Advantages Of cPanel As A Reseller Hosting Account

cPanel is one of the most popular hosting control panels. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for not just webmasters but resellers as well. Using cPanel for your reseller hosting account has numerous advantages. This article will go through some of the many features of the product and also the reasons why it is so popular among the users who desire an easy interface to work with. 

Reseller hosting is one of the most straightforward ways to launch your own web hosting company. You just purchase hosting resources from a well-known parent web hosting firm, rebrand, bundle, and then subsequently trade it off to interested consumers.

A Glance At cPanel

cPanel is a robust control panel that allows you to easily manage your web hosting server. It’s extremely common among shared hosts, where it’s the default solution offered by the majority of low-cost servers!

Simply said, cPanel is a user-friendly web hosting control panel that allows you to publish websites, manage domains, and organize your files. If you haven’t created an account for it, you can do it in just a few basic steps. The advantages of cPanel are numerous. To put it another way, you have complete control! You can work for the success of your firm very easily with just a single interface that would enable you to make adjustments that you want. As a Reseller Hosting company, you’ll provide all of your users with cPanel accounts for them to be able to monitor the web hating services. It’s also where you’ll manage your reseller hosting account. 

Benefits Of cPanel

Many individuals are unaware that installing cPanel on your reseller hosting account comes with a number of advantages. For many companies, this could be the bridge between success and failure.

1. Interface

This is likely cPanel’s most compelling feature. It is quite simple to understand and utilize. The software is a GUI (Graphical User Interface), which means that all of the capabilities are prominently displayed and the layout is extremely user-friendly. The cPanel interface is very simple to navigate. In order to use cPanel for governing the company’s Reseller Hosting account, there is no need for you to have complete expertise in everything technological. 

Website and server-related operations can typically be handled with merely a single click of the user. There’s also the cPanel community. One of the benefits of using such widely used open-source software is that countless other people are using it as well, all with different degrees of competence. If you ever get stuck, a quick search of the cPanel forums will almost always reveal that someone else has encountered the same issue and solved it.

2. Customization

cPanel is extremely flexible, allowing you to alter the appearance, URL branding, and logo. You may also utilize cPanel’s various capabilities to handle the website. Even though you’re a reseller hosting company, you may wish to advertise your utilities as your own as they are unique. In cPanel, brand customization is supported, simple, and thorough. You may personalize the whole appearance and content of the website so that everything you view possesses the company’s name.

3. Account Management

All parts of your Reseller Hosting account can be easily managed with cPanel. With cPanel’s pre-integrated payment gateways and automated discounts, you can take the will of transactions as well as receive the assessment of potential risks, not to mention take control of pricing! You can manage your pricing from cPanel, including adding more features, discounts, promo codes, and more, as well as linking everything to pre-integrated payment methods.

4. Customer Support 

Customer service is one of the most important parts of almost any business. Customers can submit customer support tickets within cPanel, and these tickets are immediately visible to you. You can employ cPanel to correct the error and once you receive the solution, close the ticket. The resolution is once again communicated to the appropriate client, implying that the entire process of customer service can be managed using cPanel.

5. Customer Management

Customer lists make it simple to manage each customer’s plan or hosting. You can establish and delete customer accounts, add resources to an account, adjust package and plan options, and even provide discounts. All of these functions are accessible through the customer list. You may also use a way to categorize users or get information about consumers who have paid for certain of your premium services.

6. Emails

cPanel has a sophisticated email package that lets you manage all of your business emails in one spot. cPanel could be used to send automated emails, action-based emails, autoresponders, route emails, filter spam emails, and even design whole email campaigns.

Furthermore, you can encrypt all crucial emails and even track their arrival. The tracker can tell you whether your email has arrived and whether it has been opened. If you’re running an email campaign, this can be useful.

The system creates an internal database by the function of combining cPanel with BoxTrapper. It’s a global list of email addresses that have been blacklisted. When activated, cPanel will block emails from those sources automatically. cPanel also includes an email filter that may stop spam emails from specified sources, as well as a handy feature that displays email storage statistics.

Finally, Gmail servers are connected with cPanel. So, if you want to handle your business emails using Gmail, you may simply use the ‘Google MX Wizard,’ which will assist you in integrating your business email with Gmail.


cPanel is a simple yet effective Reseller Hosting account manager that allows you to manage your whole business from a single interface. It’s simple to use, and there’s plenty of help you can access over the internet if you need it. Using cPanel for your business can help you gain more consumers because of its popularity. So, if you’re looking for a Reseller Hosting package, be sure the account management software is cPanel. It enables you to manage all of your server’s websites, as well as create email accounts and domains, set up FTP servers, configure databases, and much more. Overall, it is an amazing web hosting control panel.

Why Linux Reseller Hosting Is More Popular Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is becoming very popular today. A lot of reseller hosting services are coming up to aid businesses. The reason behind this immense popularity is the high demand for creating websites. Additionally, reseller hosting is very simple and has low initial prices too. It is one of the best ways to boost income and to support their brand. There are two main categories in reseller hosting which is either through Linux or Windows. Before we about them, let us understand the definition of reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is a process when a large company rents its hard drive space and bandwidth to smaller companies. These large companies are also called hosting suppliers. Further, the small and medium-sized businesses rent this space to other third-party organizations. This is just like a chain system that assists in hosting for others. One can either choose Windows reseller hosting or Linux reseller hosting. Some organizations like Super Byte Hosting offer packages for both the reseller hosting services. But usually, Linux reseller hosting has a greater demand than Windows reseller hosting. Read further to know more about this.

Features of Linux Reseller Hosting


There are plenty of features in Linux reseller hosting that makes it more popular than Windows reseller hosting. But you can experience all these benefits only when you choose the right reseller hosting package. Super Byte Hosting has great packages for Linux reseller hosting. It is available for both small businesses and large companies. The packages from Super Byte Hosting include standard, premium and unlimited. This is not too expensive also, it is a great choice for entrepreneurs to start businesses. Later they can start selling Linux reseller hosting and grow their business further. Here are some of the exclusive features in Linux reseller hosting. 

  • It is a secure platform that is trusted by millions
  • It is cheap and one can rent hosting services according to their needs
  • It follows an easy-to-use control panel that can manage multiple client accounts too
  • The bandwidth allocation in Linux is selected based on the requirements. This enables quick loading of the website

These are features that the Windows reseller hosting does not have. The low-cost is one of the major reasons that entrepreneurs are preferring Linux reseller hosting.

Additionally, Super Byte Hosting gives you features like a constant backup. This is totally safe and there are no worries about data loss. We use a dedicated server to backup hosting accounts. This helps in finding individual files and rollback options too. We also maintain a 24/7 network monitoring and suspend all the malicious files instantly. Hosting accounts from our company uses the latest versions of cPanel and WHM to manage all the daily tasks.

We also protect business websites from unwanted visitors using a firewall. We make sure to engage the websites with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL only. When you select your Linux reseller hosting package, we immediately activate the web hosting and domain names without any delay. With our hosting accounts, you can use more than 280+ install scripts. This will include Drupal, WordPress, Magneto and more.

Advantages of Linux Reseller Hosting

Apart from the aforementioned, you can get the following benefits.

1. Wide range of programming languages

Linux reseller hosting gives you access to a lot of programming languages. This gives entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to choose from many languages. So it becomes a way for them to start a business with any programming skill they have. It ranges from even the most basic language like CGI basic script to the advanced languages like Ruby, PHP. For Windows reseller hosting, the languages are restricted to Microsoft’s ASP. NET.

2. Better security options and performance

For all businesses, security is without a doubt, an essential part. Getting unauthorized access to your data and information is something that is unexpected. So to prevent such issues choosing a Linux reseller hosting. The security is exceptional in this reseller hosting service. Along with the security, you will also experience a good performance from Linux. The Windows reseller hosting also gives security and performance but Linux is better in these ways.

3. Better operational advantages

Windows is definitely a great choice as its systems and applications are easy to use. Windows reseller hosting is more interactive with the user. Linux reseller hosting is designed for technical and professional businesses. But you get many benefits in Linux that are excellent. When you use Super Byte Hosting you get to experience many more benefits. Linux reseller hosting has a very stable environment. We help you to protect and build your brand with additional security options. This is possible with a highly secure network infrastructure that we have developed. We give services that are available with a 30-day money back guarantee. We make easy installations for reseller hosting that will not need any reboot.

4. Access to the host

Both Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting have good FTP access. But Linux gives you a number of advanced options to find access to the host. This includes SSH, VNC, Telnet and more. This is absent in Windows, so Linux reseller hosting is good for getting access to the host. This is much helpful for starting new businesses.

5. Cost-effective solution

Linux reseller hosting consumes fewer server resources than Windows reseller hosting. Although the server resources are consumed, the consumption resources are not really high. Instead, you can use Linux reseller hosting which has high scales of traffic. All of the reasonable demands are also satisfied in this reseller hosting package.

Moreover, Super Byte Hosting gives you reseller hosting services that are in affordable rates. Our aim is to give you a cost-effective solution bundled with several unique features. You can experience the best reseller hosting for as low as $10 per month. You can also get other reseller hosting packages for $15 or $20 per month also. We got good experience in giving both Linux Reseller and Windows Reseller hosting services to all businesses.

How to Start World’s Best Reseller Hosting Business

Today everyone is looking to start a website or to begin blogging. This is done for various purposes. It might be to expand their business or simply to pen done their thoughts. This is becoming so common that starting a reseller hosting business is an absolutely great idea. You can provide great hosting services for all businesses who wish to shoot their website somewhere. Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting are two different reseller services available. If you are a business looking for a great reseller hosting package then this article will help you out. This will also help you emerge as one of the best reseller hosting businesses.

Here is a clear guide on how to start the world’s best reseller hosting business.

Step 1: Finding Your Potential Market

Potential Market

Reseller hosting business is a potential industry with a lot of opportunities. So naturally, there is also a lot of competition in this field. The first step you can take to face this is researching and finding a potential target market. Decide whether you want to provide hosting services for bloggers or business owners. This will help you track down your requirements. You can give attention to the marketing efforts in particular areas alone.

Social media is the best tool to increase the demand for your hosting. If your potential target market is businesses then you can get connected on LinkedIn and Twitter. But the bloggers are more active on Snapchat and Instagram. So research everything about your market.

Step 2: Understanding your competition


The next thing you must aim at is the competition that is prevailing in your locality. You can search for other businesses that provide reseller hosting services. Some ways to tackle this competition is by introducing some new features. You can add discounts, reduce prices and also give 24-hour customer support on the phone. You can observe the competitors and find plenty of other ways to make your business unique.

Another mistake that businesses do is to start with global marketing straight away. It is a good thought but you will need a streamlined process in your locality first. When you are clear about your marketing strategy and when you are ready to deal with several types of equipment to fade high demand, you can proceed globally. Otherwise, things can turn upside down making you unable to manage such demands.

Step 3: Building a Brand

Building a Brand

As a reseller hosting service, you need to develop a good website and social media influence. You need to develop a website that people will want to engage with. This is the place where you can attract potential customers to use your service. Super Byte Hosting, for example, gives you Windows reseller plans. We also provide potential Linux reseller hosting. Indeed, offer additional features like billing tools, SSD and more. This helps you build your brand and increase your bandwidth with each day.

Super Byte Hosting gives the best plans for small businesses to increase profit and reduce overhead costs. We assure to give a highly secure network to help you build and protect your brand. We offer different plans for Linux reseller hosting like Standard, Premium and Unlimited. We try to give excellent features to websites at reasonable prices. When you engage with us you can benefit from constant backup, seamless network monitoring, instant set-up, and many more benefits.

Step 4: Finding Your First clients

First clients

When you start a new business it is difficult to earn more customers. But you will be aware of your potential target people. So you can make this process simpler than before. Generally, Windows reseller plans are remote so you can spread your business locally. All you need to do is approach bloggers and businesses in your locality. Introduce them to paid hosting and how it can benefit them in the coming years. Focus on easy customization, better loading speed and more security as the benefits. These are the features that any person looks for while creating a website.

The main aim here is not to increase your sales but to engage your clients with you. You must be precise and clear on why your hosting services are the best. Try to build a relationship with the client. When you are establishing yourself you can slowly shift the business to a global level. This means you must have good competition within your locality. Secondly, try changing your marketing strategy to meet the requirements of the international market.

Step 5: Choose the best reseller hosting package

Linux Reseller Hosting

The last step is selecting the best reseller hosting package. Super Byte Hosting is giving you some of the best plans at reasonable rates. We have got both Windows and Linux reseller hosting services ranging from $ 10 to $ 20. You need to select one wisely that suits the number of existing clients. We believe that businesses put in a lot of money in hosting that they are not able to improve further. That is why Super Byte Hosting gives you excellent plans for all sizes. We will help you upgrade slowly as your brand gets a boost. Upgrading is possible so make sure you make the best out of selecting one reseller hosting package. While choosing your package make sure you are clear about the bandwidth and the disk space. These are the two important aspects while choosing a reseller hosting package.

Windows Reseller Hosting

Regardless of whether you are a small business trying to start a reseller hosting business, or are planning to grow internationally, Super Byte Hosting can help you out. We have packages that suit all your business needs to grow further in this field. Our aim is to make a striking difference by offering several kinds of web hosting services for all businesses. We carefully analyze your requirements to help you choose the best plan. We also have a number of additional features to aid in the process of building a successful reseller hosting business. Moreover, we give you a 30 days money back guarantee for all our reseller hosting services.