Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Free Web Hosting

As everything is digitized in today’s world, it is crucial for the usage of websites to be present digitally. A properly built website is a must to globalize one’s self or one’s brand worldwide. Well-built websites are a great advantage to a company as they can uplift the branding of that company above the other market competitors. It’s just a click away to find millions of companies providing hosting services for free. 

When the budget is very constrained, this will seem like the best deal. Initially, it might be a good idea but very soon you will find out that it is not a good deal. Because you will end up spending more on these web hosting services than you have to spend for genuine paid versions. 

Reasons To Not Choose Free Web Hosting

Ten reasons are listed and explained below why you should not be using web hostings that are provided for free.

  1. No scalability

Scalability is when you expand your website due to the expansion of your business or company or organization. When you are using web hosting that is provided for free you will find that your websites are not scalable.

When your company or business is doing well and lots of traffic is drawn to your websites, you should be able to provide the readers with a proper website. But when you are using free services, the host will not be able to cope with the expanding traffic, in other words, you are losing potential readers. This is the downside, which is not a desirable trait of a website as it causes a real-time potential loss of revenue.

But when you are using a paid genuine service, you can always upgrade bandwidth limits at an affordable cost. This can also help you with reducing the downtime which may cause a loss of readers.

  1. Unsatisfied performance

Free hosting services consistently fall short in one crucial area- performance. The customer experience will be improved the quicker your website loads. Additionally, if your customer has a good user experience, you can anticipate increased engagement from them and a higher likelihood that they will produce leads and even make purchases.

Visitors will look for another option if your webpage takes a long time to load and may eventually stop coming to your blog altogether. Since you’re not paying for their services, free web hosting makes cuts.

Overall, their servers really aren’t efficient and cannot support a contemporary website with several dynamic aspects. Although the effect of free web servers on performance is evident, you should evaluate the performance of your website to make sure.

  1. Security

As a webmaster, it is your responsibility to protect your site from cyber-attacks and intrusion. While using a strong password and keeping your files up-to-date is essential, a reputable web host can also assist. In general, free web hosts provide little to no protection against cyber-attacks. They frequently contain security flaws that hackers can use to access hosted websites.

The good news is that numerous reputable web hosting services provide safe and secure hosting. And all of this comes at a very affordable price.

  1. No technical support

When you purchase hosting, you typically get a minimum of 24/7 help by email as well as live chat, with a few hosts also providing phone support. That matters since you’ll almost probably encounter a circumstance where you’ll need to be relying on that help. However, you typically receive no assistance while using WordPress hosting for free. Support is offered through a blog or another comparable platform. The ideal situation is restricted ticket assistance, with the majority of free servers relying on a local support forum.

Most free website hosting services have several restrictions, including customer care. Unfortunately, you won’t get much assistance from them in case your web pages go down. You’ll have to be figuring it out on your own. You will mostly be by yourself if you encounter any questions or mistakes while you wait for email assistance to answer.

  1. Impacts of SEO

Since it has been demonstrated that the website may experience slower loading times and more frequent outages, optimization for search engines may have a negative effect on your company. When you’ve invested in SEO, you are aware that building a strong internet presence takes time. In addition to losing what you have worked for, having your website taken down by your free hosting service will have a number of negative effects on your potential to rank first.

Google has established strict criteria for sites that desire to rank highly. Due to the above-mentioned drawbacks of hosting for free, your website will have a harder time ranking because it is of bad quality as per Google standards. When it comes to search engine results, you won’t be able to put your company on the map. This is a significant obstacle for your company. 

Professional, premium hosting providers give you complete control over your website, improved SEO, a real, professional domain, and a scalable website that grows with your business. When you select a reputable web hosting company, you help build your brand on Google search. And this means a better chance of success as you continue to push yourself and reach your full potential through your professional online presence and supportive, premium web hosting services.

  1. Discomfort In Custom Domain Connection

You don’t really receive all of the features you have to operate your page with free web hosting in comparison to premium dedicated web hosting. You will have to restrict yourself to a select few settings when putting up your website. You might not be able to locate the option to add your own domain, for instance. You may or may not have the authority over your own hosting or domain, based on service. You would need to continue to use a subdomain that the hosting company offers.

  1. Advertisement

Ads in general are disliked, especially those that don’t have anything to do with your needs. Additionally, choosing free site hosting is unwise for this reason. These advertisements make your website load slowly and provide users with a bad experience. On your smartphone, you have ever attempted to close an advertisement? Because you’re straining so hard to click the little ‘x’ at the corner, you will leave the website half of the time. In general, you have no influence over the advertising that shows up on your site.

The vast majority of the free internet services are made profitable by showing adverts. You develop the website and produce the material but they make money from the adverts. These commercials are frequently obtrusive, distracting, and ugly. What’s worse is that your clever rivals might be capable of paying these free web host providers to promote their blogs. Talk about undermining your own business.

  1. Insufficient Resources

Your resources most likely will get constrained while registering your webpage with a hosting service for free and have you on your toes. Every server will have a maximum amount of available RAM and storage. Any general website with more than three pages won’t be able to be supported by the available resources.

  1. Limitations In Transfer Of Webpages

The majority of free shared hosting providers have a sneaky way of including some confusing jargon in the service agreements. You have no control over your website, despite the fact that you might think so. Additionally, it’s likely that your hosting company will be the owner of all of your stuff.

This means that neither your website nor its contents or any of your creations may be sold. Think about being an artist or designer who displays photographs of their work on the website to attract clients. Once you did that, the regulations of your ‘unpaid’ hosting service take effect and you lose ownership of that data.

  1. Downtimes

Free providers often do not offer a 99.9% high availability but reliable premium web hosts frequently do. Those servers routinely fall offline during maintenance, whether from hardware issues or just general carelessness. Additionally, as already mentioned, reaching customer support will be challenging.


Before registering for such a web hosting provider, keep these things in mind. You should build your website from scratch with dependable, premium hosting and a genuine, branded name if you’re serious about it and wish to maintain it around for a while.


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