Startups And Cloud Hosting: Does It Work?

Even if you have a great idea for a startup, it is an extremely difficult task to build it up from the ground. There needs to be an adequate number of market research for even the most basic of operations. The name for the brand and the business is decided after tons and tons of brainstorming and research, and after it has been decided, it has to be registered as well. Any business idea would also require investors who are willing to fund it into execution successfully. 

In the contemporary world, if you want to establish strong influence as a business, then it also needs to have its own social media presence. This calls for a domain name and its registration. Once these tasks are dealt with, you have to decide the hosting type among the numerous options that you have. With businesses wanting to shift towards a reliable hosting option, one of the most trending hosting types has been Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is now becoming one of the more popular options for startups. 

Cloud Hosting: What Is It?

Cloud Hosting links multiple devices to each other through the same network, which creates a single network. All the users sharing that space are also able to share the data on all their separate servers such as CPU or RAM. The information relating to a particular website is shared and stored among numerous servers. This is the upper hand that Cloud Hosting has over other types of hosting. Cloud Hosting provides incredibly high speed for efficient functioning. 

This is significantly different from traditional hosting. All information on a website resides on a single server when traditional hosting is employed. Oftentimes, a server may store data from a multitude of websites; more than one website is often located on a single server. On the other hand, Cloud Hosting keeps the information of just one website on different servers. In this way, Cloud Hosting is more advantageous to use than other traditional types of hosting. 

Why Is Cloud Hosting Better?

1. Cost 

Cost is a significantly important factor to consider for businesses, especially at the time of startup. One of the best qualities of Cloud Hosting is its affordability. Cloud Hosting is relatively more expensive when it is compared to other hosting types. However, given the high-end features that it is equipped with, it is fairly economical. These features cannot be easily found in other hosting types which are fairly simple in their features. Some of these include resource monitoring, etc.

2. Performance

Cloud Hosting lets you link multiple servers with each other. These servers all store the data while spreading the load evenly. The process of copying this data is called data mirroring. In case any one of the servers fails at any point, you would not suffer any loss of data. The required operations are completed by any other available server without losing any precious time. Therefore, at any point in the system, the operations are not hindered. 

3. Scalability 

As a startup, you can sometimes enforce new features, which could lead to volatile website traffic. Scalability is an important consideration when upgrading server resources easily without a problem. With the features available in Cloud Hosting as well as easy scalability, you can easily upgrade the RAM and the CPU following your needs and the traffic online.

4. Speed 

For startups, website loading time and speed, hold incredible importance. Even a 1-second delay can lead to decreasing conversion rates. The ranking of your website on the search engine is also influenced by the speed of the website. Cloud Hosting particularly holds an advantage because of its super-strong servers which have varnish cache included in them. Varnish helps in exponentially increasing the speed by which a website is loaded. It is a great choice for people with startups as it enriches the experience for the customer. 

5. Security 

Security of the website is important for protecting it from various security threats like malware, worms, viruses, etc. Cloud Hosting is a program that ensures a high level of security. Even though no form of hosting can ensure complete security, Cloud Hosting still provides a significant amount of it. This provided security from Cloud Hosting is because of the feature of data mirroring which helps to keep the data secure. 

The catch is that the data is replicated on 3 different appliances. This means that in case one of the copies of the data is corrupted, the data would still not be lost. The data is always safe and it is assured that the data would be recovered quickly as there is a backup that is always available.  

6. Reliability

Since the data is stored in more than a single server, data would never be lost. If a server ever fails, another runner will be up and running to do the operations. This reliability is essential in any website. 

7. Easy Management

Working on a startup is a difficult task as it is. On top of that, dealing with a hosting plan is even more daunting. However, Cloud Hosting makes the whole task extremely simple by designing a dashboard that is easy to cope with. This makes the management of the website easier than ever.


Building a business from a startup is a stressful task. The burden of this task may only be worsened by having the responsibility of creating and running a website as well. In such a scenario, Cloud Hosting exponentially decreases this burden making the whole deal easier to work with. These are the reasons why Cloud Hosting is much superior to other hosting types, especially for startups. It is a reliable, fast, and secure option. It is also relatively cheaper, given its efficient features.

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