Major Difference Between Website Builder And Web Hosting Services

Before going into a website host you should first know what a website actually is. A website can be known as a collection of files like audio, videos, images, and various other digital material that will be compiled and formatted together and hosted on a server, making it possible for internet users to access these sites. 

Web Hosting 

A hosting service provides the buyers with a space on which the website can be hosted along with all its files. In simpler terms, once you pay for the hosting service you will be allotted the space where you can carry out your website hosting. But this alone is not the work of a web hosting service. 

A web hosting provider should also manage and maintain the space occupied by the website and the server it is hosted on. So, you don’t just pay to purchase a space but also for the provider to maintain and manage them. These providers also make sure that the server equipment is always stored under optimal conditions, so that the user will not face any issues. There are several ways through which you can host your website without the help of a hosting provider but those methods come with great disadvantages. The common disadvantage is that the site will crash often. So, in order to provide your users with a seamless and stress-free experience, make sure to use a hosting provider.

Website Builder 

Website builders are equipment that is typically used for the construction of websites without the need for any manual codes. Website builders can be categorized into two:

  • Online Proprietary tool

These tools are mostly made use by hosting companies. 

  • Application software

This software runs on a personal device. With the help of this software, you will be able to edit already existing pages or create new pages and then publish them on the hosting server.

Website builders are only applicable for developing small sites. The most beneficial feature of website builders is that any individual with zero programming or coding skills, or no knowledge of technology can also easily make use of technology to develop a website.

Reasons Why Many Prefer Website Builders

1. Website builders are very economical.

2. They possess an interface that is user-friendly.

3. Has various different templates and excellent style formats.

4. Website builders provide more control to the user.

5. They are very flexible and extremely reliable. 

6. Has several easy-to-use options.

We are in an era where we do not have to download or install any software or application on our laptops or computers to develop a site. Everything you will need is already available on the internet. Make use of all these tools present online to build an effective website. Always make sure to select a website builder that provides you with the freedom of choosing an exclusive domain name rather than asking you to use their URL extension. Carefully go through the terms and conditions to know more about the control which you will have over your content. 

It is necessary to focus not only on the support team, and integration of the application, and e-commerce but also look into their templates and plugins. Look for customizable website builders, as they will provide you with the liberty to add and edit extensions and plugins. 

Be sure to invest in the software that offers excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features and has the ability to facilitate good SEO practices.

Major Difference Between Website Builder And Web Hosting:

Web builders and web hosting never go hand in hand. They are two different services. Here are several differences between web hosting services and website builders.

1. Which Is Mandatory?

Web hosting is a mandatory act whereas a website builder is not. Though it is possible to run a website without the help of a hosting service, it comes with a lot of disadvantages. There are numerous free sites that run using WordPress. The sites will be visible to all the users over the internet but cause a lot of unnecessary issues.

First of all, if you do not make use of hosting services, your website will crash very often for unexpected reasons. If this happens you will be forced to spend a lot of time trying to fix these issues. And second, you can get access to only limited templates or themes. Moreover, there will not be any customer support team to guide you when you face issues. So, go with a web builder, if you are looking for an economical and easy way to develop a site, it is best to opt for a web hosting service. 

2. Functions Offered

Web hosting provides better load speed, a safe space to host a website, consistency, and other general functions. There are various subscription plans from which you can select the most suitable and apt plan, which fulfills all your requirements. 

Website builders possess all the features that are required in order to build a site like themes and templates. Though it might be limited it is enough to build a simple website.

3. Ability To Control

With the features that are provided by the site builders, anyone can build a unique site and give their visitors a personalized experience. Website builders let you take control over the visual features of a site including formats, design, color to be displayed, images, video, etc. 

You will have access to customize everything right from the page number to the structure of the website. It can be concluded that site builders provide more flexibility when it comes to controlling the appearance of the site.

4. Web Designing

Web designers make a fortune. In the year 2021 Web Designing was known to be one of the highest-paid professions. So, hiring a professional website designer can be quite expensive. Website builders are perfect for individuals with very little experience and who possess basic skill sets. With the help of this, anyone can build and design a website in a fraction of a second, as website builders make it very easy. 

You can add numerous templates according to your needs and wishes. So, you can also consider a website builder as your go-to if you are looking for a fast, simple, cost-efficient way to build a website on your own.

Final Note

These are the major differences between web hosting and website builders. Now you will understand what web hosting service and website builder actually is. You would have also understood the major difference between them. Just think it through once again and make use of these technologies in an effective manner.

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