first place for some days. It is important for everyone because a human might not get too affected but can affect some others badly. It is deadly for small kids and old citizens. Youngsters taking this lightly might become murderers of innocents if they don’t stop themselves.

2. Avoiding close contact

Avoiding close contact

It is advised to stay at least a meter away from even the family members. If going out to buy essentials then also keep a distance from other people standing there. No one is sure, the person standing next to in line might be the carrier of the virus and that is why it is better to stay away. Everyone needs to follow social distancing at this point in time. Even the doctors are saying this, social distancing is the best way to stop the spread of this virus. Stay inside your house, if fever and cough are the symptoms, isolate and wait for a medical assistant. Don’t meet anyone who is ill. There are people who are not following this and they might have to pay something that they will not be able to afford.

3. Covering mouth and nose

Covering mouth and nose

Whenever a person is going to meet someone it is better to cover the mouth and nose. It is not certain that everyone that a person will meet will be totally fit. There are chances that someone will sneeze and it is proven that this virus can travel to some distance in the form of water droplets. It is advised to keep a face mask handy and use N95 masks to stay safe. Covering mouth and nose is important mainly when the person knows that they are going to a place where the virus has already been found. If they are in a place which is safe from the virus then face masks are not mandatory.

4. Covering while coughing or sneezing

Covering while coughing or sneezing

This is something which people need to adapt to their life. While sneezing or coughing if they cover their mouth and nose with their hands they collect the germs in them. It is basic human nature that we touch our face with our hands when we feel even a bit of irritation. In the case of coronavirus, we might harm ourselves or might transfer them to anyone else. It is better to keep the virus away from hands as much as possible. Covering our nose and mouth with our elbow will make sure that it does not get transferred to anyone else.

5. Disinfecting and cleaning

Disinfecting and cleaning

It is extremely essential to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. There are many surfaces at home, or in the workplace, which are touched by people the whole day. These may include tables, knobs of doors, light switches, countertops, handles, phones, laptops, keyboards, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, taps and so on. Cleaning the surfaces with normal water may not disinfect it properly. In this scenario, common household disinfectants can work. Another option is to use bleach. By diluting the household bleach in a proper manner so that it does not damage the product as well as the user and the surfaces can be disinfected.

Frequent cleaning makes it tough for the virus to stay there for longer times. Users can also use cleaners which are alcohol-based and must have 70 percent alcohol in them. It is important to follow the instructions as well as other details of manufacturers such as concentration, application method, contact time and many more while using these cleaners.

Final Thoughts

This time is tough, but not inevitable. Through proper precautions and care, we can overcome this pandemic and be the heroes of the world. The most important thing right now is to be aware, positive and extremely careful. These simple steps can lead to restricted spreading and even elimination of the virus from the world.

Top Blog Hosting Services In 2020

Blogging has revolutionized the way we use the internet today.  Blogging has changed the world to a great extent and makes it possible for people to access any form of information within minutes. So, before we get into the topic further let us try and understand exactly what is known by a ‘blog’. A blog is a short form for ‘weblog’. Blog, as we understand in more technical terms, is a form of an online journal or a website that offers a kind of information. Sometimes the blog deals with just a single type of topic or sometimes it is a collection of more than one type of topic together. Here the topics are arranged in a manner that the latest topics appear on top and likewise the topics are arranged from the latest to the oldest in a chronological manner. The blogs are informative platforms where people express their interests, thoughts, opinions and also their reviews. These are a form of expression in a more communicative manner,  where the reader is invited to join in the discussion of sharing their thoughts through comments, remarks and also ratings. Today, to own a blog has grown to be one of the leading steps towards expression, entrepreneurship and also marketing and sales to a certain extent.

Speaking of Blogs, Blog hosting is one of the prime aspects of launching your own blog. So, what do we understand by Blog Hosting in the first place? Let us find out. Blog hosting refers to the process through which a company ‘offers’ or provides space in its server in order to let you store your blogs. This allows the users to easily gain access to your blog when online, thus offering the people with a vast variety of topics that they would want to go through.

Now, that we know what a blog is all about and what is known as the blog hosting service, let us know more about the top blog hosting services in 2020

Blue host: Blog hosting service


Blue host tops the list of the best blog hosting services in 2020. There are various reasons as to why this has been featured on top of the list. The Blue host blog hosting service has an uptime of 99.99% and has a super-fast load time, making it the best amongst the others in the market. This web hosting service has been recommended by WordPress itself as it hosts about 2 million websites from all over the globe. The service offered is easy and reliable making it one of the most widely used by users everywhere.


  • This web hosting service has an uptime of 99.9%
  • This web hosting service is super fast
  • This web hosting service is cost-effective
  • This web hosting service is user-friendly
  • This web hosting service has pre-installed WordPress
  • This web hosting service has a good support service
  • This service has a nice 30-day money-back guaranteed.

This web hosting service is also great in various features like free site migration when a user is switching from another web hosting service. The Bluehost web hosting service has round the clock support system which is rapid and friendly. Also, this web hosting service is considered the best beginner and new start-ups.

HostGator Cloud: Web hosting service


This web hosting service offers unlimited bandwidth and storage to its users. This web hosting service hosts about 10 million websites from all over the world. Because of its usability and accessibility, the HostGator Cloud is one of the most popular web hosting services on the list. The performance of this web hosting service is reliable and consistent. The uptime for this service for the past 6 months has been recorded to be 99.97%  and the load time has been recorded to be 479ms.

Pros of HostGator Cloud

  • This web hosting service has an uptime of 99.97%
  • This web hosting service has a 479 millisecond of average load time.
  • This web hosting service offers Free site migration.
  • This web hosting service has unlimited Bandwidth and storage.

SiteGround: Web hosting service


It is slightly a more expensive web hosting service but still quite efficient in its functions and features. The best part about this SiteGround Web hosting service is perhaps its excellent customer support services and efficiency. This site is great to use as it offers free SSL certificates, email accounts, free WordPress installation, free migration, and daily backups. Every feature about this web hosting service is hi-end and simply great to work with.

Pros of SiteGround

  • This web hosting service has an uptime of 99.98%
  • This web hosting service offers great customer support
  • This web hosting service is user-friendly
  • This web hosting service is good for WordPress hosting
  • This web hosting service has been recommended by the WordPress
  • This web hosting service has an average stable speed at 615 ms

DreamHost: Web Hosting Service


This is one of the oldest and popular known web hosting services and has hosted about 1.5 million sites worldwide. This service might not have a great uptime like the rest of the services mentioned above, but nevertheless they get the popularity of being the first ones to start a blog. The average load time speed of this service has come to be 719 ms and the uptime was 99.5%. This web hosting service also has a 97-day money-back offer to make one of the most trusted brands to work with.

Pros at DreamHost

  • This web hosting service has an uptime of 99.95%
  • This web hosting has a load time of 719 ms
  • This web hosting offers 97 days money back offer
  • This web hosting has unlimited bandwidth
  • This web hosting has great customer support.

InMotion Hosting: Web Hosting Service

Inmotion Hosting

This web hosting service has been around for over a decade and has a great customer base of 300000 domains. InMotion is considered to be the best for businesses and has a decent price to start with. The tech support team at this web hosting service is efficient and is US-based. They also offer the users more than one plan to choose from depending upon their requirements. This web hosting service also allows the users to scale your hosting with the growth in business.

Pros at InMotion Hosting

  • This web hosting service has an uptime of 99.94%
  • This web hosting service has a great customer support service
  • This web hosting has a nice speed of 802 ms
  • This web hosting offers unlimited email accounts
  • This web hosting service offers free site migration
  • This web hosting offers a free SSL certificate.

GoDaddy- Web hosting Service


This is perhaps one of the most well-recognized brands around. This particular brand has been operating as a domain registrar for quite some time now, also making it one of the largest known domain registrars across the globe.  Because of its brand presence, this web hosting service is preferred by a majority of beginners.

Pros at GoDaddy web hosting

  • This web hosting has an uptime of 99.97%
  • This web hosting has a speed of 500 ms
  • This web hosting service offers free domain
  • This web hosting service offers 1 click migration
  • This web hosting offers free daily backups
  • This web hosting service has round the clock customer support.

As a new blogger, one must understand that there are a few factors to watch out when selecting the perfect web hosting service:

  1. Uptime: Whenever the traffic goes down, it could damage your traffic and also your name, so select and uptime of minimum 99.94%
  2. Speed: Quick load time helps
  3. Support: Good support is a huge help


This is more like trade or a form of sales, as the web host charges a set amount of fee from the person who is utilizing the server for their blog. This way both the parties enjoy a nice correlation of profit, where the space on a website is kind of ‘rented’ out to a blogger. It is necessary to understand that every blogger needs a webspace to ‘place’ their content and it could be just about anywhere which is reputed or known.

Sometimes, a blogger goes for a free blog hosting service; this can be due to a lot of reasons. Maybe they do not have the funds, they are not experienced, they are not aware or are simply too scared. When you have just started with a new blog, you need to understand that in order to add more authenticity to your blogs you better purchase your own domain. This allows the blogger to own a standalone site and it comes at a price. This also increases your chances of being more visible over the internet and being available on the top search engines.