Deciding The Most Suitable Hosting Server For Your Client

Finding the right hosting server for the client is not quite easy. Especially when different hosting services carry out various functions. Nevertheless, to say, it is absolutely necessary to find the perfect match for the client, who will be able to perform the required functions. 

Hosting Server – An Overview

A hosting server is where a website is hosted. A website along with its data is hosted on a web server. Companies and organizations pay the server to host their website. The server can also store databases that might contain credentials and usernames of the customers. Here are a few features that should be considered before purchasing or selecting a web hosting server.

1. Ratings And Reviews

This is the basic feature that most of the users look into, reviews from previous and current users can make it easy for the new users to understand the problems that might occur, the benefits of the product, and an honest opinion regarding the server from a client perspective.

2. Customer Support

Imagine having hurdles along the way, without an effective customer support team, no one can get past it. It is quite properly known that high-priced plans have better customer service than others. A company with good customer care always stands out.

3. Cost

Make sure that the cost of the hosting server is well within the budget of the client. Several low-budget plans are provided which are very much applicable for startup companies and small organizations.

4. Performance

The performance of a website is based on scalability, bandwidth, and server technology. Make sure all these are checked before purchasing a web hosting server.

Types Of Hosting

The few different hosting that is discussed here are; WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. These provide a brief description of each of the different hosting servers.

1. WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System). It is free software written in PHP. It consists of Maria Database and MySQL Database. It has various plugins and templates. They are easy to use and are dependable. Only the websites created through WordPress can be hosted on the WordPress hosting server. 

Websites that are created or developed from other applications are not supported in WordPress hosting. This is said to be a drawback of WordPress hosting. Overall, this hosting provides security and a testing environment which are much liked by the clients. 

2. Clustered Hosting

To Achieve Better resource utilization, multiple servers are used to host the same website, this is known as Clustered hosting. Clustered hosting possesses many beneficial features. This type of hosting makes sure that web serving is separated from hosting database capability.

3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes it possible for users to access resources from different servers of the same network. Cloud hosting is well equipped to be resistant against black hat hackers. Cloud hosting is very much preferred and used by huge corporations and organizations. They have high-end security that protects the website from major breaches. It makes sure that the website is secure at all times. 

These hosting servers are said to be more reliable than VPS hosting servers. This hosting is proven to have better performance and high scalability when compared to VPS hosting servers. For clients with high traffic, Cloud hosting is the best choice. 

4. Shared Hosting

This is the much preferred hosting type for a starter. Shared hosting comes in handy for all the small organizations which do not have a lot of traffic. This hosting type is very budget-friendly. In a Shared hosting server, a single server is shared by many other websites. This type of hosting is very applicable for clients with low budgets and websites with less traffic. 

Once the traffic gets higher the website can be switched to other hosting servers with a higher performance range. If there is high traffic for any one of the websites on the server, it slows all the websites that are stored on the server. 

5. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is said to be very secure when compared to others. It is best for clients who focus on security and need to access a lot of data from other resources. This hosting make sure that no other client uses the same server. It is more reliable and flexible, compared to shared hosting. The clients will have entire control of the server including the hardware and operating system.

6. VPS Hosting

It is said that large firms and huge organizations choose VPS hosting. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides a service where the virtual machine is sold by web hosting services. A virtual private server (VPS) offers the customer’s superuser privileges. This will enable the clients to install any software on the server that runs on the operating system. 

A virtual private server is quite similar to shared hosting. VPS is a suitable choice for a website with large traffic. Even if a site has huge traffic, it will not slow down any of the other websites on the server. A virtual private server is chosen by clients with a heavy base for good performance.

Taking into consideration all the needs and the requirements of the customer and filtering the hosting servers based on the functions they perform and the features they possess and narrowing it even more by considering the cost of the hosting servers will enable the user to purchase the best-suited hosting server.


Many web hosting services provide various hosting packages that can be customizable according to the preferred needs of the client. But in order to find a suitable hosting server, the user should analyze the features of the website and then conclude the apt web hosting server. Make sure to select a reputed server and beware of scams while purchasing a hosting server. It is important to check whether the hosting site is legit or not.

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