A Glance At Virtual Private Server And At Its Importance

VPS, also known as Virtual Private Server, is a type of operating system that works within a parent server. It uses virtual technology to provide private resources to other servers. In simple words, it uses virtual technology for splitting one server into multiple others. It is a cost-effective medium for businesses to get more flexibility and efficiency that can be received with shared hosting without expenses. VPS is just a server running under the main server. Each VPS is responsible for running its Operating System and can easily be rebooted independently. It is a virtual server, so it has a low price. Several companies provide Virtual Private Server services in the form of web hosting services. Web hosting is the best that can be done with a Virtual Private Server and for that, several companies provide such services.

How Does Virtual Private Server Work?

As mentioned above Virtual Private Server provides private servers to the users. The web hosting provider adds a virtual layer on our operating system that separates the different servers through virtual walls. With this, users can install the operating system of their choice. Now, as Virtual Private Server separates our files from other users, we can say that our server is private to us. This makes our website secure with server resources like CPU, memory, etc.

How Is Virtual Private Server A Great Choice?

Virtual Private Server offers customized solutions for the management of a business. Virtual Private Server is loaded with several features that make it better than other servers. Following are some features of Virtual Private Server.

  • It offers a choice of Operating System. So you can use the OS according to your requirements.
  • Server security is another great feature. It provides data management and visitor management features. Security is a crucial concern and Virtual Private Server offers excellent server security.
  • It is affordable as compared to the features available. You can access amazing features at a lower price.
  • Virtual Private Server is available with a control panel, disk space, RAM, backup features, and technical support of the Virtual Private Server service provider. For heavy traffic on the website, you can go for more heavy features.

How Can You Use A Virtual Private Server?

  1. Running a website with high traffic: Running a website is a very popular use of Virtual Private Server. VPS offers multiple resources for a website apart from shared hosting. You can have full control over our Virtual Private Server as you can easily add or remove software according to our requirements.
  2. Hosting a web server: You can use VPS for hosting servers. It is also one of the most common uses of Virtual Private Server as it can do anything an ordinary server does. Hosting servers is the best way to get the most out of your Virtual Private Server.
  3. Setting mail server: Most businesses pay different companies for using hosted emails. Virtual Private Server can be an incredible way to avoid these costs as it allows businesses to host their email server. This can be done even with the most basic Virtual Private Server operations.
  4. Free private backups: People often use cheap cloud-based storage for storing our work. If you are using a Virtual Private Server, you can use it for storing our files and important documents for absolutely free. You don’t need to pay for this.

Virtual Private Server Compared With Shared Hosting And Dedicated Hosting

  • Shared hosting: It is a common type of web hosting that works well for users. If you buy a shared hosting plan, you can get shared resources like RAM, Hard drive, and CPU. These resources will be shared by other website owners who are using the same server. Although there is some disadvantage of using shared hosting mostly because it is shared. For instance, if a website is facing a spike in traffic, it might affect your website too. But, of course, if the other website is facing an increase in traffic, you might get that.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is completely the opposite of shared hosting. Instead of sharing our server, you have our private server for your website. You can easily control your resources and can customize them according to your requirements. With dedicated hosting, you can get huge traffic on the website. It can help in actions like installing your operating system, handling financial transactions, etc. But the only issue is that it is expensive.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting: With Virtual Private Server hosting, there will be websites hosted on the same hardware as ours. But, our website will be confined to us only. You can get your operating system, CPU, scalable RAM, storage, etc. the best part about Virtual Private Server is you can get many benefits of dedicated hosting at a comparatively affordable price.

How Can Virtual Private Server Help?

The best thing Virtual Private Server can help you with is improving the performance of your website. It comes at an affordable price. Here are some actions in which a Virtual Private Server can help you.  

  1. Improved performance: Unlike shared hosting, where several users share the same server, VPS allows you to use your independent server. When you share servers, many times your performance gets affected because of other servers, so it’s beneficial to have an independent server. Another best thing about this is that you can receive huge traffic on our website. We can conclude that by using VPS, the performance of your site is not going to be affected by other websites.
  2. Scalability: Whether you own a small or a large business, you always want to increase the traffic on our website to increase your business. Traffic on the website can be a helpful medium in growing the business. You need a server to accommodate when your traffic level expands. A VPS can be a great choice for this. It can help in scaling all our operations without affecting the performance of the website.
  3. Low cost: Most businesses used to go for shared hosting because VPS was expensive. However, today with the advancement of technology, the cost of web hosting specifically decreased. Now, you can get a Virtual Private Server at a comparatively lower price. You can easily access a basic Virtual Private Server plan with the necessary resources that can be used to launch and operate a website at a reasonable price.
  4. Customer service: Online businesses are dependent on these servers. If any issue occurs with the hosting service it can directly affect the business. For such a situation, if you are using VPS, you can get a customer service representative who can help in resolving the issue. They also provide recommendations that can help in improving the business.
  5. Security: Security is the most concerning issue when dealing with technology. While using a shared server you might face a security threat. But, while using a Virtual Private Server you can ensure your safety. Your security will be in your control with Virtual Private Server as it is separate from other servers. So, no one can access our resources. Furthermore, you can add additional security tools like firewalls to keep the server safe.   
  6. Customizable: Virtual Private Server is extremely customizable. It offers the choice of features that you want. That means you can use all the features according to your requirements. Apart from features, you can also choose the Operating System of your choice.

When To Upgrade The Virtual Private Server Hosting?

If you are using Virtual Private Server Hosting and find the performance slow, that means it’s time for upgrading it. A website can be unreliable due to several factors. But, if the server is showing errors then there are a few things to check before upgrading it.

  1. First and foremost, you must optimize your content. Sometimes, applications require changes in their default settings to operate well. So, you must optimize it first before upgrading.
  2. Finding if there is something heavy on the site like excessive plugins or heavy images. Finding them or reducing their size can be a solution.
  3. If the server is performing well in the area of disc usage, load average, and memory, then it requires an upgrade.


Virtual Private Server hosting is the best medium to create a website better. As most businesses are shifting online, Virtual Private Server can be a great choice of server. Virtual Private Server comes with multiple customizable features and you can also choose the features according to your requirements. It has better availability of features as compared to other servers if you are searching for an affordable server. This makes VPS an incredible choice for small or new startups. Virtual Private Server is useful in increasing the website traffic and for storage of documents. It offers amazing security features and scalability. You can conclude that a Virtual Private Server can be a very helpful service for several businesses as it offers multiple features at comparatively lower prices.

Check These Add-Ons Before Buying Web Hosting for Your Website

One of the greatest things that we have observed over time is that people do have specific choices when they are selecting the type of hosting they want for their websites. For sure, hosting is something that everyone should think about seriously if they think that website is an integral part of their business. To be honest, in 2021, a website is the most important part of any business because of SEO. If you are not searchable on Google or any search engine that users prefer, there is no use of a website. And, if your website is searchable and is not running well if the server is not responding properly, you are damaging your business on your own. This is the reason why everyone should pay attention to specific details when deciding the hosting plan that is good for your website. 

So, in this article, we are specifically going to talk about the Addons you should be looking at when you are buying web hosting. There are multiple service providers that you can choose from. All of them have something special, and that is their USP. Today we will just broadly see which are those Addons that anyone who is going to buy a hosting plan in near future should know about.

Types of Hosting

The first thing that we need to know is the types of hosting that one can choose from. This is important as all of them have different features and limitations and that should be known to the users. Only once the user knows what is suitable in the broader category, they can go and find the addons. Let’s first get into the categories and know about different hosting in brief:

1. Dedicated Hosting:

Just as the name suggests, this hosting is dedicated to just one website or one user. There is no other user involvement in the server or any part of the hosting. This is the reason why people go for it and why it is the best-performing hosting service. The only drawback is that most of the time is not in the budget of the users. That creates problems but that is something that is not a worrisome issue as there are cheaper alternatives like VPS. You can read about it ahead.

2. Shared Hosting:

Just can be explained like the shared version of the dedicated hosting. The users have to share hosting for their websites. Everything gets shared when we think of this hosting type. This is something that divides everything. But, this is the perfect type of sharing for websites that are just entering the digital arena. This can give you the perfect start, but you will have to upgrade as you go ahead in the journey. Things can start getting different when you get more users when you have more data that has to be stored on the backend, and more. This is why, if you have an entry-level website, then this type of hosting would work perfectly for you.

3. VPS Hosting:

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting that can be used as a middle ground that users can find between the shared and the dedicated hosting. There are no other users but it, not a dedicated one. When the users want better facilities than the shared hosting and lower prices than the dedicated hosting, they go for VPS hosting. You get to operate a virtual server that works on top of a physical operating system. Here you can install different software and use it for the hosting as well. This is one of the best ways for businesses who want something good from their website but don’t have a lot of money.

4. Cloud Hosting:

Most people might not know what this exactly is but this is exactly what you are thinking. This is a website that is hosted over a cloud. Generally, what happens is that a website is hosted over a network of computers. Even the VPS is created over a physical operating system, and that is how it works. Here, in Cloud hosting, everything happens over the cloud. Data storage, other things, everything happens on the cloud, and the best part is that even if you lose your data, the cloud data recovery features can get it back for you. This is something that might not be possible when you are working on the normal servers. This might be the newest of the hosting services but it surely is worth all the hype that it has created in the world.

These were some of the hosting plans that we thought you should know about before you know about the Addons that you should be looking at. Now, when you know this, let’s move to the main part.

Add-Ons that You Should Look For When Buying Web Hosting For Your New Website

Addons are just some of the additional services that you get with the software or digital services that you buy. When you buy web hosting for your website, it is important to look at some of the things that can help your website. Below mentioned addons are not just important but necessary; without them, your website might not feel complete. 

1. SSL Certificate:

SSL or Secured Socket Layer certificate is important for any website. It is always offered whenever you buy a hosting plan but still, it is better that you check for it. Most hosting providers make sure that it is available for all users. This certificate encrypts all the information that is sent out from the website and it decrypts it only when it reaches the destination. In this sense, it saves it from any kind of intermediate interception. There can be modifications in the data that is being sent by the website owner if they don’t pay attention to it. Considering the importance of this certificate for the website, you should check for it every time you are buying a hosting plan or you are upgrading it to a better one.

2. Automated Backup:

It is always great if you have additional features that help you with automated backups. There might be situations when your website crashes, or it might get hacked and many other things. This is something that you should look for in the hosting plan.

3. Security:

The security of your website is important, and you need some addons that can take care of it.  This is important to maintain the credibility of the website. You may take user signups, and the security of all the information that they provide your website is your responsibility.

4. Business Email:

Business email hosting is really important. It tells your clients or customers that you are legit and also gives you a professional email setup. This can be used to interact with the team and send out communication from the point of the website.


These addons are just basics, and there are more add-ons that you can get when you buy web hosting plans for your brand new website. It is important that you look at all of them and then decide which ones can help you improve your website. Add whatever can improve your website’s performance and security. Web hosting is something that you need to pay attention to a lot, especially in 2021.

What Can Be Done With Linux VPS Hosting Services (Besides Website Hosting)

Whenever we come across the word ‘hosting’ in the technological world, we relate it only with website hosting. But that might not always be true and accurate. That is the reason why many business owners have to think of other options, like Linux hosting. On one hand, Linux hosting can be used to host a website, but it is not just for that. Linux VPS hosting can be used for multiple things, and one example of that is email hosting. Yes, you need a different hosting sometime for the email servers as well, because if they are not hosted, where will the data be stored, how will it interact? Things like email hosting wouldn’t have been as easy as they are without this option of VPS hosting. 

So, in this article, we will be talking about all the services that Linux VPS hosting provides us with, apart from website hosting. Many providers host their client’s emails on VPS because it is one of the most affordable and effective options that they can use. If you are a business owner or even if you are running a web development company, this article will tell you how you can use Linux VPS hosting for things other than website hosting.

Various Hosting Services Provided by Linux VPS

As mentioned earlier, Linux VPS hosting can be used for email hosting. It can also be used for file sharing. Now, these are just a few of the things that can be done with it. There are many more services and a variety of features that Linux VPS hosting comes with. In the following section, we have listed some of the important services provided. One needs to have detailed and proper information about these services to understand how Linux VPS works, and how you can use it to save more time and money:

1. Server Software Testing

Testing software on a physical operating system is done traditionally, but it would be way easier if you could do it over a server, for example, a Linux VPS server. You can test the efficiency of the software that your developers have made on the Linux VPS hosting servers. These are virtual servers where you can install your software, run it, check it for errors, and uninstall it. It is easy, and it saves you from making any changes to the physical machine that you use. Linux VPS hosting works great for software testing purposes.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Let’s discuss this by talking about the two most popular cloud-based CRM platforms- Salesforce and Zendesk. These two have made a mark in the world. Because of these platforms, a lot of companies are able to manage great relationships with their customers. Now, these can also be hosted over the Linux VPS hosting. Surprisingly, hosting CRM platforms is not as difficult as it might sound. Hosting any of your CRM platforms over this can be profitable for you and your organization. If you have a platform already, and you are just looking for a hosting solution, you can go for Linux VPS hosting.

3. Project Management

Every company wants some technical solution to help them manage the projects of their organization proficiently and with expertise. The solution to this is here- a Linux server where you can host a tool that can help the entire team working on a project to communicate effectively and provide them with something that will improve their chances of making a better product or providing a better service to their customers. It can only be done when everything is managed efficiently in the project. These types of web tools are used in agile management tasks. They can help teams collaborate. This type of hosting is neither tough to implement nor expensive to buy. Linux VPS hosting is a great option for these tools.

4. Social Networking

Social networking websites have a lot of censorship issues. That is why a lot of users are moving back to IRC(Internet Relay Chat) and the ‘Long-Tail’ methodology. Here, you can host something that is made for smaller communities that have common interests and something for the people who are passionate about the same things. It is a great way to build something unique and better for people who are wary of the new rules that mainstream social media platforms keep launching. You can get the best of it by hosting it on the Linux VPS. It will be efficient and within your budget.

5. Media Streaming

If you are someone who likes to stream videos from the comfort of your home and wish to start a video (or any other such type of media) streaming website, you can easily use the Linux VPS hosting services to host such an application. Youtube is one of the best examples of such a type of video hosting application. Video streaming is not new; it has been there for a very long time; only hosting such a website with Linux VPS was never considered as an option before. Some great free tools that you can use are also based on the same concept. One such tool that you can look up is OpenShot.

6. Collaborative File Editing

You might see a lot of tools online that allow you to collaborate with other people in the team on a document, slide, or video presentation or sharing. It is made possible by real-time file sharing and that can be done with the help of Linux VPS hosting. These are all web-based software used by people who are accessing the same file while being in different locations and on different devices. These tools help people to work on the same document and make changes to them, even at the same time, meanwhile saving all the changes for each user in real-time. There has been great advancement in the corporate world with tools like these. Editing files with the help of an online tool that is hosted over a Linux VPS is not just great for the business in terms of efficiency, but it is light on the pocket as well, as you don’t need to pay a lot for it.

7. Video Teleconferencing

Video teleconferencing has become very common in the past few years and even more so with the ongoing pandemic when everything is online. There are a lot of teleconferencing tools that you might have used till now, for example, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. These are the software that is now used frequently by companies to make team meetings possible. Now, such software can also be hosted over the Linux VPS. One of the best features of it is that if you don’t have to regularly use such apps, they can be accessed easily through the web. You can get your web teleconferencing website or web applications without much hassle or cost. 


To sum up, Linux VPS is a single platform that helps you host a variety of functionalities, thus making your work and management easier. We hope that you are now aware of the other services provided by Linux VPS hosting, apart from website hosting.  You can always have access to more features that might be profitable for your business through your Linux VPS hosting. It is important to use your resources to a maximum, to make sure you are growing at a faster pace.

When To Use Traditional VPS Hosting?

Cloud computing has set a significant impact on businesses all around the world. In the future time too, this technology will continue to evolve and maintain its usefulness. In a recent survey, it has been found that more than 60% of the total organizations are planning to increase investment in cloud services while only 6 percent plan to decrease the amount of investment in the next two to five years.

Cloud technology is growing at a very fast rate and changing most of the basic things in technology such as mobiles, TVs, games, watches and many more. There are multiple reasons why people are inclining more and more towards the cloud. Some of them are the economic advantage, agility, speed, scalability, independence of location, greater collaboration, greater uptime and many more. This is the reason why organizations are shifting from traditional methods of data storage and hosting to new technologies called cloud services.

Still, there are many organizations which prefer traditional VPS hosting rather than cloud VPS hosting. The reason being some important functionalities of this hosting service is that it is irreplaceable by the cloud. There are numerous advantages of traditional VPS hosting due to which many companies are willing to continue in the same service for a long time.

Working of a VPS network

Working of a VPS network

A server can be defined as a computer that acts as a web host and stores all files and databases needed for the website. Whenever an online visitor clicks on the web site’s URL to access it, their browser initiates a request to the server. Additionally, it transfers the necessary files through the internet network. With the help of VPS hosting, the website holder will be provided with a virtual server which can simulate a physical server. In real-time, several users share this machine at a time.

Traditional VPS hosting uses virtualization technology. The hosting provider adds a virtual layer to the operating system of that computer which is acting as a server. The main function of this layer is to divide the server into partitions so that each user can install their respecting operating systems and software.

Thus, a VPS or Virtual Private Server is both virtual as well as private when seen in a more detailed point of view. This server gives complete control to the user. It is distinguished from other users on the operating system level. In addition to that, VPS technology can be understood by the concept of Linux and Windows where the creation of partitions is done on the server computer when the user wants to run more than one operating system without a reboot.

When any user runs a VPS, it lets him/her set up the website in such a way that it resides within a secure container with some guaranteed resources. These resources may include memory, CPU, disk space and many more. The users don’t need to share these resources with each other. Along with VPS hosting, the user has the option to access the same root-level similar to that of any rented dedicated server. But it was less costly than any rented server.

Why use a VPS network?

Why use a VPS network?

VPS hosting can be the most suitable solution for those users if he/she needs only the described features. There are many other advantages of having a VPS network. Some of them are as follows:

  • A VPS hosting service is relatively faster as well as highly reliable as compared to a shared hosting server.
  • Most of the resources of the server such as memory or processing power comes with a guarantee. This gives the profit of minimal fluctuation in the available resources.
  • Issues like traffic surges and low connectivity of another server have no effect on the website.
  • Access of root or superuser to the server can be received.
  • Privacy is better in the VPS network. The reason behind this is the files and databases of a server are locked from other servers of the same operating system.
  • This network is relatively easy to scale. With the growth of a website, server resources such as RAM, CPU, bandwidth, disk space, etc. can be easily upgraded.

There are many other advantages added to these. VPS may be the conventional or old method of web server hosting, but in terms of reliability and security this is the most suitable one.

When to use the VPS hosting system

When to use the VPS hosting system

After the website grows, which means when it reaches a stable system and gains a certain number of visitors, the need for the VPS hosting system increases. It can be said that this is a further step which users generally take after a certain amount of growth of the website. With increased growth, it increases the need for the resources. VPS hosting system comes into play when this scenario happens. In such cases, VPS hosting gives the best features of both shared as well as dedicated hosting to make the server more usable and increase the number of resources.

Additionally, there are other situations where the need for VPS hosting increases. There are many websites which need VPS hosting right from the beginning. For example, eCommerce websites usually require surety about payments along with a fast as well as a stable environment. In this scenario, large benefits can be attained when a virtual private server is used rather than a shared or dedicated server hosting.

Additionally, if any kind of sensitive or payment-related data is stored or the user needs to process online payments, VPS is the most suitable option. It helps in reducing the risk of security breaches and identity theft.

There are some websites which experience traffic hike at certain times. For example, if the website is about event planning or related to selling of tickets, a VPS plan is the most suitable option. The reason behind this is that these kinds of websites experience a huge number of visitors on some special occasions, like wedding season or if some celebrity comes to visit and so on.

 Management of resources and price is efficiently done by VPS. Another very significant examples are game servers and other resources which can also increase their ability to run on a virtual private server than any other server present in the market as of now.

Alternative of VPS: Managed VPS

Alternative of VPS Managed VPS

One of the biggest drawbacks of VPS hosting is the pressure it puts on the user to manage the entire server environment by themselves. If the configuration and maintenance of a virtual server are not done well, serious security threats can affect the website and result in serious risks and performance loss.

Here, Managed VPS hosting services have evolved as a better solution for websites facing these problems. It comes with enhanced features and full technical support. This ensures additional management of risks for every website.

With the passing days, more and more Managed VPS service hosting providers are coming into the businesses to provide optimum service to the website holders.


VPS hosting gives so many powers to the users such as access to guaranteed resources as per the changing requirements of the website. Also, it gives full control to the user to run their own server. It is the best-suited solution for the website which has medium to high traffic, requires heavy resources from the server and all the eCommerce websites. Also, businesses that thrive a reliable, business-scale hosting environment at a price that is affordable, VPS is the best option to choose. Thus, website owners and developers must know when to use VPS server hosting and when to upgrade it to shared or dedicated hosting services.

Hosting For Freelance Developers: PaaS, VPS, Cloud, and More

For small business platforms, developers for startups, virtual private servers are good to go. But if the business is going significantly then nothing can challenge the services and scalability offered by the cloud. PaaS is also an attractive option for consistent developers and business platform especially if they intend to collaborate with various freelance developers globally.

Let us learn about the hosting plans suitable for freelance developers in brief,

Virtual private server (VPS)

The hosting plans of the virtual private server are significantly getting cheaper as compared to the traditional servers. They are easily available within the expected budget for individual developers or any other startup application platform. In major aspects, VPS hosting fits into the shared hosting strategies and dedicated hosting strategies as it offers the midrange choice for huge projects and experienced professionals. It better suits to the individuals who do not require cloud platforms of dedicated hosting plans or hardware. It may get you a virtual dedicated server rather than a real server which gives you access to control and receive the benefits associated with the dedicated hosting plans.

It’s the only downside is that the developer needs to know everything about server administration, organization, and management. Though an unmanaged virtual private server is a pocket-friendly option, if you ever run into trouble it may turn into expensive. So, a managed VPS is a better choice for developers who are not sure about the server administration and not confident enough to handle it solely.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

The platform as a service refers to an entire virtual software development framework which allows other developers to create ready to go projects. With this service, the service providers can easily take care of the maintenance regarding hardware and software and they can also receive the latest updates regarding the installation of components without any trouble. It becomes an interesting option for startups as the developers can easily access PaaS and work on their projects instantly. A large number of PaaS solutions have enhanced the collaboration services for the team so that the development team can work from any location having internet access without any barriers.

These solutions are reliable for rapid application development along with involving plenty of remote developers for the project. The downside of using PaaS service is that it includes the risks of vendor lock-in and the chance of its downtime. This service is even costly then IaaS and a large number of vendors charge for the service on a regular basis. In order to choose the perfect service, you can refer to the free trials to understand how they can fit your requirements.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

The infrastructure as a service provides the user with multiple virtual computing infrastructures like bandwidth manager, firewalls, servers, storage, IP address pools and so on. it is an attractive option for small businesses looking for options to minimize their capital investment in the infrastructure. It is important to understand that IaaS solutions only provide the virtual computing hardware to the users but the rest is on the shoulders of the developer’s light installing the operating systems, frameworks or software. In its service model, the benefits are associated with scalability along with the dynamic scaling.

Its only downside is that it includes the risks of service provider downtime and there is no other high-level regulation over the infrastructure facilities. They are comparatively cheaper than PaaS where the vendors usually asked the customers to pay as you go service and the developers will only pay for the resources which are used in real life.

Cloud hosting

This is one of the most acknowledged web hosting services which is equally available for small business as for large business platforms. It has the potential to provide support to the web-server network along with the management of software components which is derived from big data operations. There is a variety of cloud hosting plans and services where each of them is unique and well suited for the company requirements. It gives enough options to the programming team to develop their services and the fundamental advantage is that they provide only the pre-installed web-server supports to their customers. It also allocates better storage, CPU core and input-output process to the websites rather than shared hosting services and allowed the users to scale more resources according to the traffic requirements on-demand. Cloud hosting ensures that the website always remains under decent traffic conditions and provides faster load time under any circumstances.

The only downside is that sometimes the developers or system administrator may not have enough flexibility to change the software installation to build better custom solutions. Still, some of its plans are available as pay-as-you-go approaches just like the former hosting service.

Liquid web Cloud service

This service is a perfect example of the availability of enterprise-grade solutions offered by cloud hosting platforms along with elastic scalability for developers for small business platforms. The major advantage is that they are cheaper as well as powerful as compared to the dedicated servers. This service is designed precisely to optimize the overall performance of the websites and to be more scalable. Its hosting plans are cheaper than many of the dedicated server hosting plans and it can scale the traffic to the peak. The liquid web cloud services are equally important for The E-Commerce websites and it can scale the support up to 500 billion requests annually on the annual fixed prices. It can also illustrate the strategy of cloud hosting platforms to replace the dedicated servers for web publishing, social media, mobile applications or e-commerce.


The critical aspect of web hosting for the business platforms is to gain an ability to install a custom software platform supporting the required third party e-applications. If you are looking for the best and well-suited hosting plan for developers then there is no certain answer for this. The reason is that there are various factors which you must take into consideration and it becomes nearly impossible to suggest any one size fits all solution for such instances. Until you know the requirements, it may boil down the ultimate value for time as well as money.

When To Use A Virtual Private Server

If you are looking for your website to get noticed and run in sequence then the only thing which can help is web hosting. At present, there are multiple terminologies related to it and most of them are likely to be perceived complicated by non-IT folks. But the one which can be extremely confusing for you is virtual private server or VPS.

VPS or virtual private server is actually the non-physical segment of your hardware. The server is the medium through which you can store and access all of the data, files or documents constituting your website. Say for example, if you want your website to appear first when any user types your domain name in their browser. The server provides the framework to your website and holds it. You can also say that a virtual private server is a constitution of multiple individual servers functioning more or less differently. Through term private server you can justify the same meaning “private”. It gives you complete access towards your data and you don’t need to share any of your hardware or data with other users for the same domain.

Complete Brief Of The Virtual Private Server

VPS or virtual private server is like breaking a complete network into individual and independent segments so that multiple users can use the same equipment, with equal access. The breakage leads to the individual machines which are known by the name “virtual machines”. Sometimes the most trusted service can be fragmented into 5 partitions. As a virtual private server is totally reserved for your functionality, it gives you overall secrecy.

Every company owner is always on the hunt to fetch the best results and perfect web hosting services to boost production. At Super Byte Hosting we provide easy management for your data and entire control over the scalability.

The Beneficial Prospect Of A Virtual Private Server

Why not take a complete package of security, cost savings, private and balanced service. There are plenty of benefits which you can get from a virtual private server in your organization. We believe in providing you the best out of it. The major ones are:

  • Equal cost for the number of services
  • The entire server setup is very quick and instant
  • Provides more control with access to good server
  • Private and reliable connection
  • Combination of dedicated servers for the equity in services, in order to host the server, mail server or DNS
  • It also allows you to the most number of websites and online platforms
  • Provide to the backup services
  • You can easily monitor the servers
  • You can host a number of web applications

When Is The Exact Time To Use VPS

You actually have to consider virtual private servers for your website when you have already exceeded the formal hosting plans for your website. It can get worse when you are hosting a number of websites with huge or even, above-average traffic. You can get an enormous amount of benefits from virtual private service as it has a direct impact on web hosting. When anything is installed in your network then it automatically affects all of the users which generates the need to customize the server. Apart from it, there can be plenty of reasons and causes where you can switch to VPS. The most important and mandatory ones are mentioned below:

  1. In case you need speed

Most of the websites face long periods of inaccessibility after it has been updated. In case your domain is run by the intensive database accession and execution then you can expect time to be a little bit longer. In case you need to boost the speed, you can definitely upgrade your plan.

  1. If you are facing a shortage of resources

Getting a continuous popup of server errors actually means that your website is not available to the viewers or visitors. You might not be having sufficient memory on your server and in that case you have to immediately switch to the web hosting.

  1. In order to enhance the security

There are a number of attackers or hackers who are effortlessly trying to get access to the websites. If you are amongst the one whose website has been attacked previously then you can imagine how worse things could be. This situation compels you to rely upon the trustable and generous resources to maintain the security of the website.

  1. Distinguishable operating systems

When you need to install any of the specific operating systems on your devices then VPS will definitely help you do it, another reason to switch to it.

  1. To generate maximum traffic

In case you are new to the web and you want to experience the maximum traffic for your website then in this scenario, you can switch to the VPS. The vice versa of this fact will also be adequate in order to meet the requirement. In case you’re experiencing large traffic and your server is continuously crashing, then you can upgrade or switch to the virtual private server. When the servers are unable to handle a large amount of traffic then it causes the website to function slowly, or even crash in some cases.

  1. To end up the issue of server errors

If a continuous pop up of unavailable services or inaccessible service errors appear on your screen then you really need to fix it up. Sometimes there might be an internal error in the server which generates this kind of issues for your websites which ultimately leads to the loss of the potential viewers.

  1. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly solution

If you want to get a number of amenities on a limited budget then the virtual private server can be a big relief.

Without focusing much over any sophisticated server setup or any other hardware, a virtual private server provides scalability for your web hosting. You can also assume that VPS is not exactly a server but it is a doppelganger. It acts as a dedicated server in fragments providing the independent access to the users. Extending the support for major web hosting services and languages, VPS has become more reliable. With us, at Super Byte Hosting you can get the optimal VPS solutions.

What Should Your Business Invest In: Shared, VPS Or Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to business, web hosting must not be complicated because all you really need for your website is to run fast, avoid crashes, and to appear in the top search results. Keeping aside your manual efforts for your business, the role of your web hosting provider will also be immense in managing your online visibility. Without the appropriate content and management, your website will be outnumbered and it will create a negative impact on the size of your audience as well. If you don’t get the right technology, then even maximum efforts may lead to dissatisfactory results.

In web hosting, you have to make your choice, among the options of shared, dedicated or VPS considering your requirements. Your business might need extreme security, more visibility, scalability, minimum resources, the fastest speed to run or a number of other things also. All of the above-mentioned situations are different and after knowing them in detail you would be able to make the best decision. Get a brief of web hosting.

Why is web hosting so important

Starting with a simple fact, that around 3 billion internet users are actively spending most of their time on online platforms and resources. In this case, a website standing alone will not fulfill the requirements and will lose the competition from other potential websites. Every business platform requires a medium through which their websites appear earlier to the users or viewers than their competitor’s website. It is difficult to choose which web hosting you should prefer for your business platform as there are many options available. Through the end of this guide, you will understand the exact need of your website and will be able to make decisions regarding the same.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting deals with multiple websites followed on a single server. It is a cost-effective hosting solution where all the websites can share and utilizes each other’s presence. You can also ask for shared hosting if you are not a Pro in technology because the provider you are allocating the job will take care of the administration and its upgradation.

Who is the most suitable for Shared Hosting

The website shares the same server with other websites as well it is better for small businesses. The business platforms associated with blogging or corporate can deal with it. Basically, it is the most economical hosting strategy. If you have a small business or enterprise having limited viewers then you can choose this option.

Perks of using shared web hosting

  • Less Breakdown cost: Cost-effectiveness is the most preferred reason for shared web hosting. As the server is equally divided into a number of websites, the amount is distributed as well.
  • Convenient to use: in case you are setting up your website for the first time or upgrading it into a new one then shared hosting is the best option. It also offers a very simple yet efficient solution which will best fit into your requirements.
  • An amazing performance – on the terms of performance shared hosting will never let you down.

Dedicated hosting

Imagine if a single server belonged to your website and for your online platform tough it can be done by purchasing or renting it. There is no risk of security issues because the bandwidth is not shared anyway. It is the best medium to host the website and traffic continuously. It promotes the association with a single website or a single client so there is no point of the collision.

Who is the most suitable to use dedicated hosting

If your business is extremely large and you have a high number of viewers in a day for your website then dedicated hosting is best for you. Dedicated hosting requires two basic things, i.e., higher technical knowledge and a larger budget.

Perks of Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated hosting enables you to utilize all of the resources available on your server and drag it towards productivity.
  • It also prevents you from any of the worst neighboring websites affects or crashing.
  • Through dedicated hosting, you can easily customize your website and modify its codes.
  • It also provides the maximum speed possible as the server is dedicated towards a single segment.

VPS Hosting

Knowing carefully about the shared and dedicated hosting we can assume that VPS provides a middle ground to both of them. As one deals with extreme while the other is totally different through VPS hosting you get a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. The virtual private server performs the segmentation of a server into multiple sections so that every website gets a reliable platform.

Who are the most suitable for VPS hosting

If you need a robust and totally ethical system for your web hosting program then the virtual private server can fulfil your requirement. It is best suitable for medium-sized businesses where most of the outputs and inputs are average in number. All those who are struggling between shared and dedicated web hosting can opt for VPS hosting as it is totally affordable and worth.

Perks of VPS hosting

  • Optimal speed – VPS provides the fastest speed to your small businesses because the resources are not being shared with another server. It also decreases the bounce rate and gathers maximum traffic.
  • Security – VPS hosting features the extreme of security and have customization towards it.
  • Scalability and flexibility – the settings can be customized considering the requirements of your business.


If you don’t give a lot of attention to web hosting then you might fall into the wrong pit. All the aforementioned web-hosting techniques have their own pros and cons. You have to make the most appropriate and economical decisions out of it. Choosing the web hosting program also depends upon the scale of your business:

  • If it is small-sized then you can choose shared web hosting.
  • If yours is a medium-sized business or enterprise, then VPS hosting is best for you.
  • If your business is extremely huge and requires lots of resources then only dedicated web hosting can provide satisfactory results.

Host in India

Hosting is essential for running any website successfully. Web hosting has a number of benefits like reduced loading time, increase the number of visitors at affordable costs. There are several hosting companies in India that provide web hosting for small and large businesses. SuperByte hosting is one of the most popular hosting companies in India. We expertize in web hosting, domain providing, and reseller hosting. We also give you a number of other services that are ideal for building a strong website. Our services for hosting also included dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. These are the most reliable hosting services for companies.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is the most promising server for any business. But it is costlier than all other web hosting servers. This is because it has plenty of benefits that cannot be obtained in any other hosting service. Indeed you get complete freedom over most of the hardware specifications and RAM as well. You can manage and modify data anytime you want. Additionally, at Super Byte Hosting, you can get features like seamless connectivity as we provide a network uptime of 99.95%.

We have a highly experienced in-house support team who can help you with any hosting issue. We have dedicated servers for both the OS which is Windows and Linux. We provide you with support for ASP.NET and MSSQL for Windows. PHP and MySQL support for Linux. We use a very strong dedicated server that is capable of delivering superior performance

Dedicated servers promo plans

Our dedicated server comes with HIPPA and PCI compliance. The dedicated server being the fastest server, we guarantee to keep your resources safe and give the ultimate performance. To accomplish that we have come up with four promotional, dedicated server plans. We have mentioned them below.


This is the first plan for a dedicated server and is one of the best selling servers from Super Byte Hosting. The starting price for this dedicated server plan is $135 for a month. It comes with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage space. We provide 10 TB bandwidth to keep all your data safe and promote the safe running of the website. This is accompanied by a 2.40 GHz frequency. Also, it is provided with the Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3. There is also 1 IP provided along with the package.


The next plan is available for $140 per month with an Intel Xeon E3-1230 V5. The bandwidth is 10 TB, RAM of 16 GB and storage space of 1TB. This dedicated server comes with a frequency of 2.40 GHz. There is 1 IP in this package too.


PROMOIN3 dedicated server plan starts from a range of $155 per month. This is available with Intel Xeon E5-2630 which is better than the previous ones. There is 32 GB RAM along with 1 TB storage space. The bandwidth is 10 TB and the frequency is 2.45 GHz. There is one IP provided in this plan.


This is the last plan from SuperByte hosting. This is mostly preferred by large businesses. The starting price is from $160 per month. There is an Intel Xeon E5-2665 with 32 GB storage space. It also comes with 10 TB bandwidth and a frequency of 2.45 GHz. This plan gives you a storage space of 1 TB and with 1 IP.

VPS Server

VPS is a powerful server for your business as you can easily incorporate all your business tasks within this platform. It is known to reduce the expenses for IT in your organization. It helps in improving your efficiency with increased levels of security. There is an option with the VPS server that manages the server effectively. You need not worry about the infrastructure management of your server in this model. It is a virtual server that acts just like a physical server. It enables you to download and use any OS or application.

SuperByte hosting provides different VPS server connections for you. This will include Linux VPS, Windows VPS, reseller VPS and more. We provide these services for countries all over the world. We promise to maintain the same quality of performance and security with all services. We include all the features of VPS in every package so that you get maximum benefits.

VPS server plans

 We have clubbed some of the best features available with us for the VPS server and have created 6 packages for cheap VPS servers in India. Here is a list of the server plans we provide.

1. SSD1

This package is available at just $30 per month with a storage space of 25 GB SSD. We provide one core CPU and network speed of 100 Mbps. There is also a transfer option for up to 2000 GB. We also give you DDoS protection for 1 Gbps.

2. SSD2

Startingat $50, this is a plan with a storage of 50 GB SSD. There are 2 core CPU in this plan. The rest of the features like DDoS protection, network speed, and transfer are the same as SSD1.

3. SSD3

You get this for $80 per month with 4 Core CPUs, 4 GB memory and 80 GB SSD storage. The transfer range is 2000 GB along with a network of 100 Mbps. It also comes with DDoS protection of 10 Gbps.

4. SSD4

SSD4 is available for $90 per month with a 6 GB memory and 6 Core CPU. The storage space is massive with 150 GB SSD. There is a 2000 GB transfer, a 10 Gbps DDoS protection with a network of 100 Mbps.

5. SSD5

There is 8 Core CPU with an 8 GB memory. It comes at $110 per month and the storage space is 250 GB SSD. The transfer and network speed remain the same as the others. While you get a 10 Gbps DDoS protection with this package.

6. SSD6

You can buy this at $145 per month with a 12 GB memory and 10 Core CPU. This plan gives you storage for 500 GB SSD. The DDoS protection is 10 Gbps. The transfer and network speeds are 2000 GB and 100 Mbps respectively.