Free SSL Or Paid One – What Suits Your Business?

An original SSL certificate can be obtained only from the certificate authority (CA). This certificate is mostly used to offer security for all the communications that are carried out through the internet. Most people find it hard to choose between a free and a paid SSL certificate. But you can not blame them as the process is not actually simple. There are various aspects that should be taken into consideration before selecting one. All the aspects should be analyzed carefully before picking one.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The secure sockets layer certificate is known as a certificate in digital form that is used to authenticate the identity of the website and enables a secured connection that is encrypted. This is a security protocol that forms an encrypted connection that lies between the web browser and the web server. SSL certificates are also used to verify the owner of a particular website. This prevents attackers from creating fake versions of the website. 

Features To Consider Before Choosing An SSL Certificate

As you read through, you will come to know about the five major features which you should look into before choosing between a free and paid SSL certificate for your business. You will come to know about what additional features will be provided by free and paid certificates.

  • Types Of SSL Certificates 

There are two types of SSL certificates. Free and paid. A free SSL certificate offers basic features, like domain validation. But reputed companies that are trustworthy do not offer free SSL certificates. Though a free SSL certificate offers domain validation, Paid SSL certificates offer a warranty along with it.

Websites with high traffic and increased popularity should make use of paid SSL certificates. Also, websites that have increased online presence and do large digital activities should be preferred, to make use of paid SSL certificates. This is one of the basic features you should consider before choosing between paid or free SSL certificate for your business.

  • Degree Of Validation

Free SSL certificates can be obtained without any authentication procedure, getting an online free SSL certificate can be done in a few simple steps. This results in putting the reputation of your business in jeopardy. 

Whereas, a paid SSL certificate can not be obtained with a few simple steps. In order to obtain a paid SSL certificate, several verification processes should be undertaken by the certificate authority (CA), only if the documents produced for verification are proved to be authentic, you will be able to receive the SSL certificate. The validation process takes place online mode and is conducted in a very secure environment.

  • Level Of Trust

Free SSL certificates are not trusted by many, as they are not considered to be reliable as they are not received by the certificate authority. Moreover, they do not have any guarantee and so do not provide a warranty either. In short, no one will prefer a certificate that was obtained without any authentication process.

But paid SSL certificates are not like that. They are issued directly by the certificate authority (CA). The certificate authority provides a warranty to the certificates for a specific period of time. They provide a customized URL for a specific company based on the company’s name. They also improve the popularity of the site by providing them with seals. You can not expect these features in a free SSL certificate.

  • Duration Of Validity

Free SSL certificate often expires within 30-90 days from the date of issuing. The user will have to renew the certificate very often. But when you purchase a paid SSL certificate, it is known to be valid for years. Mostly for a year or two, and with a warranty it can be replaced and repaired as well. 

  • Warranty

A warranty is a guaranteed statement that will be issued by the authorizing party of any company or enterprise. This can also be viewed as a promise that the party providing the warranty would exchange or fix the item they gave you within a set time frame.

When you obtain an SSL certificate for free, you will not receive any warranty. Without a warranty, if something goes wrong you can not make it right. This is considered to be a huge drawback while making use of a free certificate. Paid SSL certificate on the other hand has huge advantages as it has a provided warranty along with the original certificate. So, when it comes to warranty, paid SSL certificates are the go-to.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is a must-have. When you find yourself lost or with a lot of questions regarding the purchased product, the support team is where you reach out. These teams will be available to provide service whenever you want. They are present twenty-four seven. 

It is an obvious fact that, that there will be no assistance provided for an SSL certificate that was obtained free of cost. Whereas, when you purchase paid certificates, you will be offered excellent customer support. The technical support team will be present to guide you through the way and they will be technically strong to clarify your doubts regarding the product. 


As you read through all these, it is clearly known that paid SSL certificates are far better than free SSL certificates. Paid certificates have a warranty and support team that will be of great use to its clients. The seal that will be provided will also increase its popularity among users. So, it is safe to say that “Go with the paid SSL Certificate”. They are reliable and known to be trustworthy. You will never be able to get a warranty for a free certificate and you can not replace these certificates in case something goes wrong. 

It is better to not make use of these, as they are not trusted by the users. If you have high hopes and plans for your website’s future, purchase a paid SSL certificate from the certificate authority after legally completing all the verification processes.