Hosting A Website On The Google Cloud Server

Google Cloud Server is a web hosting service providing world-class security and innovative technologies to its users. It has a reliable and flexible technology that can be used to run websites. With Google Cloud Server, one can avail of the same infrastructure as well as security features as offered on the website of Google that includes, Gmail, and YouTube. There are a variety of features that Google Cloud offers which include cloud storage, virtual machines, containers, and many more. People initiating their businesses with Google Cloud Servers tend to use Google Virtual Machines. The algorithms used by Google virtual machines are very similar to that of VPS services offered by other cloud hosting providers.

There are some additional advantages of using Google Cloud Server as a hosting service. They are as follows-

  • Google Cloud servers are eligible for better prices along with a 12-month free service. It also comes with a variety of plans as per preferences.
  • Google offers a cloud storage system that supports all kinds of databases such as SQL, MYSQL, etc. and also aids in storing large data.
  • It highly supports live migration and the privacy of data.

Steps To Follow While Hosting One’s Website On The Google Cloud Server

1. Buying A Domain Name For The Website

Domain Names

This is the first step towards hosting a website with the Google cloud server. People who don’t want to host their website with a public IP address need to buy a private domain name for it. There are many domain registration services that are available both online and offline. People can also buy a domain from Google Domains. Using Google Domains will help them keep everything in one place. Google is well known for providing the best services and hence is an excellent option for purchasing a domain from them.

The prices of domains range from $10 to $15. This is a yearly fee and the domain name can be kept as long as the website is functioning. It is also easy to resell the domain name if it is unique and attractive. Domains are like property, they are assets, and their value increases and decreases according to market trends. It is recommended that people buy their domain from a recognized registrar only to stay safe from any kind of fraud. It is important that users keep their domain names according to their business and services or product.

2. Hosting The Website On Google

Google Web Hosting

Google’s Cloud Storage can be used to host a static website. These websites are just for reading purposes and cannot be used for any interaction among the visitors. There is no option for users to comment or like any blog post, no call to action button, and no subscribe to the email list option. It includes all the features available on any dynamic website.

For dynamic website hosting on Google, it provides virtual machines for Windows and Linux operating systems. Technically advanced users can also use the option of containers if the website they want to host has a high load that demands to be distributed over different managed clusters. Most users have no problem in hosting their website with the virtual machine. It is capable of hosting any kind of website, even WordPress. It is recommended that users go for a dynamic website and dynamic hosting through a virtual machine to get the most out of it. There is no use of static hosting as of now as it is better to post the content on social media pages. It requires fewer efforts and has no cost involved. If the enterprise is interested in hosting with Google, the best option is to go for Dynamic hosting.

There are so many benefits of hosting it with Google and the most important advantage is that they have amazing services and support management. Their customers are treated with much attention and all their queries are solved on priority. Google cloud hosting services have gained a good reputation in the past few years and are recommended by experts. People need to pay crucial attention to building a good dynamic website to attain the maximum reach. All the other requirements will be taken care of by Google. It is safe to say that they know the market as well as the tricks.

3. Google Compute Engine Setup

Virtual Machines on the Google Compute Engine infrastructure are often called as instances. One can customize any instance by choosing the operating system of their own preference, physical storage, CPU, and RAM. This totally depends on how much a user is willing to invest on the website. A price estimator tool is available in Google services that help one to have a rough idea of the amount required to be spent on a monthly basis.  Another essential tool is Google Cloud Launcher. It is generally used in deploying a full website-serving stack.

4. LAMP Stack Setup

LAMP Stack

Users who need to host their website through Linux will need to deploy a LAMP stack which involves all the distributions of Linux. Users can decide to start with Ubuntu as there are many teaching videos available on the internet. It is comparatively easy to use it and deploy various new features and functions in it.  After the person decides which operating system they are going to use, they need to install a web server like NGINX or Apache. Most of the websites that need hosting services have a lot of data requirements  and hence they need a rigid and stable database. Users can choose from MySQL or MariaDB.  Both of them provide great features and services to the users and are compatible with the operating systems and websites.

5. Linking The Domain To The Hosting

DNS Settings

There is a domain and a hosting solution provided from Google itself, all that is needed to be done is linking above two. Without linking the website domain and the hosting service the website will not be able to function. This is the last step after which the website will be live and available to the users. Users can either change the A record point with their server’s public IP or they might also use Google’s cloud DNS service to manage their domain name servers. After this step is completed, the user is free to host their website. It is necessary to type the domain name on the web browsers and try to access the website that has just been hosted. It is important to make sure that the website is running properly on the server.


Google is competent in every service provided and is growing on the same path in the website hosting sector too. They are one of the most preferred when it comes to dynamic website hosting. Their procedure is easy and effective too and there are so many features that users get access to and also their network is distributed all over the world, which makes sure that the website is always working. Virtual machines are used for hosting dynamic websites. Users can also customize their websites according to their requirements and save it. It is a great option to go with Google for website hosting. The people who are considering it are expected to be satisfied with their services.

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