These Tips Will Help You While Naming Your Business or Blog

“Naming something is never an easy job, it requires a lot of thinking”. Almost everyone must have struggled with the process of naming something at some point in time. Likewise, when it comes to naming a business or blog, you are supposed to be very careful as that name must stand out and be unique too. Naming a business or blog can be very time consuming and can cause frustration as well. To attract consumers and gain popularity, coming up with an amazing brand name is a necessity. 

Studies show that almost 77 percent of the entire population carries out a purchase based on the brand name. Now you know why having an excellent brand name is crucial. The brand name gives clients a picture of what they can expect inside that particular business or blog.

Mentioned below are some of the major key points to remember and consider while naming your business or blog:

Tip 1 – What Should The Name Convey?

Make sure that the brand name suits the product or the service provided. If the brand name is relevant to the company’s products or services they perform, they tend to attract more clients and customers. For instance, through the name “Paw Sitter” it is easily understood what type of service they carry out and to whom they perform the service. In this case, the is a business where your furry pets will be pampered and taken care of when you are away. Having names that are suitable to their business or blog gives them a huge advantage to gain popularity. Take enough time and do not run into picking one. 

Tip 2 – Keep It Precise, Simple With Fewer Syllables

Companies with single-word brand names are admired for their simplicity and remembered by all. Also, make sure that your name does not have a complex spelling, always make it easy for your soon-to-be clients. If your brand name is a mouthful, it is going to be hard for others to use it. 

If the customers find the name a little difficult to spell or pronounce, likely, they won’t promote either your business or blogs much. Remember to make sure that the name rolls right out of their tongue!

Tip 3 – Know The Meaning!

If you are going to make use of a word from a different language, make sure to do a little background check to see if that word might mean something offensive or vulgar, in other countries. You can invent new words for your business or blog name but it will make customers take a longer time to get used to those words. They will most likely require a large marketing and promoting campaign in order to bear great results. And never use an offensive word or a word that has a negative meaning as the brand name, if you do so you can be sure that it will be hated by the clients and it will not become popular. 

Tip 4 – Showcase Creativity

Take enough time to think it through. Spend quality time coming up with an innovative name. Be creative in deciding the name. Do not use common words as they don’t attract many customers. Avoid making use of plain blunt words. 

Tip 5 – Be Open To Reviews

Ask around your close friends and family members about the names you have selected. Do they like it? Do they not? Can they pronounce it correctly? Are they able to write the right spelling? Get answers to all these questions. 

Also, make sure that no other business or blog has the same name that you have chosen. You can do a quick google search to find out if there is any other business or blog out there with a similar or the same name. Selecting the most suitable name for your business or blog is your responsibility.

Tip 6 – Flexible Brand Name

In case you own a candle store and you name your business “JaneDoe’s Candle house”. When you want to expand your business and sell perfumes and other gift products, your business would have to change its name for the clients to know that you are not just all about candles. It is a difficult process to change the brand name. 

It is even more difficult, if the previous name was a popular and reputed one, changing the name becomes a huge drawback. So to avoid such scenarios it is better to keep a name that is flexible and applies to all the transitions that you might make in the future.

Tip 7 – Wordplays Should Be Avoided

Wordplays are often known to be entertaining, funny, and may sound playful. The words are easy to memorize. But it is advised to not use such words as they may not seem professional. Using wordplay as a brand name is not preferred as it might impact your business or blog in a negative manner.

Tip 8 – Name Along With A Tagline

The tagline is often referred to as a short phrase or a catchy motto. The tagline can be added along with the brand name. It will help the customers, to paint a clear picture of what your business or blog does and what you will offer. Incorporating a tagline in the business or blog website along with visiting cards, etc will increase the popularity as well.

Few examples of successful taglines:

  • L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”
  • McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It”
  • Burger King – “Have It Your Way”
  • Apple – “Think Different”

All these taglines are short and straightforward. They give a nice ring to the brand name too. 

Tip 9 – Make Sure No One Else Is Using Your Name

You can not use an already existing name for your own business or blog. Every brand name is supposed to be unique and plagiarism free. Using someone else’s brand name is illegal and they can press charges against you, so never do that. 

Tip 10 – Keep An Eye On “Faux pas”

A faux pas can be defined as a social blunder like an embarrassing situation similar to many brand names out there that have a funny meaning. Make sure that name you have selected does not have any hilarious meaning to it. 

Bonus Points 

Here are some additional tips you should think of while naming a business or a blog. 

  • Make sure that the brand name suits the functionality of the business or the blog. Keeping irrelevant names will not make the company stand out. 
  • Have a lot of group discussion while coming up with the name. 
  • Though names can be changed later, it is better if you just stick to that one unique name. “Do not fall for a trendy name”. Remember trends change and the name of your business does not. 
  • Keep it brief! so that it’s easy to understand and hard to forget. 
  • Do not use blunt words as it won’t attract clients. 

These tips will help in selecting the best brand name that suits your business or blog, which will eventually make them popular and widespread across countries. 

“Brand names become your legacy, so choose wisely!”.