What Can Be Done With Linux VPS Hosting Services (Besides Website Hosting)

Whenever we come across the word ‘hosting’ in the technological world, we relate it only with website hosting. But that might not always be true and accurate. That is the reason why many business owners have to think of other options, like Linux hosting. On one hand, Linux hosting can be used to host a website, but it is not just for that. Linux VPS hosting can be used for multiple things, and one example of that is email hosting. Yes, you need a different hosting sometime for the email servers as well, because if they are not hosted, where will the data be stored, how will it interact? Things like email hosting wouldn’t have been as easy as they are without this option of VPS hosting. 

So, in this article, we will be talking about all the services that Linux VPS hosting provides us with, apart from website hosting. Many providers host their client’s emails on VPS because it is one of the most affordable and effective options that they can use. If you are a business owner or even if you are running a web development company, this article will tell you how you can use Linux VPS hosting for things other than website hosting.

Various Hosting Services Provided by Linux VPS

As mentioned earlier, Linux VPS hosting can be used for email hosting. It can also be used for file sharing. Now, these are just a few of the things that can be done with it. There are many more services and a variety of features that Linux VPS hosting comes with. In the following section, we have listed some of the important services provided. One needs to have detailed and proper information about these services to understand how Linux VPS works, and how you can use it to save more time and money:

1. Server Software Testing

Testing software on a physical operating system is done traditionally, but it would be way easier if you could do it over a server, for example, a Linux VPS server. You can test the efficiency of the software that your developers have made on the Linux VPS hosting servers. These are virtual servers where you can install your software, run it, check it for errors, and uninstall it. It is easy, and it saves you from making any changes to the physical machine that you use. Linux VPS hosting works great for software testing purposes.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Let’s discuss this by talking about the two most popular cloud-based CRM platforms- Salesforce and Zendesk. These two have made a mark in the world. Because of these platforms, a lot of companies are able to manage great relationships with their customers. Now, these can also be hosted over the Linux VPS hosting. Surprisingly, hosting CRM platforms is not as difficult as it might sound. Hosting any of your CRM platforms over this can be profitable for you and your organization. If you have a platform already, and you are just looking for a hosting solution, you can go for Linux VPS hosting.

3. Project Management

Every company wants some technical solution to help them manage the projects of their organization proficiently and with expertise. The solution to this is here- a Linux server where you can host a tool that can help the entire team working on a project to communicate effectively and provide them with something that will improve their chances of making a better product or providing a better service to their customers. It can only be done when everything is managed efficiently in the project. These types of web tools are used in agile management tasks. They can help teams collaborate. This type of hosting is neither tough to implement nor expensive to buy. Linux VPS hosting is a great option for these tools.

4. Social Networking

Social networking websites have a lot of censorship issues. That is why a lot of users are moving back to IRC(Internet Relay Chat) and the ‘Long-Tail’ methodology. Here, you can host something that is made for smaller communities that have common interests and something for the people who are passionate about the same things. It is a great way to build something unique and better for people who are wary of the new rules that mainstream social media platforms keep launching. You can get the best of it by hosting it on the Linux VPS. It will be efficient and within your budget.

5. Media Streaming

If you are someone who likes to stream videos from the comfort of your home and wish to start a video (or any other such type of media) streaming website, you can easily use the Linux VPS hosting services to host such an application. Youtube is one of the best examples of such a type of video hosting application. Video streaming is not new; it has been there for a very long time; only hosting such a website with Linux VPS was never considered as an option before. Some great free tools that you can use are also based on the same concept. One such tool that you can look up is OpenShot.

6. Collaborative File Editing

You might see a lot of tools online that allow you to collaborate with other people in the team on a document, slide, or video presentation or sharing. It is made possible by real-time file sharing and that can be done with the help of Linux VPS hosting. These are all web-based software used by people who are accessing the same file while being in different locations and on different devices. These tools help people to work on the same document and make changes to them, even at the same time, meanwhile saving all the changes for each user in real-time. There has been great advancement in the corporate world with tools like these. Editing files with the help of an online tool that is hosted over a Linux VPS is not just great for the business in terms of efficiency, but it is light on the pocket as well, as you don’t need to pay a lot for it.

7. Video Teleconferencing

Video teleconferencing has become very common in the past few years and even more so with the ongoing pandemic when everything is online. There are a lot of teleconferencing tools that you might have used till now, for example, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. These are the software that is now used frequently by companies to make team meetings possible. Now, such software can also be hosted over the Linux VPS. One of the best features of it is that if you don’t have to regularly use such apps, they can be accessed easily through the web. You can get your web teleconferencing website or web applications without much hassle or cost. 


To sum up, Linux VPS is a single platform that helps you host a variety of functionalities, thus making your work and management easier. We hope that you are now aware of the other services provided by Linux VPS hosting, apart from website hosting.  You can always have access to more features that might be profitable for your business through your Linux VPS hosting. It is important to use your resources to a maximum, to make sure you are growing at a faster pace.

How To Choose Between Managed & Unmanaged VPS Services

Like almost everything in the world, a business also starts with the same preliminary levels. It requires time, accurate decisions and lots of efforts to be maintained and grow further. If you have the right marketing strategy for your business then it will prove to be nurturing the cause. Initially, when you had started your business it is possible that the traffic might not have been a lot and that you only had a few visitors. With the advancement in your company, and hence, your website, the traffic may have increased or the existing resources may be inadequate now, or both. In both cases, you might want to upgrade your website infrastructure to the next level else it will affect the conversions.

A network created by VPS is a functional segment in the virtual private network. It is continuously expanding the possibilities for medium or small sized businesses. If you are running a small company or a medium enterprise, which is gaining enough popularity and requires major technical assistance, then VPS is always suggested. It allows the website to get security, bandwidth, and other server resources. Through a virtual private server, you get the facilities of dedicated software at very affordable prices. With the continuous evolution in the field of a virtual private server in the past few years, there has been an enormous growth in web hosting. If your business is growing through shared web hosting then this is exactly what you have planned. The other step which you need to take is to upgrade your website and make other necessary changes as well.

There will be a number of questions in your mind like what are the actual benefits of using VPS? What are managed and unmanaged VPS, and what is the difference? By the end of this article, you will find all of the solutions. Take a follow-up clearly and it will ease your decision of choosing any. Varieties of web hosting platforms are available for businesses to choose from. The major ones are :

In this hosting multiple websites are shared over the same server. It requires no specific technical assistance and it is affordable though it might lead to some security issues.

In this web hosting a single server is allocated to a single website. It requires an extremely high budget and is perfect for large companies or enterprises. There is no possibility of any security breaches in this web hosting.

The cause of managed and unmanaged virtual private servers arises from the same hosting segment. In this fragmentation of the server is done depending upon the number of websites so that each website can get an independent platform. It offers the best of both worlds by assuring security, along with affordability.

Managed Virtual Private Server

Under the managed virtual private server hosting you don’t have to deal with the technical assistance. The company has allocated the job to the service providers that will take care of the server configuration or maintenance. In case you don’t have much interest, knowledge or personnel, to handle the technology, then you can consider a managed VPS hosting for your website. In fact, if your company lacks technical expertise, then it might be a deliberate choice for you.

Managed VPS Handles The Following Services

Using a VPS network for web hosting is like opting for the autopilot solution. Once the server is configured you don’t have to deal with the technical issues at all. The services that are generally taken care of are:

  • Quick server backup
  • Software updation
  • Continuous monitoring for the server
  • Regular upgrades
  • Complete security against the breaches
  • Technical guidance regarding the server application and other queries as well.

Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting

Discussing particularly the business segments, not every firm has a strong hold on the technical expertise, and this is a major reason for which managed hosting is the best. It also supports the following additional features:

  • Automatic server monitoring and maintenance.
  • Boosting your server’s capacity to deal with the heavy traffic
  • Allowing high scalability in your network
  • Monitoring the various configurations.

Unmanaged VPS Service

In case you have a large enterprise and there are specific departments for everyone to deal with then you can go for the unmanaged VPS service. Right from the server configuration to server maintenance and updating the service, your firm has to handle it all. In the case of, malfunctioning of any hardware or software applications, its troubleshooting is also under your administration.

That is the reason you require heavy technical infrastructure and personnel, in order to manage an unmanaged VPS network. It is strictly not recommended for small business enterprises or for the beginners because it might lead to serious errors in case the knowledge is insufficient.

Benefits of Unmanaged VPS Networks

As the entire network is set up by the administrator you can customize it according to your requirements. It is also cheaper to buy as compared to managed VPS hosting. If you already have an experienced in-house technical team, then it might be a deal of profit for you.

Comparative Note

All of the specifications required for web hosting differ from company to company. If you are choosing managed VPS services then you can entirely shift your focus to your business development rather than the technical setup. It will save you from the configuration, setup or updating procedures. It is a little bit costly but worth the investment. Small or medium-sized companies are always recommended to opt for a managed VPS service.

If you are running a large company and your requirements shuffle every time then an unmanaged VPS service could be profitable for you. It requires certain technical assistance but you can manage it with ease. As no technical assistance is available from the service provider, you have to carry the installation and updating procedures all by yourself. Building the backups and prevention of the attacks are primarily included under it.

In this article, all the major advantages and loops are elaborated considering the requirements in web hosting. It all boils down to two deciding factors. One requires major technical assistance in exchange for better security and freedom, and the other requires a bigger budget, in exchange for the convenience. Both of them are equally dominating over the major business sectors as they have their own perks.