COVID-19 Prevention Measures

The world is going through the worst phase. No one ever thought that they would have to stay locked inside their homes. There is a war going outside and the only way to win this is, not to get involved in this and stay away. This is something that most people are not actually getting, they are not realizing the risk. They go out and they don’t only put their lives at risk but also become dangerous for everyone they meet after that.

The Current Global Situation

The governments of the countries are trying their level best to control the spread of this virus. Even after so many efforts, the virus is still spreading like wildfire. Italy, Spain and the USA are facing the worst in the world and everyone is praying that they don’t get where they are. The main reason why these countries are facing such bad conditions is their negligence towards the virus. Italy took it very lightly and at this point has the most number of dead people all over the world. There are many countries who locked their countries down totally after seeing the effect of the virus on the countries that took it lightly. India took the decision very soon and is still facing a few challenging conditions. India is still in better condition than other countries in the world and is following the total lockdown phase during this pandemic. By following some proper precautions and safety measures, we can save ourselves and our family from this deadly virus.

Important prevention measures to take during COVID-19

Prevention measures than can be taken to stop coronavirus and prevent it from spreading are as follows:

1. Cleaning hands at regular intervals

Cleaning hands at regular intervals

This is very important. The main reason how anyone can get this infection is through their hands and if they touch their face. We touch many things with our hands and no one knows what is clean and what carries the virus. It is important to wash hands at regular intervals with soap for at least 20 seconds. 20 seconds is the time which takes to completely disinfect the hands. If people are at a place where they don’t have soap and water then they can also use hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers are not needed when you are inside the home, they are only when you are out. By the way, it would be better if you can avoid going out in the first place for some days. It is important for everyone because a human might not get too affected but can affect some others badly. It is deadly for small kids and old citizens. Youngsters taking this lightly might become murderers of innocents if they don’t stop themselves.

2. Avoiding close contact

Avoiding close contact

It is advised to stay at least a meter away from even the family members. If going out to buy essentials then also keep a distance from other people standing there. No one is sure, the person standing next to in line might be the carrier of the virus and that is why it is better to stay away. Everyone needs to follow social distancing at this point in time. Even the doctors are saying this, social distancing is the best way to stop the spread of this virus. Stay inside your house, if fever and cough are the symptoms, isolate and wait for a medical assistant. Don’t meet anyone who is ill. There are people who are not following this and they might have to pay something that they will not be able to afford.

3. Covering mouth and nose

Covering mouth and nose

Whenever a person is going to meet someone it is better to cover the mouth and nose. It is not certain that everyone that a person will meet will be totally fit. There are chances that someone will sneeze and it is proven that this virus can travel to some distance in the form of water droplets. It is advised to keep a face mask handy and use N95 masks to stay safe. Covering mouth and nose is important mainly when the person knows that they are going to a place where the virus has already been found. If they are in a place which is safe from the virus then face masks are not mandatory.

4. Covering while coughing or sneezing

Covering while coughing or sneezing

This is something which people need to adapt to their life. While sneezing or coughing if they cover their mouth and nose with their hands they collect the germs in them. It is basic human nature that we touch our face with our hands when we feel even a bit of irritation. In the case of coronavirus, we might harm ourselves or might transfer them to anyone else. It is better to keep the virus away from hands as much as possible. Covering our nose and mouth with our elbow will make sure that it does not get transferred to anyone else.

5. Disinfecting and cleaning

Disinfecting and cleaning

It is extremely essential to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. There are many surfaces at home, or in the workplace, which are touched by people the whole day. These may include tables, knobs of doors, light switches, countertops, handles, phones, laptops, keyboards, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, taps and so on. Cleaning the surfaces with normal water may not disinfect it properly. In this scenario, common household disinfectants can work. Another option is to use bleach. By diluting the household bleach in a proper manner so that it does not damage the product as well as the user and the surfaces can be disinfected.

Frequent cleaning makes it tough for the virus to stay there for longer times. Users can also use cleaners which are alcohol-based and must have 70 percent alcohol in them. It is important to follow the instructions as well as other details of manufacturers such as concentration, application method, contact time and many more while using these cleaners.

Final Thoughts

This time is tough, but not inevitable. Through proper precautions and care, we can overcome this pandemic and be the heroes of the world. The most important thing right now is to be aware, positive and extremely careful. These simple steps can lead to restricted spreading and even elimination of the virus from the world.