How To Create A Free Personal Website

Creating a personal website of your own can do magic for your venture and personal brand identity. In fact, having a personal website can allow you a platform to showcase your creativity, beyond your CV/Resume. It’s an added personal touch that really allows you to break the standard norms and get you out there in your niche market. It gives people access to contact you and avail your services in a better way. 

All in all, the internet is not a luxurious commodity anymore. It belongs to the people and as people of the internet, everyone must know how to utilize it at best. Hence, creating a personal website helps us to create an online identity that is unique and accommodative to changing requirements. 

We talk of websites and their importance, but where do you get started? To make your own personal website, you need to follow certain factors that end up determining the quality, look, and usability of your personal website. Let us look at these steps in detail:

1. Pick A Suitable Domain Name

When it comes to an online presence, you can easily make blogs on websites like WordPress and Tumblr. However, the usual go-to preference is having a self-hosted website, which frees you from the hassle of dealing with a subdomain. You can have a domain name of your own. It helps to achieve a more personalized look. 

Before you decide on your preferred mode of hosting, you should first make a clear-cut decision about what you want your domain name to be. A good-looking, concise domain name sets you apart from a crowd of people and helps in setting up a more professional theme. So, when you decide on a domain name, make sure it’s direct and minimalistic. The most preferable of all domain names is usually your name and .com at the end. 

2. Criteria For Choosing Any Web Hosting Services

It is important to keep in mind that certain ground rules and factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a Web Hosting service. You may already be asking yourself how to pick the best website hosting service if you need to build a website for your e-commerce or simply want to launch your personal projects. We have you covered. 

It’s important to weigh out the similarities and differences between various services to choose which one best accommodates your needs while simultaneously taking your goals into account. Hence, you must follow through with certain factors. 

  • Uptime

You must ensure that the website hosting company you choose provides the highest level of availability. It can be frustrating when you try opening a link and it doesn’t open. Hence, Uptime is an essential criterion. This is usually measured in percentage. Therefore, the better the service availability, the higher the percentage. 

  • Loading Speed / Quick Responsiveness

Google will give faster-loading pages more priority. Hence, if the loading speed is not efficient or up to the mark, your personal website doesn’t have much of a point in existence. The audience is growing weary and tired easily. Search Engine Optimization shows that loading speed affects the traffic a website receives. Therefore, ensure that the website hosting service you choose has a fast, efficient loading time.

  • Traffic Limit 

Certain website hosting services may have a cap set to the traffic they can hold. This tends to be a monthly traffic limit. Keep this in mind and research thoroughly before you opt for any web hosting service. 

  • Security

It’s not an easy task to put your website in the hands of someone else to host. Therefore, you must make sure that the service you choose can properly safeguard its clients by providing a system of information dismissal and backups.

  • Upgradation

Today’s hosting plans come in various forms. but if you’re a beginner, the likelihood is that you’ll usually wind up with a shared hosting plan. If so, make sure that you pick a service provider who will allow you to upgrade your server in the future.

It will be far more beneficial to utilize a hosting company that allows you to increase your package as opposed to switching hosts and moving your complete website, again and again. 


Most hosting companies will offer a file manager, although they tend to be pretty basic. This will allow you to be able to manage and move large numbers of files on the server safely, especially if you have access to FTP/SFTP. 

  • Content Management System

You must look for a service that offers either a simple installation of an open-source CMS like WordPress or its own user-friendly, accessible CMS. This is of much importance, especially if you want to produce material frequently. 

There may be other factors, such as additional benefits, a free trial run, and providing back-ups. If you stick to these factors, you may find yourself a mode of hosting that’s inclined to your needs and requirements.  

3. Mode Of Hosting 

Once you’ve decided on your domain name and acknowledged the necessary factors to look out for before choosing a web host, it is finally time to get your domain name and your preferred hosting service. This is perhaps the only step in this process that can cost you the most minimal charges, especially with the numerous options of plans that hosting services provide nowadays. 

Keeping in mind your budget limitations and needs, you should choose the hosting service. One such service that works amicably well on a professional level is SuperByteHosting! Fast and Unlimited Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Reseller Hosting, and custom hosting services are all provided by this India-based company.

While there are many good hosting services that you may avail of, this specific service is affordable and trusted, providing you with the security you need for your personal website. In fact, SuperByteHosting offers ample choices of hosting services, such as:

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Hence, we can see that SuperByteHosting is quite versatile in its approach and open price comparisons, it is also quite cheap. Their Varnish Cache-powered web application accelerator guarantees your personal website’s top speed at all times. 

SuperByteHosting also allows you to pick a domain name in order to create your online identity — for quite cheap, with minimum rates of Rs. 700 per year! A good hosting service will ensure to provide you with an SSL Certificate add-on. 

4. Further Customization 

Once you have your website hosted, you may wish to customize it according to the aesthetic your identity pertains to. You can choose themes, customize your menu, and improve your site with plugins and other widgets. It is completely up to you.


The aforementioned steps will help you set up your own personal website in no time! It is still important to note that despite these factors, you yourself are the master of your choices and the decisions you make. Web Hosting Services have ample varieties of packages to choose from, and you may opt for any of them as per choice, need, demand and budget. 

It’s the age of digitalization and the internet belongs to everybody. Hence, to build your image and identity, a personal website is of much help, and hopefully, by using these steps, you can proceed forward with your personal website dreams.  

The 11 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

The Internet is a fascinating place to get along with. People spend lot of their time surfing through the internet, coming across tons and tons of stuff which go unnoticed most of the time. While there are the few sites, which manage to make a place in the eyes of the viewers. This actually remains a challenge because of the excessive amount of websites, which engage in various yet similar kinds of trading and services. To eliminate all such possible competitors and catch the attention in a glimpse, there are some golden rules which need to be followed and our company Super Byte Hosting will smoothly let you through all of the rules and let you create good website writing which would do the most of elimination. Happy viewing peeps!

1. Know your audience

It is extremely important for the writer to primarily know who the content is to be written for. The target must start from the primary audience, who are the existing clients and then the secondary clients, i.e. a vast channel that somewhere ends with the need of obtaining your services. Then further make your content interesting which would be capable of holding on to the reading of the viewers. Know the exact channels where your audience is and include all such techniques which would help you reach maximum viewership.

2. Follow the inverted pyramid model

Your content will be judged based on the first few lines of the page. This is where your target of retaining your viewers must lay and stands capable. This is why; the inverted pyramid model is to be implied. The most important and key features of your content goes on the top, followed by simultaneously less important, ending up with least important. You can opt for our company, Super Byte Hosting’s help in creating a model for your content.

3 Write short, simple sentences

People’s attention has fallen in a great extent and they now unknowingly call for sentences of 35 words or fewer. It is also determined that a normal adult has a readability capacity to that of a 7th to a 9th grader and hence good content demand accessibility and ease of reading. Contact Super Byte Hosting to know your content’s readability score via various tools.

4. Stick to active voice

Motive must be to create content which is soothing to the viewers or in other words reader friendly. This friendly impact imposes upon the content when it is written in active voice. You have to create a great impact on the readers, which is not effective enough when written with the use of passive verbs. Speaking directly to the audience is a lot more engaging and has an effect on the viewers.

5. Show, don’t tell

Illustrate your products in details, rather than imposing yet high-level statements, featuring how good your product is. A detailed yet natural description is what the audience is in need of. This is because it takes them into the depth of the product they are buying. Also, going specific and descriptive helps to increase your website’s SEO and would easily help you reach the target audience, but providing you with a higher rank.

6. Nix the jargon

You would want your content to be understandable, that is when the content will hit in every kind of community including technical and non-technical. The terms used mustn’t be technical or the insider language which would be understandable by only the experts. Describe the abbreviations for the first and also provide hyperlinks which would guide the reads to pages having more relevant information. Using a much more accessible language would reach all your future customers and not just technical aware experts until that is what you want.

7. Mix up your word choice

We all have those few words we keep using more than often. This is not the way you would want your online content to be. The answer is to keep experimenting with a lot of relevant words which would keep the reader interested in the content. Also, you need to let go of any negative vibes taking over your content. Positivity is what your content must depict. Lastly, the keywords you use in the content must be constant, because this would confuse the readers.

8. Make text scan-able

Human eyes work as a scanner when it comes to the searcher for specific information online, they don’t tend to read all the information at the first glance and will search for the terms relevant to the information they are in search of. Hence, the catch here is to ignore writing long paragraphs and rather use bulleted or number list to influence the reading in a better way to stick onto your page.

9. Incorporate multimedia

Illustration of social media concept

With all the graphical representation becoming the centre of attraction and mainstream, words are becoming laid back. That is when a picture or a video speaks for your words. Research as well shows that information presented in visual form reaches more audience, as compared to a normal way. Hence, it is suggested that you use some form of visual data in order to excite the audience. At least one picture would do well.

10. Layer website content

One page containing all the data is not sufficient. Keeping your audience interested is. Perfectly layering your website by hyperlinking all the words would have the chances of staying unknown to a lot of people. Hyperlink few of the words which would take the viewers to a different yet a lot more informative page and would keep them keen and excited to read more of your content.

11. Leave them wanting more

This, in other words, can be referred to as the call to action feature of your page. This part of the page should be strong and must provide a short follow up. This includes indicating the person on what else can be done with the use of a few verbs such as download, share, join, learn more, watch or contact.

If you successfully created your content and check any aspect or wish to create such engaging content feel free to get in touch with Super Byte Hosting.